Recommendations For Use And Care - Motorola MBP87SN User Manual

Smart air purifier
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6. Recommendations for Use and Care

• The appliance is only intended for household use as described in
this manual. Any other use not recommended by the manufacturer
may cause fire, electric shock or injury to persons.
• During operation, NEVER block the air openings, grills/ outlets of
the unit or place the unit on a soft surface such as a bed or sofa, as
this could cause the unit to tip over, blocking the air inlet or outlet
• Before replacing the true-HEPA filter or UV lamp, make sure that
you unplug the air purifier from the electrical outlet in order to
prevent electric shock.
• Use a clean, dry, soft cloth to wipe the external surface of the unit.
• Do NOT let the area around the air purifier to become damp or
wet. Please do NOT immerse the device into water or other liquids
in order to prevent electrical hazards.
• Clean the air purifier according to instructions when the product
will not be in frequent use. Before storage, make sure that all the
parts are clean and dry. Store the air purifier in a dry place. After
storage, clean the air purifier again and remove any dust on the
• Please do NOT operate the appliance with a damaged cord or
plug. If the motor fan fails to rotate, OR if the device has been
dropped or damaged in any manner, leading to appliance
malfunction, DO NOT operate it to prevent risks of harm or injury.
• The unit may cause interference to other nearby 2.4 GHz products,
such as other wireless networks Bluetooth systems or microwave
ovens during operation. Keep the air purifier away from these
types of products, or turn them off if there is interference.
• Every effort has been made to ensure high standards of reliability
of your air purifier. However, if something does go wrong, please
do not try to repair it yourself - contact Customer Service for
Recommendations for Use and Care


Table of Contents

Table of Contents