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Get Started - KitchenAid KEK1322SS Get Started

Glass tea kettle
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Making the perfect cup of tea is easy with the KitchenAid Glass Tea Kettle.
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Place the lid on the Glass Tea Kettle,
without the steeper. The two lids are
properly locked into each other when the
indicator on the tea steeper lid is lined up
with the indicator next to the locked symbol
on the kettle lid. After locking the lids
together, place the Glass Tea Kettle onto
the power base.
While the water is heating, place the tea
steeper in the tea steeper holder to keep it
steady while filling it with tea leaves.
Place the tea steeper lid assembly inside
the kettle lid. Twist the handle so that the
tea steeper lid locks into place in the kettle
lid. When locked into place, the indicator
on the tea steeper lid will line up with the
indicator next to the locked symbol on the
kettle lid.


Press the ON/OFF button on the base to
start heating the water. The light around the
button will flash while the water is heating.
We recommend adding
tea and the steeper only after the water
is heated.
Once the water reaches the correct
temperature for brewing your selected tea,
a chime will sound and the light around
the ON/OFF button will stop flashing, but
remain lit, indicating that the water is ready
for steeping the tea.
After steeping for the desired amount of
time, twist the lid to release and lift the
steeper assembly from the Glass Tea Kettle.
Using the handle on the tea steeper lid,
place the tea steeper assembly back in the
tea steeper holder.



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