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Sanyo MDF-136 Brochure & Specs page 2

Mdf series freezers
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p r e s e r v a t i o n
• saNYo mdf series biomedical freez-
ers offer outstanding reliability and
performance for a wide variety of storage
and research applications.
• "Plug-in and Go" laboratory Grade
freezing for safe storage of enzymes,
vaccines, and other biologics that are
designed with all the features required
for biomedical research and biotechnol-
ogy applications.
• if you are looking for precision tem-
perature controlled storage environment,
look to saNYo.
Enhanced Operation
• front mounted display/control panel
• led Temperature display
• The chamber temperature is displayed
for five seconds if bUzzer key is de-
pressed during power failure alarm
• after a power outage, operation
resumes at pre-outage settings (non-vola-
tile memory for temperature and alarm
temperature settings)
• Calibration is possible through the
control panel.
• access ports
• Casters and adjustable feet
Manual Defrost Enzyme & Biologics
• storage at -30°C and -20°C easily with
constant stable control.
• Uniform temperatures through out
• because there is no defrost cycle,
the inner chamber temperature remains
Auto Defrost
• storage at -30°C with auto-defrost
with consistent temperature control
below -20°C during defrost cycle .
• Precision temperature uniformity
throughout chamber due to forced air
circulation with dual fans.
• evaporator (Cooling Coils) provide the
cooling effect and are located at the top
of the inner chamber.
• air flow inlets and outlets direct the air
flow across the evaporator to cool the air.
• dual Circulation fans add to excellent
overall uniformity (uniform temperatures)
inside the cabinet.
Temperature Recording Features
a temperature recorder can be fitted in
convenient position that will not interfere
with installation.
• 7-day circular recorder (mTr-C954,
• HfC refrigerant r-404a (non-CfC, non-
HCfC refrigerant) is environment-friendly
and offers superb performance.
• Pre-coated metal body causes less
environmental damage than conventional
paint coating.
Safety Features
• alarm & recording system
• High/low temperature alarm (±5°C to
±15°C, adjustable)
• Power failure
• remote alarm contacts
• self diagnostics with error messages
sanyo designed and built rotary compres-
sor offers high performance, reliability
and peace of mind. Heated mullion under
door gasket prevents frost build up.
Balance Hinge allows free choice of
opening angle (chest type)
To make this chest freezer easier to use,
the balance hinge keeps the door open
at whatever angle chosen, leaving both
hands free to work.
Lockable door latch for extra secu-
rity (upright type)
all units come with universal key locks
and the upright freezers come with an
additional lock. by adding a commercial-
ly available lock, you can safeguard the
contents of the freezer and keep hazard-
ous items out of harm's way.
Interface board MTR-480
option for saNYo biomedical Products
rs232C & rs485 selectable. option is
easily installed.



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