Beckett AFG Oil Burner Instruction Manual

Oil burner.
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Instruction Manual
Types "F" & "M" air tubes
Motor voltage:
120 Vac / 60 Hz
AFG burner with type "F" air tube
Type "L1" head
Type "M" air tube combinations
Type "V1" head


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  • Page 1

    MODEL Instruction Manual Types “F” & “M” air tubes Motor voltage: 120 Vac / 60 Hz AFG burner with type “F” air tube Type “L1” head Type “M” air tube combinations Burner Type “V1” head...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Instruction Manual – Model AFG Oil Burner Contents Prepare before installing Verify specifications ... 3 Be aware of hazard definitions ... 3 Check certifications/approvals ... 3 Notice special requirements... 3 Prepare burner & site Inspect/prepare installation site ... 4 Prepare burner ... 5 Check/adjust “Z”...

  • Page 3: Verify Specifications, Be Aware Of Hazard Definitions, Check Certifications/approvals, Notice Special Requirements

    (and have available when calling or writing). You will find the serial number on the Underwriters Laboratories label, located on the left rear of the burner, or the cover mounting plate. See illustration below. . Follow all instructions — Please...

  • Page 4: Prepare Burner & Site Inspect/prepare Installation Site

    You must install the outside air kit strictly following the kit instal- lation instructions. Do not attempt to install outside air piping without using the AFG outside air kit and instructions. Failure to do so could result in burner or heating appliance failure, causing potential severe personal injury, death or sub- stantial property damage.

  • Page 5: Prepare Burner, Install Burner Nozzle

    (cfm). The LFRB is sometimes used for firing rates under 1.00 GPH as listed in the table below. Refer to the appliance manufacturer’s instructions or the Beckett OEM Specification Guide part number 6711. Do not omit the LFRB when specified. Omitting the baffle when specified or installing the baffle when not specified could result in poor burner performance.

  • Page 6: Check/adjust "z" Dimension

    Check/adjust "Z" dimension - "F" head Figure 2 — “F” heads (plus burner detail for all head styles) (see Table 3 for dimensions) 1. See Figure 2 above. The important "Z" dimension is the distance from the face of the nozzle to the flat face of the head (or heat shield, if applicable).

  • Page 7: Set Head Position Adjusting Plate ("v1" Head Only), Dimensions Check

    " for L1 to the end of the air tube. Or use a Beckett T500 gauge. Slide the nozzle " if the air tube has a line forward or back until this dimension is 1 the acorn nut.

  • Page 8: Adjust, Pipe & Wire Burner Mount Burner On Appliance, Connect Fuel Lines, Wire Burner

    • Bolt the burner to the appliance using the factory-mounted flange or an adjustable flange. Mounting dimensions • When using the Beckett universal adjustable flange, mount the air tube at a 2° downward pitch unless otherwise specified by the appliance manufac- turer.

  • Page 9: Wiring

    Figure 6 — Typical wiring, R8184G or equivalent primary control Figure 7 — Typical wiring, R7184 primary control (R7184P shown) Instruction Manual – Model AFG Oil Burner Adjust, pipe & wire burner Electrical shock hazard power before servicing. Electrical shock hazard power before servicing.

  • Page 10: Startup & Adjust Burner Startup Burner/set Combustion, Set Combustion With Instruments

    3. Set the thermostat substantially above room temperature. 4. Close the line voltage switch to start the burner. If the burner does not start immediately you may have to reset the safety switch of the burner primary control.

  • Page 11: Replacement Parts

    Instruction Manual – Model AFG Oil Burner Service & maintain burner Replacement parts Awaiting new info...

  • Page 12

    • Low sulfur fuels reduce particulate emissions. • Low sulfur fuels reduce oxides of nitrogen emissions. Canada: R. W. Beckett Canada, Ltd. • Unit #3, 430 Laird Road • Guelph, Ontario, N1G 3X7 Subject to change without notice. Printed in U.S.A.

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