Behringer ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 User Manual

Behringer ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 User Manual

Behringer ultra-curve pro dsp8024 user's manual
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User's Manual
Version 1.2
June 2001



  Summary of Contents for Behringer ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024

  • Page 1 User’s Manual Version 1.2 June 2001
  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    The user should not attempt to service the appliance beyond that which is described in the operating instructions. All other servicing should be referred to qualified service personnel. ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts you to important operating and maintenance instructions in the accompanying literature.
  • Page 3 It is our philosophy to share our joy with you, because you are the most important member of the BEHRINGER family. With your highly competent suggestions for new products you’ve greatly contributed to shaping our company and making it successful.
  • Page 4 Full MIDI parameter and snapshot control for realtime editing s Free EQ-Design software allows for total remote control via PC (download at s 100 user memories can be stored under any alphabetic name. Memory backed by a long-life battery...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    6.4 MIDI connections ... 31 7. APPENDIX ... 31 7.1 AES8024 option ... 31 7.2 Changing the memory protect battery ... 31 7.3 MIDI implementation ... 32 7.4 Software ... 33 8. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ... 34 9. WARRANTY ... 36 ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024...
  • Page 6: Introduction

    Shipping claims must be made by the consignee. The BEHRINGER ULTRA-CURVE PRO fits into two standard 19" rack unit of space (2 U). Please allow at least an additional 4" depth for the connectors on the back panel.
  • Page 7: Control Elements

    2. to adjust the value of each selected frequency (vertical) 3. to position the measurement cursor in analyzer mode (horizontal) 4. in both operating modes, to choose the program position (vertical) 5. to select a field in the SETUP menu (horizontal and vertical) ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 1. INTRODUCTION...
  • Page 8: Operation

    This is the MIC INPUT socket for the reference microphone. 2. OPERATION The BEHRINGER ULTRA-CURVE PRO is a flexible, universally applicable sound processing and measurement device, whose operations may be divided into two basic areas; signal processor (equalizer, limiter) or real Time analyzer (RTA).
  • Page 9: Eq Mode

    ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 2.1 EQ mode Fig. 2.1: Main EQ window of the ULTRA-CURVE PRO The display shows a 31-band graphic equalizer, along with the main fader for overall level control—slightly separated on the right hand side. On the left are the pictograms for the softkeys, which are used to open the sub-menus.
  • Page 10: The Feedback Destroyer

    Additionally it will show whether the parameters are fixed (PAR), or are set for automatic search, to function as the FEEDBACK DESTROYER (AUT or SGL). Auto ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 Reading -3 dB...
  • Page 11: Delay

    ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 search means that the audio signal is continuously examined for signs of feedback. If feedback is detected, the ULTRA-CURVE PRO will assign an appropriate filter to the relevant frequency and apply narrow band attenuation, also known as a “notch filter”. The parameters which have been used will be continuously displayed.
  • Page 12 EDIT menu. By pressing the settings made in the shelving menu will be cancelled, and you return to the EDIT menu. ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 or cancelled with means it does not take place, and the program already in place remains removes all characters.
  • Page 13: Eq Setup

    You may choose the time taken for this to occur, from 0 to 15 seconds being allowed. Please note that a setting of 0 seconds results in a “hard” switch over, ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 (B highlighted) allows you to compare the current setting with the...
  • Page 14: Real Time Analyzer

    (temperature 20° C and relative air humidity of 80%). 2.2 Real time analyzer The integrated real time analyzer of the BEHRINGER ULTRA-CURVE PRO enables 1/3-octave measurements with a precision of 0.25 dB. Of course, you can adapt the display to your own needs and habits. By pressing the RTA key you enter the RTA mode.
  • Page 15: Program Administration

    2.2.4 Decay With softkey D and 1000 milliseconds (1.0 s) can be entered. The current value is shown in the pictogram. Please note that ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 , cancel with . In contrast to the equalizer, memory locations right channel, both channels.
  • Page 16: Rta Setup

    RTA OUTPUT You can choose the type of output signal you need in this field: PINK = pink noise, WHITE = white noise, SINE ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 Fig. 2.9: RTA SETUP window 2. OPERATION...
  • Page 17: Auto-Q Function

    The ULTRA-CURVE PRO automatic measurement procedure has several functions which are designed to prevent unusable settings from being made. For example, it will question whether a band has to be boosted by ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 Basic settings in the RTA SETUP...
  • Page 18: General Setup

    The adjusted curve is automatically displayed, you can further edit and save this curve. It is important to use a high quality reference microphone with a flat frequency response. The BEHRINGER ECM8000 measurement microphone especially designed for this purpose and forms a balanced combination with the ULTRA-CURVE PRO.
  • Page 19 All the SETUP settings are stored when switching off the ULTRA-CURVE PRO, and remain unchanged until you re-edit them. Refer to the MIDI SETUP for all MIDI settings. ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 move the cursor left and right within the password. Fig. 2.11: MIDI Setup window...
  • Page 20: Applications

    3. APPLICATIONS The open mainframe architecture of the BEHRINGER ULTRA-CURVE PRO with its many audio processing features allows it to be used in a multitude of different ways. The following examples will give you an idea of the versatility of the device.
  • Page 21 (The BEHRINGER SUPER-X PRO CX2310 and CX3400 crossovers, with variable crossover frequency settings, phase reverse and electronic time path correction give you all the tools required to carry out these corrections.) Once the above points have been attended to, the ULTRA-CURVE PRO may be put to work.
  • Page 22: Using The Ultra-Curve Pro For Monitor Eq Purposes

    The monitor level tends to rise during the course of a concert. Therefore you should use any pause in the concert to reduce all monitor levels by about 3 dB. This reduction will, if at all, be barely noticeable to the ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 3. APPLICATIONS...
  • Page 23: Using The Ultra-Curve Pro In The Recording Studio

    In a large sound installation loudspeaker systems are often placed a considerable distance away from the stage, or are suspended at a height (flown), in order to give those sections of the audience further away from ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 3. APPLICATIONS...
  • Page 24 ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 the stage the same clear, direct sound as those with better positions. In order to compensate for the time differences existing between the main L and R loudspeakers and those further away, the signal to the latter will be sent through an electronic delay device.
  • Page 25: True Response" Characteristic

    ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 4. “TRUE RESPONSE” CHARACTERISTIC The BEHRINGER ULTRA-CURVE PRO differs greatly from conventional graphic equalizers, in its filter concept and resulting method of operation. Conventional graphic equalizers are, by the physical nature of their design, subject to strong interaction between adjacent filters, resulting in a difference between the frequency curve suggested by the fader position, and the real frequency curve achieved.
  • Page 26: Ultra-Curve Pro Structure

    ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 Fig. 4.2: ULTRA-CURVE PRO with “true response” Fig. 4.3: Combination of 4.1 and 4.2—with the fader positions added 5. ULTRA-CURVE PRO STRUCTURE 5.1 Hardware The analog input signals first pass through the electronic balancing amplifier and are then fed to the A/D converters.
  • Page 27: Eq Mode

    ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 to one of the A/D converter inputs. Switching onto a particular input can be carried out in the RTA or RTA SETUP menu. The digital input signal goes straight through the transformer balanced input directly to the DSPs (applicable only when the AES/EBU option is installed).
  • Page 28: Rta Mode

    5.3 RTA mode The integrated RTA in the BEHRINGER ULTRA-CURVE PRO allows audio spectral analysis with a 1/3 octave resolution to an accuracy of 0.5 dB. The associated display may be customized in a number of different ways to suit your preferred way of working.
  • Page 29: Installation

    6.2 Audio connections As standard, the BEHRINGER ULTRA-CURVE PRO is installed with electronically servo-balanced inputs and outputs. The new circuit design features automatic hum and noise reduction for balanced signals and thus allows for trouble-free operation, even at high operating levels. Externally induced mains hum etc. will be effectively suppressed.
  • Page 30: Digital Audio Connections Per Aes/Ebu (Optional)

    RCA socket, requiring the use of an adaptor. Connect the tip of the RCA socket to pin 2 of the XLR, and the RCA shield to pin 3 of the XLR. The connection between the two devices should be as short as possible. ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 Balanced use of stereo 1/4" jack plugs...
  • Page 31: Midi Connections

    If you fail to heed the warning to replace the battery, the display will show the message: BATTERY EMPTY: MEMORY CLEARED. If this happens, you will have lost all your programs. Furthermore, new programs will also be lost once the ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 7. APPENDIX...
  • Page 32: Midi Implementation

    Local ON/OFF All notes OFF Messages Active Sense Reset Notes Mode 1: OMNI ON, POLY Mode 2: OMNI ON, MONO ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 Transmitted Recognized 1 - 16 1 - 16 1,2,3,4 0 - 99 0 - 99 Mode 3: OMNI OFF, POLY Mode 4: OMNI OFF, MONO Tab.
  • Page 33: Software

    In order to receive a new software update, you must send your ULTRA-CURVE PRO to us. Information about new software versions will be available through music magazines, from your dealer or directly from BEHRINGER (+49 2154 920666). The current software version will always be displayed shortly after switching the ULTRA-CURVE PRO on.
  • Page 34: Technical Specifications

    Feedback destroyer (FB D) Type Filter Frequency range Bandwidth Attenuation ULTRA-CURVE PRO DSP8024 XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors servo-balanced input with RF rejection 50 kOhm balanced, 25 kOhm unbalanced +21 dBu balanced and unbalanced typical 40 dB, >55 dB @ 1 kHz XLR and 1/4"...
  • Page 35 Shipping weight BEHRINGER is constantly striving to maintain the highest professional standards. As a result of these efforts, modifications may be made from time to time to existing products without prior notice. Specifications and appearance may differ from those listed or illustrated.
  • Page 36: Warranty

    5. Any repair or opening of the unit carried out by unauthorized personnel (user included) will void the warranty. 6. If an inspection of the product by BEHRINGER shows that the defect in question is not covered by the warranty, the inspection costs are payable by the customer.