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Sharper Image SI714 Instructions Manual

Hot+cold mini fridge.
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Mini Fridge
SI714 Instructions
Read and save these instructions.

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    Cold Mini Fridge SI714 Instructions Read and save these instructions.

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    Dear Sharper Image Customer, Thank you for your purchase of a Sharper Image product. We appreciate your business very much. Our goal is that you will be completely satisfied with this product’s quality and performance. We offer generous return privileges and excellent warranties on all our products.

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    Description and Power To power the Mini Fridge from your home or office 110V wall outlet, connect the 12V DC power plug to the jack on the AC/DC power converter. Use the DC power plug to provide power directly from a 12V vehicle accessory jack.

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    Controls Switch POWER control to desired setting. A red LED indicates the HOT setting and a green LED indicates the COLD setting. The center position turns the unit off. This product might release an odor when new and the HOT setting is used for the first time.

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    Operation When the unit is plugged-in and the POWER CONTROL is in either of the ON positions, the temperature selection is indicated by the corresponding LED: RED - HOT is selected GREEN - COLD is selected End Cap The 12V DC plug is protected by a fuse. Unscrew to access If the unit fails to operate when using and replace fuse.

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    Additional Information The COLD setting can be used to keep cold items cold and to make room-temperature items cold within a few hours. The HOT setting can be used to warm precooked foods or store food items that are already hot. The heat produced is not sufficient enough for raw food items that require cooking temperatures for safe preparation.

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    It is normal for this unit to produce some condensation in either the HOT or COLD setting. Do not place this product on any sur- face that could be damaged by water. • When open containers are stored for several hours in the HOT operation mode, condensation may build up and leak from the edges of the door.

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    The Sharper Image warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship. When repair is not practical, The Sharper Image will have the option to replace the defective product with a fully warranted, factory-reconditioned product that is the same or has similar functionality.

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