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Toshiba TOSVERT VF-S15 Instruction Manual page 5

Traverse control
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■ Relationship between traverse reference frequency and output frequency limit
The relationship between the traverse reference frequency and the output frequency limit is described
bellow. The output signals of lower limit frequency, the upper limit frequency, and the low-speed detection
during traverse operation are effective to the traverse reference frequency.
Traverse reference frequency : Between  (lower limit frequency) and  (upper limit frequency)
Output frequency
■ Setting parameters of the control terminal
Set the following parameter to carry out traverse operation.
1. Set f980 =1 (traverse operation: Enabled).
2. Assign the function No. 134 / 135 [inverse] (traverse permission signal) to an input terminal.
When the terminal is turned on, traverse operation starts.
If you don't use external input signal, set  (always active function selection 1) to 134.
Input terminal selection parameter: f111 to f116, f151 to f156
Example: Assign the traverse permission signal to the terminal S3
Note: If the traverse function is turned off during traverse operation using a parameter or by the signal
from the control terminal, the operation mode changes from traverse operation to constant speed
operation according to the acceleration/deceleration time setting (see Fig. 4).
Output frequency (Hz)
RUN command
Traverse permission
or  (maximum frequency), whichever is lower.
: Frequency between  (Starting frequency) and  (upper limit
frequency) or  (maximum frequency), whichever is lower.
Input terminal selection 6 (S3)
Fig. 4 Timing when the traverse function is off
Adjustment range
During operation
Example of setting
(Traverse permission signal)
Time (sec.)



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