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Disconnecting Your Bluetooth ® Device; Maintenance; Specifications - Makita DMR108 Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents
b) If there are 2 Bluetooth
radio, it will show its availability on both devices.
c) If your Bluetooth
device is temporarily disconnected to
your radio, then you need to manually reconnect your
device again to the radio.
d) If the name of your radio is appeared on your
device list but your device cannot connect
with it, please delete the item name of your radio from
your list and pair the device with your radio again
following the steps described previously.
e) The effective operation range between the radio and
the paired device is approximately 10 meters (30 feet).
f) Any obstacle between the radio and the device can
reduce the operational range.
Disconnecting your Bluetooth
Press and hold the Pair button
disconnect with your Bluetooth
will disappear from the display indicating deactivation of
Charging with USB power supply port
(Fig. 10)
There is the USB port at the front side of the radio. You
can charge USB device trough the USB port.
1. Connect the USB device, such as iPod, MP3, or CD
player, with USB cable available in the market.
2. Press the Power button
3. No matter if the radio is AC powered or battery
powered, the radio can charge the USB device when
the radio is switched on and in FM radio mode, or BT
mode, or AUX mode, which is appeared when an
external audio source is connected.
You cannot charge USB devices during AM mode
because radio signal reception becomes extremely poor
when charging USB device.
• The maximum volume of the output power speaker will
decrease when your USB is charging.
• The USB socket can provide max 1A5V of electrical
• Before connecting USB device to the charger, always
backup your data of USB device. Otherwise your data
may lose by any possibility.
• The charger may not supply power to some USB
• When not using or after charging, remove the USB
cable and close the cover.
• Do not connect power source to USB port. Otherwise
there is risk of fire. The USB port is only intended for
charging lower voltage device. Always place the cover
onto the USB port when not charging the lower voltage
• Do not insert a nail, wire, etc. into USB power supply
port. Otherwise a circuit short may cause smoke and
devices searching for your
for 2-3 seconds to
device. "BLUETOOTH"
to switch on your radio.
• Do not connect this USB socket with your PC USB
port, as it is highly possible that it may cause
breakdown of the units.


• Never use gasoline, benzine, thinner, alcohol or the
like. Discoloration, deformation or cracks may result.


Power Requirements
AC power adaptor
Frequency coverage
Transmission power
Transmission range
Supported codec
Compatible Bluetooth
Circuit feature
Output Power
Input terminal
Antenna system
Dimension (W x H x D) in mm
DC12V/1,200 mA, center pin
UM-3 (AA size) x 2 for back up
Cluster battery: 7.2 V - 10.8 V
Slide battery: 10.8 V - 18 V
FM 87.50 - 108 MHz
(0.1 MHz/step)
AM (MW) 520 - 1,710 kHz
(10 kHz/step)
specification power
Class 2
Max. 10 m (30 ft) (varies
according to usage conditions)
3.5 inches 8 ohm x 2
7.2 V: 0.5 W x 2
10.8 V: 1.2 W x 2
14.4 V: 2.2 W x 2,
18 V: 3.5 W x 2
3.5 mm dia. (AUX IN1/AUX IN2)
FM: soft bended rod antenna
AM: bar antenna
282 x 294 x 163
(11-1/8" x 11-5/8" x 6-3/8")

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Table of Contents

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