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Kenwood KSC-256 Service Manual

Kenwood KSC-256 Service Manual

Multiple charger
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Power switch
The battery slots are molded for different model types.
The illustration shows the KSC-256.
The K type for KSC-356 and KSC-316 are not available.
The X type for KSC-316 is not available.
Charging slot layout
This product complies with the
AC inlet
AC cord
(E30-7668-08): K
AC cord
(E30-7670-08): E
directive for the European market.
B51-8844-00 ( N ) PDF
(J02-1303-08) x 4
Charging slot
(A02-4059-08): KSC-256
(A02-4060-08): KSC-326
(A02-4061-08): KSC-316
(A02-4062-08): KSC-356
AC cord
(E30-7669-08): X
AC cord
(E30-7671-08): T
This product uses Lead Free solder.



Summary of Contents for Kenwood KSC-256

  • Page 1 AC cord The battery slots are molded for different model types. (E30-7668-08): K (E30-7669-08): X The illustration shows the KSC-256. The K type for KSC-356 and KSC-316 are not available. The X type for KSC-316 is not available. AC cord...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Kenwood reserves the right to make changes to any wise, for any purpose without the prior written permission products herein at any time for improvement purposes.
  • Page 3: Disassembly For Repair

    KSC-256/316/326/356 DISASSEMBLY FOR REPAIR Note: Removing the Charging Slots 1. Remove the 11 screws ( q ) from the aluminum plate Replacements are not possible other than for those items and the 2 screws ( w ) from the charging slots to remove listed in the bill of materials.
  • Page 4 KSC-256/316/326/356 DISASSEMBLY FOR REPAIR Removing the Charging Terminal Installing the LEDs 1. While pushing down on the protruding charger terminal, 1. Install the LEDs onto the printed circuit board in the man- slide the terminal out. ner shown in Exploded view.
  • Page 5: Trouble Shooting

    (F53-0428-08) blowout? Is the voltage of Replace the terminal of T. 0.6V~4.0V output to the T terminal? Only KSC-256 or KSC-326 Is voltage output to the S terminal? Replace the terminal of S. (Refer to table 1) Table 1 Replace the terminal of +1 or +2.
  • Page 6 KSC-256/316/326/356 TROUBLE SHOOTING (–) (+2) (+1) (+1) (+2) (–) (–) (+1) (+2) (–) (+1) (+2) (+1) (–) PK2 (+2) +16V (+1) +16V (+2) (–)
  • Page 7: Charging Flow Chart

    KSC-256/316/326/356 CHARGING FLOW CHART START *About voltage write down KNB-24L/35L/32N/41NC/50NC/47L/48L: S-Type KNB-25A/26N/31A/29N/30A/45L: B-Type Does T terminal contact? S-Type is Sterminal voltage B-Type=(+P1 or +P2 voltage)–Vf Give all B+ terminal power 16V 60mA Timer 5min START Error Battery Timer STOP Timer 5min +P1 or +P2 4.0V...
  • Page 8: Parts List

    KSC-256/316/326/356 PARTS LIST Ref. No. Address Parts No. Description Destination parts KSC-256/326/316/356 ✽ A02-4058-08 CABINET ✽ A02-4059-08 CHARGING SLOT (KSC-256) ✽ A02-4060-08 CHARGING SLOT (KSC-326) ✽ A02-4061-08 CHARGING SLOT (KSC-316) ✽ A02-4062-08 CHARGING SLOT (KSC-356) X,E,T ✽ 1A,2A B11-1867-08 ILLUMINATION GUIDE ✽...
  • Page 9: Exploded View

    COMMON: Longest lead GREEN RED: Second longest lead GREEN: Shortest lead COMMON 701x3 13x3 701x3 16x2 Cx2 C Note: The illstration of charging slot shows the KSC-256. Parts with the exploded numbers larger than 700 are not supplied.
  • Page 10: Optional Accessory

    KSC-256/316/326/356 OPTIONAL ACCESSORY KMB-30 (BRACKET) ■ External View ■ Parts List Ref. No. Parts No. Description parts KMB-30 ✽ J29-0746-08 BRACKET ✽ N09-6586-08 PAN HEAD SCREW ✽ N09-6587-08 SCREW (ANCHOR)
  • Page 11: Specifications

    KSC-256/316/326/356 SPECIFICATIONS K type 120V AC AC Voltage X,E,T type 100~240V AC 526 x 105 x 203 mm Dimensions (W x H x D) (charger only) 20.7 x 4.1 x 8.0 inches Weight (charger only) Approx. 3kg / 106 oz...
  • Page 12 Unit 3712-3724, Level 37, Tower one Metroplaza, 223 Hing Fong Road, Bp 58416 Villepinte, 95944 Roissy Ch De Gaulle Cedex Kwai Fong, N.T., Hong Kong KENWOOD House, Dwight Road, Watford, Herts., 1 Ang Mo Kio Street 63, Singapore 569110 WD18 9EB United Kingdom...

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