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DeWalt DXH135HD Instruction Manual

DeWalt DXH135HD Instruction Manual

Kerosene forced-air heater
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Kerosene Forced-Air Heater DXH135HD, DXH190HD, DXH215HD
Kérosène air forcé Chauffage DXH135HD, DXH190HD, DXH215HD
El queroseno calentador de aire forzado DXH135HD, DXH190HD, DXH215HD
and follow all instructions. Place instructions in
a safe place for future reference. Do not allow
anyone who has not read these instructions to
assemble, adjust or operate the heater.
If you have questions or comments, contact us.
Pour toute question ou tout commentaire, nous contacter.
Si tiene dudas o comentarious, contéctenos.
855-805-5745 •
Lisez et observez toutes les instructions. Conservez ces
instructions dans un endroit sécuritaire pour vous y référer
ultérieurement. Interdisez à quiconque n'ayant pas lu les
présentes directives d'assembler, de régler ou de faire
fonctionner cette fournaise.
2017 - 40798 - CB
Lea y siga todas las instrucciones. Conserve
estas instrucciones en un lugar seguro para futura
referencia. No permita que nadie que no haya leído
estas instrucciones arme, ajuste o use el calentador.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for DeWalt DXH135HD

  • Page 1 MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES Kerosene Forced-Air Heater DXH135HD, DXH190HD, DXH215HD Kérosène air forcé Chauffage DXH135HD, DXH190HD, DXH215HD El queroseno calentador de aire forzado DXH135HD, DXH190HD, DXH215HD 2017 - 40798 - CB READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY: Read VEUILLEZ LIRE ATTENTIVEMENT LES INSTRUCTIONS : LEA CUIDADOSAMENTE LAS INSTRUCCIONES: and follow all instructions.
  • Page 2: Warning: Risk Of Fire Or Explosion

    Definitions: Safety Guidelines The definitions below describe the level of severity for each signal word. Please read the manual and pay attention to these symbols. DANGER: Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury. WARNING: Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CAUTION: CSA certified for use with only No. 1-K kerosene fuel. Factory Tested: Specifications No.2-K kerosene, No.1 or No.2 Diesel, No.1 or No.2 fuel oil or JP8 Jet A fuel MODEL DXH135HD DXH190HD DXH215HD BURN RATE: 35,000 Btu/hr (39.5 kw) 190,000 Btu/hr (55.6 kw)
  • Page 4: Warnings

    Operating Precautions Use in well ventilated areas, provide at least 2 sq. ft. (0.19 sq. m.) of opening near the floor and 2 sq. ft. (0.19 sq. m.) near the ceiling directly to outdoors. WARNING Increase air openings as marked for each additional heater. This is a kerosene, direct-fired, forced air heater.
  • Page 5: Maintenance, Storage And Service

    ASSEMBLY NOTICE: Before filling fuel tank the first time or after extended (For 135,000, 190,000 and 215,000 BTU/hr models only, see figure 1, page 9.) storage periods, drain the fuel tank of any moisture or condensation. Locate heater at a safe distance from combustible materials. Wheels and handles are found in the shipping carton along with mounting hardware.
  • Page 6 Adjustment: Pump pressure is too low. ADJUSTING PUMP PRESSURE Turn adjustment screw clockwise to increase pump pressure. Due to varying fuel viscosities and normal component wear the pump pressure on this heater may need to be adjusted. The heater should only be operated at Problem: Flame extends beyond the end of the heater.
  • Page 7: Wiring Diagram

    Annual Maintenance Schedule Wiring Diagram AIR OUTPUT FILTER. Remove the air output filter and tap the contaminated side gently on a solid object to remove contaminates. Compressed air or liquids should not be used to clean this filter. Reinstall cleaned filter in filter body in the same position as it was when removed.
  • Page 8: Trouble Shooting

    Diagnostic Safety Shutdown and Trouble Shooting These instructions are applicable for DXH135HD, DXH190HD, DXH215HD SYMPTOM TROUBLE SHOOTING High limit switch Open Circuit Make sure heater is cooled off, toggle switch to “O” position, wait 5 minutes and retry. Sparks, calling for flame, but Check wiring to motor (per wiring schematic in manual).
  • Page 9: Parts Lists/Exploded Views

    Handle & Wheel Assembly Parts List DXH135HD DXH190HD DXH215HD REF. ITEM# DESCRIPTION ITEM# ITEM# 40856 27114 40856 Front Handle 40857 27103 40857 Rear Handle 40858 27103 40858 Cross Handle(2) 21875 27103 21875 Wheel Support Frame 22190 22190 22190 Axle 40940...
  • Page 10 Parts List Ref. Item # Item # Item # Description Ref. Item # Item # Item # Description DXH135HD DXH190HD DXH215HD DXH135HD DXH190HD DXH215HD **** **** **** 21734 21734 21734 Thermostat Assembly 40805 40804 40804 Top Half Shell 40830 40830...
  • Page 12: Warranty

    Replacement parts are only available direct from the factory and must be installed by a qualified service agency. PARTS ORDERING INFORMATION: PURCHASING: Accessories may be purchased at any DeWalt ® local dealer or direct from the factory...

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