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DeWalt DXH12B Instruction Manual

DeWalt DXH12B Instruction Manual

Portable propane heater for recreational and commercial use


Pour toute question ou tout commentaire, nous contacter.
Portable Propane Heater For Recreational, and Commercial Use
Chauffe-Propane Portable pour l'usage récréationnel, et commercial DXH12B
Calentador de propano portátil para uso recreativo y comercial
If you have questions or comments, contact us.
855-805-5745 •
This appliance can produce carbon
monoxide which has no odor.
Using it in an enclosed space can kill you.
Never use this appliance in an enclosed
space such as a camper, tent, car or home.
Llámenos si tiene alguna pregunta o comentario.
If you smell gas:
1. Do not attempt to light appliance.
2. Extinguish any open flames.
3. Disconnect from fuel supply.
Do not store or use gasoline or
other flammable vapors and liquids
in the vicinity of this or any other


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Summary of Contents for DeWalt DXH12B

  • Page 1 For CANADA and MASSACHUSETTS sale DXH12B Portable Propane Heater For Recreational, and Commercial Use SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Chauffe-Propane Portable pour l’usage récréationnel, et commercial DXH12B CONSERVEZ CES INSTRUCTIONS DXH12B GUARDE ESTAS INSTRUCCIONES Calentador de propano portátil para uso recreativo y comercial...
  • Page 2 READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY: Read VEUILLEZ LIRE ATTENTIVEMENT LES INSTRUCTIONS : LEA CUIDADOSAMENTE LAS INSTRUCCIONES: and follow all instructions. Place instructions Lisez et observez toutes les instructions. Conservez Lea y siga todas las instrucciones. Conserve in a safe place for future reference. Do ces instructions dans un endroit sécuritaire pour vous estas instrucciones en un lugar seguro para futura not allow anyone who has not read these...
  • Page 3: Specifications

    MODEL NO.: ..................DXH12B wind conditions. GAS TYPE: ..................PROPANE • A DeWALT battery is necessary only for Fan, USB Power Outlets, and Light operation. BURN RATE (BTU/HR): ...........6,000 LO / 12,000 HI • A Propane gas supply is necessary only for Heating operation.
  • Page 4 Odor Fade Warning • FINALLY, let the fuel gas service person and the firefighters check for escaped gas. Have them air out the building and area before you return. Properly trained service WARNING people must repair any leaks, check for further leakages, and then relight the appliance for you.
  • Page 5: General Safety Instructions

    General Safety Instructions Preparation for Operation THIS IS A HEATING APPLIANCE. DO NOT OPERATE THIS APPLIANCE WITHOUT WARNING: Always inspect propane cylinder and heater propane connections for THE FRONT WIRE GUARD INSTALLED. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WARM OR COOK damage, dirt, and debris before attaching propane cylinder. Do not use if head of cylinder FOOD ON THIS HEATER.
  • Page 6 Lighting/Operating Instructions USE WITH HOSE CONNECTION(S) TO REMOTE PROPANE CYLINDER(S), MAXIMUM SIZE 20 LB.: START USE WITH DISPOSABLE 1 LB. PROPANE CYLINDER(S): START • This heater may be used with a remote refillable propane cylinder ONLY • Use only 16.4 oz. (1 lb.) disposable cylinders that mate with No. 600 valve when the cylinder and heater are located outdoors and the Heater is used connection.
  • Page 7: Electronic Operation

    • To shut off heater, shut off propane at supply tank If the Status Light is blinking on and off steadily this is an indication that the DeWALT battery • Allow the heater to use up propane in supply line until the is low on charge.
  • Page 8 TROUBLESHOOTING MAINTENANCE CLEANING AND INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. Allow heater to thoroughly cool before performing any maintenance. IF SPARK ELECTRODE DOES NOT PRODUCE SPARK 2. Remove disposable 1 lb. cylinder from heater or turn OFF gas supply at remote cylinder CHECK valve, and disconnect hose from heater.
  • Page 9: Important Safety Instructions For All Battery Chargers

    When using more than one extension to make up the total length, be sure each individual extension contains at least WARNING: Burn hazard. To reduce the risk of injury, charge only DeWALT the minimum wire size. The following table shows the correct size to use rechargeable battery packs.
  • Page 10: Regulatory Notices

    Introduction result in a risk of electric shock, electrocution or fire. The DCB107, DCB115 battery charger (Fig. 9) is designed to charge DeWALT • Disconnect the charger from the outlet before attempting any 12–20V Max* lithium ion battery packs. This charger requires no adjustment cleaning.
  • Page 11: Specific Safety Instructions For Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

    Call 2 Recycle® program provides an environmentally conscious alternative. WARNING: Fire hazard. Do not store or carry the battery pack so Call 2 Recycle, Inc., in cooperation with DeWALT and other battery users, has that metal objects can contact exposed battery terminals. For example,...
  • Page 12: Important Charging Notes

    Charger Operation Important Charging Notes Refer to the indicators below for the charge status of the battery pack. 1. Longest life and best performance can be obtained if the battery pack is * The red light will continue to blink, but a yellow indicator light will be illumi- charged when the air temperature is between 65 °F and 75 °F (18°...
  • Page 13: Three Year Limited Warranty

    1 YEAR FREE SERVICE charger using a cloth or soft non-metallic brush. Do not use water or any DeWALT will maintain the tool and replace worn parts caused by normal use, cleaning solutions. for free, any time during the first year after purchase.
  • Page 16: Parts Ordering Information

    1 year from date of purchase. DeWalt® will repair or replace this product free of charge if it has been prove to be defective within the 1 year period, and is returned at customer expense with proof of purchase to DeWalt®...

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