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Lenovo Storage D1212/D1224

Getting Started

RMN: HB-1235 & EB-2425
MT: 4587
Read all the safety and health information in these instructions.
Failure to follow instructions and properly set up, use and care
for this product can increase the risk of serious injury or death,
or damage to the device or devices. Please see the Lenovo
Storage D1212/D1224 Hardware Installation and Maintenance
Guide for full installation and configuration information.

Safe Handling

• An enclosure can weigh up to 26kg (57lb). Do not try to lift it by yourself.
• Do not lift the enclosure by the handles on the PCMs. They are not
designed to take the weight.
Caution: If this equipment is used in a manner not specified
by the manufacturer, the protection provided by the equip-
ment may be impaired.
Caution: The optional RJ45 socket on the I/O module, it is
for Ethernet connection only and must not be connected to
a telecommunications network.
• All plug-in modules and blank plates are part of the fire enclosure and must
only be removed when a replacement can be immediately added. The
system must not be run without all modules or blanks in place.
• Permanently unplug the unit before you move it or if you think it has
become damaged in any way.
Important: The enclosure MUST be grounded before applying power.
• The enclosure must only be operated from a power supply input voltage
range of 100-240 VAC.
• The plug on the power supply cord is used as the main disconnect device. Ensure
that the socket outlets are located near the equipment and are easily accessible.
• When powered by multiple AC sources, disconnect all supply power for
complete isolation.
• In order to comply with applicable safety, emission and thermal require-
ments no covers should be removed and all bays must be populated with
plug-in modules.
• The power connection should always be disconnected prior to removal of
a PCM from the enclosure.
• A safe electrical earth connection must be provided to the power supply
cords. Check the grounding of the enclosure before applying power.
• Provide a suitable power source with electrical overload protection to meet
the requirements laid down in the technical specification.
• When bifurcated power cords ('Y' leads) are used, they must only be
connected to a supply range of 200-240 V.
• A faulty PCM must be replaced with a fully operational module within 24 hrs.
• Do not remove a faulty PCM unless you have a replacement model of the
correct type ready for insertion.

Rack System Precautions

The following safety requirements must be considered when the unit is
mounted in a rack.
• The rack construction must be capable of supporting the total weight of
the installed enclosure(s) and the design should incorporate stabilizing
features suitable to prevent the rack from tipping or being pushed over
during installation or in normal use.
• When loading a rack with the units, fill the rack from the bottom up and
empty from the top down.
• To avoid danger of the rack toppling over, do not slide more than one
enclosure out of the rack at a time.
Lenovo Storage D1212/D1224 Getting Started
• The system must be operated with low pressure rear exhaust installation [back
pressure created by rack doors and obstacles not to exceed 5 pascals (0.5mm
water gauge)].
• The rack design should take into consideration the maximum operating
ambient temperature for the unit, which is 40°C.
• The rack should have a safe electrical distribution system. It must provide over-
current protection for the unit and must not be overloaded by the total number of
units installed in the rack. When addressing these concerns consideration should
be given to the electrical power consumption rating shown on the nameplate.
• The electrical distribution system must provide a reliable earth for each unit in
the rack.
• Each power supply in each unit has an earth leakage current of 1.0mA. The
design of the electrical distribution system must take into consideration the
total earth leakage current from all the power supplies in all the units. The
rack may require labelling with "HIGH LEAKAGE CURRENT. Earth connection
essential before connecting supply".
• The rack when configured with the units must meet the safety requirements of
UL 60950-1 and IEC 60950-1.
• Grounding of the enclosure, for the purposes of system equipotential, is
provided from the front ear of the chassis to the front rack post. In a rack with a
non-conductive finish (e.g. paint) modifications to the rack may be required to
ensure good ground contact between the chassis ear and the rack metalwork.
This is not required for the safety/protective earth, which is provided in the
power supply cords.
PCM Operation
Warning: Do not remove covers from the PCM. Danger of electric
shock inside. Return the PCM to your supplier for repair.
Warning: Do not remove a PCM unless a replacement can be
immediately added. The system must not be run without all
units or module blanks in place.

ESD Precautions

It is recommended that you fit and check a suitable anti-static wrist or ankle strap
and observe all conventional ESD precautions when handling plug-in modules and
components. Avoid contact with backplane components and module connectors, etc.
Figure 2: Rack Mount Components
Figure 3: Mounting the System into a Rack (left hand rail only shown for clarity)
Issue 1.0
August 2016
Before You Begin
Before you begin, make sure the site where you intend to set
up and use your storage system has the following:
• Standard power from an independent source or a rack
power distribution unit with a UPS.
• Host computer with the correct firmware, BIOS and drivers.
Contact your supplier for the correct software levels.
Before setting up ensure you have the following:
• Power Cord
• Mini-SASHD to Host Cable
• Rack kit (optional)
Refer to your supplier for a list of qualified accessories for use
with the enclosure. The Accessory Box contains the power
cords and other ordered accessories.

Unpacking the System

1. Inspect the packaging for crushes, cuts, water damage
or any other evidence of mishandling during transit. If
there is any damage, photograph the packaging for future
reference before opening.
2. Unpack the system. See Figure 1.
Mounting the System into a Rack
Important: This rail kit must be installed by trained service personnel only. Before install-ing this rail kit, ensure you understand these
instructions. If in any doubt please contact your equipment supplier.
1. If you intend to mount the system into a rack, refer to the label on the rail: see Figure 3.
Caution: A populated enclosure can
2. To facilitate access, remove the door from the rack.
weigh up to 26kg (57lb). Do not try to lift it
3. Lift the enclosure and position the rear on the rack guide rails.
by yourself.
4. Slide the enclosure fully into the rack, and secure with screws in the mounting flanges (see Figure 3).
Connecting to a Host: Examples
Figure 4: Single Host - Multiple Enclosures
Figure 5: Dual Host - Multiple Enclosures
Figure 1: Unpacking the System (option depends upon system configuration)
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    Refer to your supplier for a list of qualified accessories for use rack may require labelling with “HIGH LEAKAGE CURRENT. Earth connection or damage to the device or devices. Please see the Lenovo with the enclosure. The Accessory Box contains the power essential before connecting supply”.
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