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Airtime - Actual time spent talking on the wireless
phone. Most carriers bill customers based on how
many minutes of airtime they use each month.
Antenna - A device for transmitting or receiving
signals. The size and shape of antennas is determined,
in part, by the frequency of the signal they receive.
Wireless phones and the base station must have
Base Station - The fixed radio transmitter/receiver
that maintains communications with mobile radio
telephones within a given area. (Typically called a cell
or cell site)
CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) A spread-
spectrum approach to digital transmission. With
CDMA, each conversation is digitized and then tagged
with a code. The mobile phone deciphers only a
particular code to pick the right conversation off the
air. The transmitted signal is just above noise level
across the available bandwidth.
Channel - Communications signals transmit along
paths called channels.
Codec - Compression & Decompression.
Deactivation - The process of rendering a wireless
phone inactive.
DTMF - (Dual-tone Multi-Frequency ) You send DTMF
signals when you enter numbers by pressing the digit
EVRC - (Enhanced Variable Rate Codec) EVRC is a new
global standard for compressing and decompressing
voice signals. EVRC uses a lower bit rate (the number
of bits sent per second) than existing CDMA vocoders,
while providing significant improvements in voice
quality. This technology enables your phone to provide
superb voice quality while benefiting from the ability
to process more cellular voice calls using less
bandwidth than the voice codecs in CDMA networks
F requency - A measure based on time, as one or
more waves per second, in an electrical or light wave
information signal. A signal's frequency is stated in
cycles-per-second or Hertz (Hz).
Hands-Fre e - A feature that permits a driver to use a
wireless phone without lifting or holding the handset -
an important safety feature for automobiles, tractors
and most other motorized vehicles.
LCD - (Liquid Crystal Display) Commonly used to refer
to the screen display on the wireless phone.
LED - (Light Emitting Diode) Commonly used to refer to
a small light on the wireless phone or on the Desktop
Charger. The LED lights on the phone to indicate an
incoming call. The lights on the charger indicate that
battery charging is taking place.
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