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Samsung 2.0040414141623e16 User Manual

Portable tri-mode telephone.
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SCH-N370 Series
T r i - M o d e
User's Guide
Please read this manual before operating your
phone, and keep it for future reference.


   Summary of Contents for Samsung 2.0040414141623e16

  • Page 1

    SCH-N370 Series P O R T A B L E T r i - M o d e T E L E P H O N E User’s Guide Please read this manual before operating your phone, and keep it for future reference.

  • Page 2: Intellectual Property

    Intellectual Property All Intellectual Property, as defined below, owned by or which is otherwise the property of Samsung or its respective suppliers relating to the SAMSUNG Phone, including but not limited to, accessories, parts, or software relating thereto (the “Phone System”), is proprietary to Samsung and protected under federal laws, state laws, and international treaty provisions.

  • Page 3: Disclaimer Of Warranties


  • Page 4: Introduction To The Sch-n370 Phone

    Introduction to the SCH-N370 phone Congratulations on the purchase of your SCH-N370 phone digital technology, your new phone operates on the same basis as other wireless phones while providing superior resonance and tone quality. The SCH-N370 phone is packed with productive features that are easy to use.

  • Page 5: How To Use This User Guide

    How To Use This User Guide This user guide explains your Samsung SCH-N370 phone operations through easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations. We’ve included some important safety and usage information that you should know before using your phone. If you still have questions, we’ll be happy to answer them. Just call our...

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Disclaimer of Warranties; Exclusion of Liability ... 3 Introduction to the SCH-N370 phone... 4 How To Use This User Guide ... 5 Your consumer package... 17 Front view of the SCH-N370 ... 18 Getting to know your phone... 19 Antenna ... 19 Backlight features...

  • Page 8

    Several ways to answer a call...24 List of main and sub menus ... 25 Using your phone’s menus ...28 Accessing menus using the navigation key ...28 Returning to the previous menu ...28 Accessing menus using shortcut numbers ...28 Your phone’s modes ... 30 Answer mode ...30 Digital mode...30 Input mode ...30...

  • Page 9

    Using the travel adaptor ... 39 Calls... 40 Outgoing ... 40 Incoming... 40 Missed... 41 Erase log ... 41 Call waiting... 43 Caller I.D... 43 Three way calling ... 44 Air time ... 44 Last call ... 45 Total... 45 LifeTime ...

  • Page 10

    Manual pause calling...60 Accessing your phone book during a conversation...60 Prepending a phone number...61 Erasing individual phone book entries ...61 Erasing your phone book ...62 Adding a name ringer to your phone book entry ...62 Setting speed dial ...63 Storing incoming phone numbers at the end of a call...64 Storing phone numbers from call logs...65 Shortcuts to storing phone numbers...65 Calling numbers from the phone book ...65...

  • Page 11

    How to access information features... 74 Scheduler ... 74 Today ... 74 How to schedule an event... 75 How to add, edit, or erase an event ... 75 View month ... 76 How to view an event... 76 Jump to date... 76 Using jump to date ...

  • Page 12

    Key beep...85 Alerts...86 Roam Ringer ...88 Power on/off ...88 Display ... 90 Backlight...90 Banner ...91 Animation...91 My phone # ...92 Language...92 Set time ...92 Auto hyphen ...93 Version...93 Menu Style...94 Voice dial... 95 Tips on recording names...95 Record ...95 Review...96 Erase all ...97 Set active ...97 Games...

  • Page 13

    Tone length ... 102 Set System ... 102 Data/fax... 103 Key Guard... 105 Set Data Rate ... 105 Mail Kit... 106 Mobile Originating SMS text messaging ... 106 Creating SMS Text Messages ... 106 Entering text, numbers, and/or symbols ... 107 Alphabetical text entry ...

  • Page 14

    Message options...121 Security... 122 Lock mode ...122 Restricting the use of your phone ...124 Lock code ...124 Emergency #’s...125 MSG TIME ...126 Clear MEM ...127 Resetting your phone...127 In-Use Menu ... 128 Usage guidelines: all about performance and safety ... 129 Understanding Signal Strength...129 Understanding the Power Save Mode...129 Understanding how Your Phone Operates ...129...

  • Page 15

    Your Phone as a Network Device ... 135 Acknowledging Special Precautions and Industry Canada Notice ... 137 Samsung Phone and Battery Specifications ... 138 Samsung Phone with Standard Battery... 138 Owner's Record ... 138 User Guide Proprietary Notice ... 138 Limited Warranty ...

  • Page 17: Your Consumer Package

    Your consumer package contains the following items: • Samsung SCH-N370 phone with hand strap • Samsung Standard Li-Ion battery • Samsung travel adaptor • User guide...

  • Page 18: Front View Of The Sch-n370

    Headset/Earbud connector Side volume Menu Send Microphone Adapter Outlet Antenna Speaker Display screen Navigation key OK key End key Clear key Keypad...

  • Page 19: Getting To Know Your Phone

    Antenna The antenna is a device for transmitting and receiving signals. The shape and size of the antenna is determined, in part, by the frequency of the signals that they receive. An antenna makes the call sound clearer when it is fully extended. Use only in the normal position and do not touch the antenna unnecessarily when the phone is active.

  • Page 20: End (power On/off) Key

    •The lower area of the LCD displays in-use information, for example, the calling party’s name and number, the call timer, Mute and Call Waiting, menus, sub menus, etc. End (power on/off) key This key is utilized in several ways: •Press and hold •Press and hold •Press cancel any input.

  • Page 21: Ok/message Key

    key stores information that you enter, and also acts as an “OK” button when pressed. When in standby mode, menu access key to send messages and review received messages. Speaker The speaker is for listening to voice conversations. Send key key performs several useful functions: •Press •Enter a number and press...

  • Page 22: Adaptor Outlet

    Use the adaptor outlet to connect your phone to a wireless data device or a hands-free car kit (both sold separately). The adaptor outlet is located at the bottom of the phone. •To charge your battery, plug the travel adaptor that is supplied with your phone into a wall outlet.

  • Page 23: Getting Started

    Getting service You must contact your service provider and follow their instructions for obtaining service for your phone. We suggest that you read this user guide to fully understand the services that your phone supports. Turning your phone on When you are ready to turn your phone on, fully extend the antenna for the clearest reception.

  • Page 24: Several Ways To Answer A Call

    When you receive a call, the phone will ring and the phone icon on your screen. If the caller can be identified, the caller’s phone number, (or name if pre-stored in your Phone Book) displays. If the caller cannot be identified, only the phone icon and “Call from Unavailable No”...

  • Page 25: List Of Main And Sub Menus

    This list displays the main menu structure and mail kit features. It shows the individual sub menus and features assigned to each main menu option. 1:Calls 1:Outgoing 2:Incoming 3:Missed 4:Erase Logs 5:Air Time 2:Phone Book 1:Find Name 2:Add Entry 3:Find Entry 4:RelationSrch 5:Add E-mail 3:Web...

  • Page 26

    4:My Phone # 5:Language 6:Set Time 7:Auto Hyphen 8:Version 9:Menu Style 7:Voice Dial 1:Record 2:Review 3:Erase All 4:Set Active 8:Games 1:Flying Tight 2:Run for Money 3:Racing 9:Set Up 1:Auto Retry 2:Auto Answer 3:Answer Mode 4:Tone Length 5:Set NAM 6:Set System 7:Data/Fax 8:Whisper Mode 9:AutoKeyGuard...

  • Page 27

    4:Outbox 5:Filed 6:All Messages 8:Msg Setup 1:General 2:New Message 3:Entry Method 4:Delivery Ack 5:Canned Msg. In-Use Menu (Can be opened only when on a call) 1:Mute/Quit 2:Calls 3:Phone Book 4:Silent/Quit 5:Send Tel # 6:My Phone # 7:Version 8:Send DTMF 1:Scroll Timer 1/2/3/4/5 seconds/Off 2:Msg.

  • Page 28: Using Your Phone's Menus

    Your phone offers a range of functions that allow you to tailor the phone to your personal requirements. These functions are arranged in menus and submenus. The menus and submenus can be accessed by using the navigation key or using shortcuts.

  • Page 29

    Press to highlight * Press to save. Note: To reset the Connect tone. Press details, see “List of main and sub menus” on page 25 for numbers assigned to each menu and sub menu item. highlight For further...

  • Page 30: Your Phone's Modes

    Your phone’s modes Answer mode With this option activated, your phone will allow you to select a specific mode when you receive an incoming call. For further information see “Several ways to answer a call” on page 24. Digital mode Some of your phones features work only in digital service areas, the icon indicates that your phone is operating in digital mode.

  • Page 31: Silent Mode

    The “Silent Mode” feature allows you to instantaneously silence the ringer when in standby mode. •With the phone in standby mode, press and hold seconds. “Entering Silent Mode” displays briefly. (The silent mode icon displays on the standby screen.) •To exit from “Silent Mode” press and hold The screen prompt “Exit Silent Mode”...

  • Page 32: Talk Mode

    You can place and answer calls only when your phone is turned on. When you are on a call your phone is in Talk mode. Pressing the In-Use menu options. Whisper mode With this feature you can have semi-private conversations. You don’t have to speak loudly.

  • Page 33: The Top Line Of The Display Screen

    Display indicators (or icons) appear across the top of your phone’s display screen. The signal strength and battery strength icons will always appear, but other icons display based upon your phone’s operating mode. Note: The following illustration of the screen display may not reflect the order in which icons, as well as other information, appear on your phone.

  • Page 34

    Roaming: This icon displays when your phone is outside your service provider’s area and your phone is receiving service from another carrier’s network. If you are: • In your home service area, this indicator will not display. •In a preferred analog or digital networking area (where your service provider has a roaming agreement in place), this indicator will be on, but not flashing.

  • Page 35: Other Phone Icons

    High speed data: This icon indicates that your phone is sending or receiving data at a high speed. Other phone icons Duplicate: This icon indicates that a duplicate message was sent. E-mail: This icon represents an e-mail address. Fax: This icon represents a fax number. Filed Message: This icon displays if a message is filed.

  • Page 36: Using The Battery

    Gently place the bottom end of the battery into the provided slots on the underside of the phone. Press the top end of the battery down. (The top end of the battery displays the word Samsung in raised letters.) until you hear it click into place. Removing the battery...

  • Page 37: Charging The Battery

    Charging the battery Your phone is powered by a rechargeable standard Li-Ion battery. Only use Samsung-approved adaptors and batteries. These adaptors are designed to maximize battery life. Using other adaptors may invalidate your warranty and may cause damage. When the phone has finished charging it can be disconnected.

  • Page 38: Caring For The Battery

    The guidelines listed below help you get the most out of your battery’s performance. •Use only Samsung-approved batteries and adaptors. These adaptors are designed to maximize battery life. Using other batteries or adaptors could void your warranty and may cause damage.

  • Page 39: Using The Travel Adaptor

    The travel adaptor allows you to charge your phone’s battery from any 110 volt AC standard wall outlet. Also, using the travel adaptor allows you to make a phone call while the battery is charging. The travel adaptor will fully charge an “empty”...

  • Page 40: Calls

    Outgoing To place a call press animated sequence and the icons discussed earlier display, this indicates your phone is on. (No dial tone will be heard). This is called standby mode. Enter the phone number you wish to call (up to 32 digits), by pressing the numeric keys.

  • Page 41: Missed

    Your phone keeps a list of calls that you did not answer when the phone was active and service available. The phone indicates a missed call by displaying a text notification on the screen. Additionally, if caller information is available, a Missed call entry is created, and the screen displays the phone number of the most recent missed call.

  • Page 42: Keeping Track Of Call Activity

    In standby mode, press Press •Press the number associated with the call log to select an option: •Press •Press •Press When that call log option displays, press call information you require. If there is a Phone Book match, the name displays.

  • Page 43: Call Waiting

    In addition to the Incoming, Outgoing, and Missed call directories, your phone maintains an air time log. For further information see “Air time” on page 44. Viewing call logs during a conversation Press to display the In-Use menu. Press for Calls. Press to highlight an option.

  • Page 44: Three Way Calling

    Enter the phone number and press Note: To block your number permanently, contact your service provider. Three way calling To place a three way call: Call the first party, and press on the line, press Call the second phone number, and press When the second party answers, press connected.

  • Page 45: Last Call

    Last call allows you to review the amount of time spent on the last call you made. In standby mode, press Press Air Time Press Last Call Press displays. Press to return to the previous display screen. Total Total air time is the cumulative amount of time the phone has been used since the total air time was last erased.

  • Page 46: Erase Total

    In standby mode, press Press Press Press The screen displays the total number of calls made from this phone, and the total amount of air time used since this phone was set-up. This information cannot be erased. Press to return to the previous display screen. Erase total If you choose the Erase Total option, the counter for all air times with the exception of LifeTime, will be set to “zero”.

  • Page 47: Phone Book

    Your phone permits you to store up to 500 numbers and names in the Phone Book. Each entry can have up to 7 associated phone numbers and one e-mail address. Each entry can contain up to 32 digits including hard pauses, with an associated name of up to 12 characters.

  • Page 48

    Category: • A “category” label is associated with each phone number. For Speed Dial, Home, Mobile, Office, Pager, Fax example: Label. Relation: “relationship” • to a number. For example: Ringtype: • This field allows you to set a distinctive ring type for the entry. With the phone in standby mode: Press for the main menu.

  • Page 49: Setting Secret

    Adding a name To add a name to the Phone Book: At the Phone Book (information) screen, press Press , the Press to save and display the information in the Phone Book Press again to save your entry. Setting secret This feature allows you to keep certain numbers in your Phone Book confidential so that others cannot access them.

  • Page 50: Editing Phone Book Numbers

    Colleague • • Highlight an option and press Relation in the field on the Press again to save your entry. Editing phone book numbers Once stored in the Phone Book, an entry can be changed quite easily. To change a Phone Book entry: In standby mode, press Press Press...

  • Page 51: Adding And Changing A Ring Type

    To set a distinctive ring type to a Phone Book entry: Phone Book At the RingType Press , the highlight an option. The options show: Inactive, 5 monotone ringers, and 15 melodies. Press to save and display the information in the Phone Book on the Overwriting a category...

  • Page 52: Find Name

    Overwriting existing name and number information You can overwrite existing information using separate actions in both the name and number fields. Follow these instructions: Phone Book At the repeatedly to locate and highlight an existing name or number field that needs the information changed.

  • Page 53: Find Entry

    Edit: • Permits editing of the phone number, name, entry number, category, secret number, relation and ring type. Prepend: • Allows you to prepend a number to either a feature code or area code before calling. Erase: • Erases the number. Name Ring: •...

  • Page 54: Relation Search

    This option allows you to find a stored entry in a related group. In standby mode, press Press for the Press Press left or right to review the bottom of the screen and see associated names mid screen. Press down to highlight a specific entry. Press to select the entry from the group.

  • Page 55: Adding An E-mail Address

    after 5 sec • Press to save. Pressing returns you to the previous screen. Adding an e-mail address Use this method to add a new e-mail address to an entry in the Phone Book. In standby mode, press Phone Book Press Add E-mail Press...

  • Page 56: Editing An Existing E-mail Address

    Use this method to edit an existing e-mail address. In standby mode, press Press Press Press to highlight the entry and press Press , and select the screen displays. Edit the existing E-mail address using the methods described under “Adding an e-mail address” on page 55 Press to save.

  • Page 57: Adding An E-mail Address To An Existing Phone Book Entry

    phone book entry You can add an E-mail address to an existing entry in the Phone Book, your phone can then send a message via the network service provider to the e-mail address. In standby mode, press Press for the Add E-mail Press displays with the entries found under...

  • Page 58: Adding Pauses

    When you call automated systems (like banking services), you are often required to enter a password or account number. Instead of manually entering the numbers each time, you can store the numbers in your Phone Book separated by special characters called pauses. P pause •...

  • Page 59: Storing Pauses In A Phone Book Entry

    To store a number in your Phone Book that contains pauses. Enter the phone number you want to store (such as the bank’s teleservice phone number). Press . The pause menu options display. Press to highlight one of the three pause menu options offered. Press to select an option.

  • Page 60: Pause Dialing From A Stored Entry

    To pause dial from the Phone Book: If you stored the number using (2 second) “T” pause(s) , simply call the number from the Phone Book. If you stored the number using (hard) “P” pause(s), call the number Phone Book from the number you are calling (credit card number, bank account number, etc.).

  • Page 61: Prepending A Phone Number

    The Prepend option permits you to add prefix numbers such as area codes and network feature activation codes to phone numbers that are already stored in your Phone Book or call log. To Prepend a stored phone number: In standby mode, press Phone Book.

  • Page 62: Erasing Your Phone Book

    Edit • Prepend • Erase • Name Ring • E-mail addr • Press to highlight the prompts Press to confirm (Yes) and erase the to cancel (No) the Book Erasing your phone book You can erase all the numbers stored in your Phone Book. This is useful if you want to give your phone to a friend or family member, or if you need to erase all of your phone numbers.

  • Page 63: Setting Speed Dial

    Note: If the Caller ID information is unavailable for an incoming call then the Name Ringer option will also be unavailable. In standby mode, press Press Name Ringer , using one of the search methods described under “Find name” on page 52, or “Find entry” on page 53.) Press to highlight the entry to which you wish to add a Ringer...

  • Page 64: Storing Incoming Phone Numbers At The End Of A Call

    10. Press and Edit Entry appears. 11. Use the keypad to enter the 12. Press . If you have previously set a speed dial number for this name or entry an “ arrows to choose “ following the prompts, or press previous screen.

  • Page 65: Storing Phone Numbers From Call Logs

    Use this method to store a phone number from the call logs. In standby mode, press Calls Press Outgoing Press Highlight the number that you wish to store to the press Press for menu options, navigate to highlight Press to store the phone number to the Note: The number can be stored to the Phone Book as a new entry, or for further details regarding updating an existing entry see “Editing phone book numbers”...

  • Page 66: Two-touch Dialing

    Memory locations 010 through 099 are special Two-Touch locations. For example, for location number 013, press the name and number are displayed and called. To dial the number 100, Three Touch dialing is required. Three-touch dialing Memory locations 100 through 500 are three-Touch locations. For example, for location number 113, press number are displayed and called.

  • Page 67: Web/minibrowser

    Your phone comes equipped with Wireless Web Internet access through a MiniBrowser. The MiniBrowser displays immediate information through your phone. You can view specially designed versions of popular sites which include sports, weather, news, stock quotes, etc. Browsing the Web through your phone is not the same as using your PC since site providers have only selected certain aspects of the available sites to present to the wireless phone users and have removed most graphics.

  • Page 68: Exiting The Web/minibrowser

    Note: When the security key is initially sent to the carrier, a unique value is created. If the phone is reset for any reason, you must contact the carrier to reset the security key. The original key is no longer valid and will not allow the MiniBrowser to operate.

  • Page 69: The Minibrowser Start And End Prompts

    Your phone can be set to view a prompt each time you start or end a MiniBrowser session. You have the option to change this default prompt setting. The default setting may differ as it is based upon the carrier’s requirement.

  • Page 70: How The Minibrowser Works

    •Numbered options (some options may not be numbered) •Simple text You can act on the options or links by using the soft keys. How the minibrowser works Navigation key: Use the key arrows to find and select from all MiniBrowser options. The selected option is indicated by an arrow.

  • Page 71: Direct Wap Download

    Direct WAP download You can download up to 10 ring tones and 6 images using the web browser. Use the following steps to download or remove your downloaded image or ring tone. Press to display the Main menu. Press to access the Web. Press to start the browser.

  • Page 72

    To remove the saved ring tone: Press for the Main menu. Press the for Sounds. Press the Press the Use the to highlight your option. Press the selected ring tone is removed. To download an image: Press to display the Main menu. Press to access the Web.

  • Page 73: Using Links

    Using links Links have several purposes, including jumping to a different page, jumping to a different site or even initiating a phone call from some sites. Links are shown inside of brackets ( [ ] ), and you can normally use the left soft key to select a link when it is highlighted.

  • Page 74: Scheduler

    Information features Information features allow you to add events in a calendar format that can be viewed, and if so required alert you to these same events. How to access information features In standby mode, press Press Press to highlight an option. The available options are: Today •...

  • Page 75: How To Schedule An Event

    In standby mode, press Scheduler Press Today, Press Press to view the following options. T9 Word • • Symbol • • Press to highlight an option. Press to select that option. Note: Press and hold numeric icons, making it easier to enter information in the correct format. Enter the event.

  • Page 76: View Month

    Add New: • Edit: • Allows you to edit an event. Erase: • Allows you to erase an event. •Erase all: Allows you to erase all scheduled events. Press to select the option of choice, and complete the exercise by following the prompts.

  • Page 77: Using Jump To Date

    In standby mode, press Jump To Date Press through 9 as indicated in “How to schedule an event” on page 75. To do list The To Do List allows you to compile a list of items to be completed. Your phone can store, prioritize and manage twenty To Do List items.

  • Page 78: How To View, Edit, Add Or Erase A Count Down Timer

    Press Down . Enter a name for your new complete. Enter the date and time you want to “ today’s date is April 1, 2001 and you wish to know how many months, days, and hours remain before 7:00 P.M. February 14th 2002, enter the time 07:00 P.M.

  • Page 79: Checking Current Time World Wide

    In standby mode, press World Time Press city, country, time and date are indicated by a longitude indicator. You can navigate up/down, left/right to reach the city and time you need. • Alaska • Winnipeg • Buenos Aires • London •...

  • Page 80: Alarm

    Use the keypad to enter the second number into your calculator. Press to perform the calculation and view the result, or continue to calculate with the same operator, or change the operator and continue. Every time you change the operator, the previous calculation is performed and the result is displayed as the bottom number on the display screen.

  • Page 81

    Should you wish to terminate the alarm follow steps 1 through 3 and Release press return to the previous alarm options menu. Note: Once an alarm is set, an alarm clock icon standby mode. When the alarm is turned off the alarm clock icon removed.

  • Page 82: Sounds

    Ringer options Your phone provides a variety of ringer options through the Sounds menu. These options allow you to customize your ringer type and ringer volume settings in order to easily recognize a certain type of incoming call, message or scheduled event.

  • Page 83: Ringer Type

    Note: When the lowest volume setting is reached, the phone automatically goes into vibrate mode, physically alerting you to this option. Ringer volume — Calls Refer to “Ringer volume” on page 82 for instructions on operating this option. Ringer volume — Alarm Refer to “Ringer volume”...

  • Page 84

    Press Use the to locate the 10 downloadable ring tones, 5 monotone ringer types, and 15 melody tones. Each tone plays as you navigate through the options. When the desired ringer type plays, press Note: You can press Ringer type — Data/Fax incoming To activate, view or change the ringer type for incoming data/fax calls: In standby mode, press...

  • Page 85: Ringer Type - Delete Wap Download

    Use the to locate the 10 downloadable ring tones, 5 monotone ringer types and 15 melody tones. Each tone plays as you navigate through the options. When the desired ringer type plays, press Note: You can press Ringer type In standby mode, press Press for Sounds.

  • Page 86: Alerts

    Your phone will beep from time to time, this beep is called an alert beep. Alert beeps can easily be turned on or off. This feature offers 6 different options: Minute beep, Service, Connect, Disconnect, Fade, and Roam Alerts — Minute beep You can set the minute beep option to sound an alert 10 seconds before each elapsed minute to remind you of the length of the current call.

  • Page 87

    Alerts — Connect With this option set to “On”, the phone sounds an alert when your call is connected. Refer to “Alerts — Minute beep” on page 86 for instructions on how to operate this option. Alerts — Disconnect When this option is set to to “On”, the phone sounds an alert when the phone experiences a dropped or a failed call.

  • Page 88: Roam Ringer

    Voice volume This option enables you to adjust the voice volume of the earpiece while on a call. The display icon shows up to 5 levels (the loudest setting). To adjust the voice volume level: In standby mode, press Press Press Press the to adjust the volume setting.

  • Page 89

    To set the Power On/Off alert: In standby mode, press Sounds Press Power On/Off Press Press the When the desired setting is reached, press Note: You can press to display the main menu. to choose between to return to the previous menu at any time. to save the setting.

  • Page 90: Display

    The following features offered under the Display menu allow you to customize your phone. •Control when, and for how long, your backlight is active. •Define a personal greeting of up to 12 characters. •Display your own phone number. •Set the language. •Set time and date manually.

  • Page 91: Banner

    This option allows you to edit and personalize the banner displayed on the standby display screen. Note: Enter the personal greeting using the keypad, Press Word, ABC, symbols and 123 options respectively Note: The order, and can be pressed for upper case characters. To change the banner: In standby mode, press Press...

  • Page 92: My Phone

    Note: You can have a different animation for each option. If you want to see the time, press and hold automatically go back to the chosen animation. Press to save. My phone # To display your phone’s number: In standby mode, press Press for the Press...

  • Page 93: Auto Hyphen

    In standby mode, press Press for the Set Time Press Enter the time (using the 12 hour format) and date. Use for P.M.. When the desired setting displays, press Note: You can press Auto hyphen With the option set to “Yes”, your phone automatically hyphenates numbers. For example: 972-761-0000.

  • Page 94: Menu Style

    You can view your menu two different ways: •Horizontal •Vertical The horizontal view is the default view. Using this view, the menu selection and associated icons appear horizontally as you scroll through the main menu. When you set your menu style to vertical, the menu selection appears vertically without associated icons.

  • Page 95: Voice Dial

    Your phone features Voice Dial(ing). You can call up to 20 stored names simply by speaking one of the names into the microphone. Using the Voice Dialing feature requires that you first program the phone to recognize the name of the person you are calling. Note: Voice dialing entries cannot be connected to your phone book.

  • Page 96: Review

    Wait for the beep and then say the name. For best results, use names with at least two syllables, or use both a first and last name. The phone stores the name as a “first” sample, and then prompts you to say the name again.

  • Page 97: Erase All

    To place voice activated calls, press and hold . Or, if you are wearing the Samsung approved earbud, press and hold the silver button located above the earbud microphone. After you hear the voice prompt and the beep, say the name of the person you are calling into the phone or earbud microphone.

  • Page 98: Games

    Your phone’s software allows you to play the following games: •Flying Tight •Run for Money •Racing Note: Games are also available on-line by launching your minibrowser. Contact your service provider for details. Key commands • Press the “up” arrow repeatedly to keep the plane/creature in the air, and to move race car forward.

  • Page 99: Run For Money

    Object The object of the game is to fly the plane inside a cave through a maze of obstacles for the longest possible time. Use the navigation key to control and sustain the plane’s flight path and avoid the cave’s wall. Keep your thumb on the navigation key pushing “up”...

  • Page 100: Racing

    and you have less than the specified number of money bags the game is over. A high score for both money and stage is recorded each time you play. Racing To play Racing: In standby mode, press Press Press Press up to begin the game.

  • Page 101: Setup

    The following features allow you to personalize your phone. Auto retry With this option activated, your phone automatically retries the call when a connection fails. Dependent upon your location, the number of retrys may vary. To enable Auto Retry. In standby mode, press Press Press Press...

  • Page 102: Tone Length

    to highlight an option. The options are: By SEND key , and Press to save your option. Pressing Tone length Some older phones recognize only longer tones. Therefore you may have to change the tone length for some calls. When calling a paging system or a credit card company remember that your phone should be set in the normal mode.

  • Page 103: Data/fax

    Your phone is capable of sending and receiving digital data and fax calls when connected to a computing device (laptop, desktop, hand held, palmtop, etc.) running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, or Windows NT. Your phone functions just like a typical modem on your PC, enabling you to use wireless data involving a wide variety of Windows software applications.

  • Page 104: Receiving A Fax

    Receiving a fax In standby mode, press Press Press to highlight Press to save this option. In the Fax program on your PC set up Automatic Receive select either Your phone is now ready to receive an incoming fax. Note: Once you have set your phone’s mode to “fax for next call”, you cannot receive regular voice calls until you change back to “data/fax off”.

  • Page 105: Key Guard

    Sending a fax or data file When connected to a computing device, your phone allows wireless fax and data transmissions. Your computing device software initiates the call to the destination phone number. Your phone functions as a wireless modem to send the fax or data file to the number designated by your PC software.

  • Page 106: Mail Kit

    Mail Kit allows you to create, send, read, and save your messages. Your phone receives three kinds of messages: voicemail, text, and browser messages. To access Mail kit, press Note: Contact your service provider about activating the sending and receiving short message feature.

  • Page 107: Entering Text, Numbers, And/or Symbols

    Press to select from options. ( Symbol, 123) Phone Book • allows you to search either by Find Relation Press to highlight an option, then press Press to highlight, then press When the information is complete press Enter the message using the keypad and selected method of entry. When finished, press To continue, select from the following two menus: Pressing...

  • Page 108: Alphabetical Text Entry

    name in the Phone Book, entering events in the Scheduler, or inputting text messages. If you want to enter text on the display screen. You must be in one of the given examples in order to select view the menu options: represented by Numeric represented by...

  • Page 109: Entering Numbers

    Press the same key repeatedly to change between the characters represented by each key. To change capitalization formats while entering text, press to navigation between Entering numbers Numeric mode enables you to enter numbers into a text message. Symbol entry Symbol mode enables you to enter symbols into a text message.

  • Page 110: New Messages

    Press repeatedly to display all of the available words that T9 knows. When the word you need displays, continue to enter text in the same way, or change to another text or character entry mode. Note: To type words not found in the T9 mode, change the text input mode to ABC mode.

  • Page 111: Voice

    If the same message is to be sent to multiple recipients, press Send To: go to the is already entered (there are 10 destinations available.) Pressing allows you to select the Select 1, or select from the 10 multiple destinations available using the .

  • Page 112: Message Memory Capacity

    To review outgoing messages: In standby mode, press Press An icon displayed next to the entry number represents the transmission status: • indicates that the message was successfully transmitted and delivery was acknowledged (Delivery Ack). • indicates that the message was transmitted but the delivery is not confirmed.

  • Page 113: Messages And Lock Mode

    displays a text notification and rejects additional incoming messages until you erase the stored messages from Inbox, Outbox or Filed Msg. Messages and lock mode Incoming messages are received even when your phone is in Lock Mode. The screen will display the time and date of the message but you cannot access the message.

  • Page 114: Filed Message

    Note: While reviewing a message, you can press See “Message options” on page 121. Filed message Your phone can store draft messages that are yet to be sent in the Filed Msg folder. You can access this folder at a later time to edit and send the message. Note: The memory capacity available for the Filed Msg folder is relative to the Outbox memory capacity.

  • Page 115: Web Alert

    Press to highlight the message, and press Web Alert Your can set your phone to alert you when you have an incoming browser message. When a new message arrives, your phone will display a text notification together with an audible alert. You can access Web Alert from the Mail Kit menu: In standby mode, press Press...

  • Page 116: Message Setup

    In standby mode, press Press Press to highlight an option from those offered: General, New Messages. Press to complete the action. You can preset a number of options for general settings or new messages. The message indicator is displayed and remains on the screen until you listen to the new voicemail message, read the General Offers a number of separate features, Scroll Timer, Msg.

  • Page 117: Message Volume

    Message Volume When selected, the screen immediately displays the volume icon the bars of which will change according to the setting chosen. When the desired volume setting is reached, press Press to return to the previous menu at any time. Note: When the lowest volume setting is reached, the phone automatically goes into vibrate mode, physically alerting you to this option.

  • Page 118: Receiving A Message In Standby Mode

    Auto Save - automatically saves the created message to the message is transmitted. Entry Method You can navigate between default setting. Select Delivery Ack. Use the navigation key to highlight Canned Msg. There are a total of 10 frequently used canned messages pre-programmed into your phone.

  • Page 119: Reviewing Voice Mails And Text Messages

    Reviewing voice mails and text messages When a message arrives, you can recall the sender’s call back number if it is Inbox available, by pressing . To review the message, press . The list provides options for reviewing the sender’s name, number, date and time information, and the message.

  • Page 120: Reviewing Stored Voicemail And Text Messages In Standby Mode

    text messages in standby mode In standby mode, press number of received or sent messages displays next to the associated message type in the menu. Press message received display with a notification of the number of new voice mail messages. •You can press voice mails.

  • Page 121: Message Options

    When reviewing Messages, the menu provides a number of options. You can return a call or text message to the phone number, or e-mail address in that message, or you can forward the message to another. In standby mode, press of received or sent messages displays next to the associated message type in the menu.

  • Page 122: Security

    Security Your phone provides security options, including a user-programmable lock code and emergency/secret phone number features. To access the Security menu in standby mode, press lock code (normally the lock code is the last 4-digits of your phone number). Press the associated digit key to access one of the following Security options: 1.

  • Page 123: Locking The Phone

    Locking the phone The Security menu allows you to lock the phone manually or automatically when powering on your phone or to leave the phone unlocked. To lock the phone: In standby mode, press Security Press Lock Mode Press Never: •...

  • Page 124: Restricting The Use Of Your Phone

    This feature allows you to restrict the use of your phone. In standby mode, press Press Press Use the to locate the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ option offered, and press to save the option of choice. Pressing Lock code The default lock code for your phone is generally the last four digits of your phone number.

  • Page 125: Emergency #'s

    Your phone provides the option of storing three emergency numbers. Each number can be up to 32 digits. All emergency numbers can be manually called at any time even when your phone is locked or restricted. This can be a useful feature for controlling what numbers can be called from your phone.

  • Page 126: Msg Time

    Enter the emergency number. Up to 32 digits can be entered for each number. Press to save the number entered. Press to exit and return to the previous menu. Calling emergency numbers in lock mode To call emergency numbers in lock mode: In standby mode, use the keypad to enter the emergency number.

  • Page 127: Clear Mem

    Clear MEM erases your Phone Book and Voice Dial recordings. Personal settings (the call log, Mail Kit messages, Schedules, or other phone feature settings), are unaffected by clearing the memory on your phone. This feature is useful if you want to give your phone to a friend or family member, or if you want to erase all of your phone numbers.

  • Page 128: In-use Menu

    Your phone includes both a standby menu and an In-Use menu. The In-Use menu is displayed by pressing call in progress. The In-Use menu options are: Mute/Quit • conversation so that the recipient can hear nothing. Calls • - Checks your call log for outgoing, incoming, and missed calls.

  • Page 129: Usage Guidelines: All About Performance And Safety

    Specifications are Subject to Change The information contained in this manual is believed to be correct at the time of printing, however, Samsung reserves the right to change or modify any of the specifications without notice or obligation to update existing units.

  • Page 130: Exposure To Radio Frequency Signals

    Body-worn Operation To maintain compliance with FCC RF exposure guidelines, if you wear a handset on your body, use a Samsung supplied or approved carrying case, holster or other body-worn accessory. If you do not use a body-worn accessory, ensure the antenna is at least one inch (2.5 centimeters) from your body when transmitting.

  • Page 131: Phone Operation

    NORMAL POSITION: Hold the phone as you would any other telephone with the antenna pointed up and over your shoulder. Tips on Efficient Operation For your phone to operate most efficiently: • Extend your antenna fully. • Do not touch the antenna unnecessarily when the phone is in use. Contact with the antenna affects call quality and may cause the phone to operate at a higher power level than otherwise needed.

  • Page 132: Aircraft

    • Should ALWAYS keep the phone more than six inches from their pacemaker when the phone is turned ON; • Should not carry the phone in a breast pocket; • Should use the ear opposite the pacemaker to minimize the potential for interference;...

  • Page 133: Blasting Areas

    Blasting Areas To avoid interfering with blasting operations, turn your phone Off when in a “blasting area” or in areas posted: “Turn off two-way radio”. Obey all signs and instructions. Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Turn your phone Off when in any area with a potential explosive atmosphere and obey all signs and instructions.

  • Page 134: Storing Your Phone

    Storing your phone You must not store or carry your phone, its parts, or accessories in the same compartment or other area where there flammable liquids, gases, or explosive or flammable materials. Cautions Any changes or modifications to your phone not expressly approved in this document could void your warranty for this equipment and void your authority to operate this equipment.

  • Page 135: Your Phone As A Network Device

    To make all of the features available to you, your phone is designed by Samsung and your service provider to allow your service provider to send (at any time) a variety or information and messages to your phone. You may think of this as an over the air service to your phone.

  • Page 136

    CAUTION: If you turn off your phone during a download, your phone (or some features) may not work properly in the network. If this happens don’t worry, contact your service provider for help in correcting the problem.

  • Page 137: Acknowledging Special Precautions And Industry Canada Notice

    Precautions and Industry Canada Notice Only use approved batteries, antennas, and chargers. The use of any unauthorized accessories may be dangerous and will invalidate the phone warranty if said accessories cause damage or a defect to the phone. Although your phone is quite sturdy, it is a complex piece of hardware and can be broken.

  • Page 138: Samsung Phone And Battery Specifications

    Graphical LCD up to 5 lines w/1 dedicated Icon Line) Battery Type:Standard: Lithium-Ion PCS Antenna:Retractable, user-replaceable Samsung Phone with Standard Battery Dimensions (H x W x D:)4.1 x 1.8 x 0.8 inches Weight:3.8 oz. (troy) Talk Time Digital:Up to 170 minutes...

  • Page 139

    5,490,1655,511,073 T9 Word Text Input is licensed by Tegic Communications and is covered by ® U.S. Pat. 5,818,437, U.S. Pat. 5,953,541, U.S. Pat. 6,011,554 and other patents pending. Licensed by Qualcomm Incorporated under one or more of the following patents: U.S. Patent No. 4,901,307; 5,056,109; 5,099,204; 5,101,501; 5,103,459;...

  • Page 140: Limited Warranty

    What is covered and for how long? Samsung Telecommunications America, Inc. (Samsung) warrants the original purchaser that Samsung’s phones and accessories are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period commencing on the date of purchase and continuing for the specified period of time after the date: •Samsung Phone - 1 year...

  • Page 141

    Except to the extent prohibited by applicable law. Samsung shall not be liable for any special, incidental, consequential, indirect or similar damages, loss of profits,...

  • Page 142

    Samsung phone or accessory, breach of warranty, breach of contract, or negligence, including but not limited to Samsung’s phones and accessories. This limited warranty shall not extend to anyone other than the original purchaser of this product and states the purchaser’s exclusive remedy.

  • Page 143

    This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary from one jurisdiction to another. Samsung Telecommunications America, Inc. 1130 East Arapaho Road Richardson, Texas 75081...

  • Page 145: Index

    Index Symbols #911 122 *911 122 Numerics 0 / next key 71 911 122 Accessing menus using short cut number 28 Accessing menus using the navigation key 28 Adaptor outlet 22 Adding a name ringer 62 Adding an e-mail address 55 Adding pauses 58 Adjusting ringer volume 82 Adjusting voice volume 82...

  • Page 146

    Calling numbers from the phone book 65 Calls - Incoming 40 Calls - Missed 41 Calls - Outgoing 40 Caring for the battery 38 Clear key 19 Clear MEM 127 CLR 70 Connect 87 Countdown 77 Creating SMS Text Messages 106 Data / fax 84 Data/fax 103 Delivery acknowledgement 113...

  • Page 147

    Front view of the Samsung N370 18 Games 98 Getting service 23 Getting started 23 Getting to know your phone 19 Green 39 Home 35 Inbox 111 individual sub menus and features 25 Input modes 30 Installing the battery 36...

  • Page 148

    Mail kit - Messages and lock mode 113 main menu structure 25 Making a phone call while using the minibrowser 73 Manual pause dialing 60 MENU key 71 Menu key 20 Message 35 Message read 35 Message received 35 Message setup 116 Microphone 20 Minibrowser - exiting 68 Minibrowser - launching 67...

  • Page 149

    Pound / space key 71 Prepending a phone humber 61 Privacy 88 Protecting your battery 38 Receiving a fax 104 Red 39 Relation search 54 Removing the battery 36 reset the security key 68 Returning to the previous menu 28 Reviewing Airtime 44 Reviewing outbox 112 Ringer options 82...

  • Page 150

    Sending messages 110 Set system 102 Set Time 92 Setting auto answer 54 Setting speed dial 63 Setup 101 Software/Hardware Version 93 Speaker 21 Speed dial 35 Storing numbers 125 Storing pauses in a phone book 59 Storing phone numbers at the end of a call 64 Symbol entry 109 Symbol mode 109 T9(Word) 109...

  • Page 151

    Voice dial - Record 95 Voice dial - Set active 97 Voice volume 88 Web/MiniBrowser 67 yellow arrow 22 Your consumer package 17...

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