Phone   S Ettings   V Ia   W Eb   M Anagement - Toshiba IP Edge Quick Reference Manual

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Phone   S ettings   V ia   W eb   M anagement                                                                                        
Enterprise   M anager   P ersonal   A dministration   i s   a   w eb   b ased   t ool   t hat   a llows   u sers   t o   p ersonalize   s ettings  
on   t heir   t elephone.     T he   f ollowing   f eatures   c an   b e   a ccessed   v ia   t his   i nterface.  
-­‐   K ey   /   B utton   P rograming  
-­‐   N ame   C hange  
-­‐   D ND  
-­‐   R ing   T one  
-­‐   C all   F orward  
-­‐   S peed   D ial  
-­‐   V oicemail   S ettings  
-­‐   A udio   &   W eb   C onference   B ridge  
Some   s ettings   s uch   a s   p ersonal   s peed   d ials   a nd   c all   f orwards   m ust   b e   p rogramed   v ia   t he   E nterprise  
Manager   w eb   i nterface.     T he   l ogin   a ddress   f or   t his   p age   i s   u nique   t o   e ach   p hone   s ystem.     P lease   c ontact  
your   N etwork   A dministrator   o r   C D   C ommunications   f or   h elp   l ogging   i n.      
Detailed   i nformation   i s   a vailable   i n   C hapter   1 7   o f   t he   I PEdge   C omplete   U ser   G uide.     I t   c an   b e  
downloaded   a t  


Table of Contents

Table of Contents