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DeWalt DXFRS800 Owner's Manual page 6

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Communicating with Another Person
1. Press and hold the Talk button.
Talk Button
2. Position the microphone about two inches (5 cm)
from your mouth, speak in a normal voice.
3. Release the Talk button when you are finished
talking and listen for a response.
Two Inches
from Mouth
You cannot receive incoming calls while pressing the
Talk button.
Both radios must be tuned to the same
channel and privacy code to communicate.
This radio is equipped with default Privacy Code on each
channel for minimizing unwanted signals from others. See page 9
to 10 for procedures changing your radio from default Privacy
Code to a different Privacy Code or disabling Privacy Code.
To Select a Channel
Press Mode button once, then press Up button or
Up & Down Button
Down button.
Both radios must be tuned to the
same channel to communicate.
Channel Number
See page 13 for frequency
allocations charts.
Listening for a Response
Release the Talk button to receive incoming
transmissions. Your radio is always in Standby mode
while the Talk or Call buttons are not pressed.
To Adjust Volume
1. Rotate
clockwise to increase the volume.
2. Rotate
counterclockwise to decrease the volume.
Do not hold the radio close to your ear. If the volume is set to an
uncomfortable level, it can hurt your ear.
Call Button
Press and release the Call button.
Call Button
The other person will hear a three second call
tone. This tone is used only to establish voice
Lock Function
The Lock function locks the Up, Down and Mode
Lock Button
buttons to prevent accidental operation.
To turn the lock on or off:
– Press and hold the Lock button for
two seconds.
Lock Icon
A double beep sound is used to confirm your lock
enabled. When in Lock mode, the Lock icon will be
displayed also.
Your range will vary depending on terrain and
In at, open country your radio will operate at
maximum range.
Buildings and foliage in the path of the signal can
reduce the range of the radio.
Dense foliage and hilly terrain will further reduce the
range of the radio.
On Channels 8 through 14, your radio automatically
switches to low power, which will limit the range the
radio can communicate.
Auto Squelch
Your radio will automatically shut off weak transmissions and unwanted
noise due to terrain, conditions limit.

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