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General Information

The following information pertains to the communication between the
and the host (typically WinCCU).
To communicate with the host, the µFLO
uses the remote
communications port (COM 1) that can function as RS-232 or RS-485.
After installation of the µFLO
, and with the communications path
complete, the user needs to enter the appropriate communication
parameters. In most instances, the µFLO
was shipped with COM 1 set
up for Totalflow (TF) Remote Protocol. If not, select the protocol using
PCCU32. The protocol must be selected first for the appropriate
communication parameters to be displayed. A blinking telephone poll
, in the annunciator position, A8 (default), indicates that the
COM 1 port is active. The symbol may not be visible if the baud rate is
above 2400. See the Alarms and Status section within this guide for a full
description of the alarm characters, locations and descriptions.
Other Communication Options
After selecting the protocol, verify the other communication parameters.
All communication parameters, with the exception of modems, are found
on the Setup and Advanced tabs. Modem parameters have their own
tab. Systems are shipped with default settings for communications but
may need fine tuning. The Schedule tab parameters are only required if
the user wants to power up the communication port and communication
device on and off at designated times to conserve power.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents