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Sanyo LCD-19E30A Owner's Manual

Sanyo lcd tv user manual
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Owner 's Manual



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  Summary of Contents for Sanyo LCD-19E30A

  • Page 1 LCD TV MODEL LCD-19E30A LCD-26E30A LCD-32E30A LCD-42E30FA Owner ’s Manual...
  • Page 2: To The Owner

    TO THE OWNER Before operating this LCD TV, read this manual thoroughly and operate the LCD TV properly. This LCD TV provides many convenient features and functions. Operating the LCD TV properly enables you to manage those features and maintains it in better condition for a considerable time. Improper operation m ay result in not only shortening the product-life, but also malfunctions, fire hazard, or other accidents.
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the product is operated. Read all of the instructions given here and retain them for later use. Unplug this LC D TV from AC power supply before cleaning. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

  • Page 5: Feature And Design

    1366 x 768 pixel LCD Panel markes perfect Reproduction of 1080p/1080i HD contents in pixel- transfer to -pixel. • Video Enhance Engine Video Enhance Engine, SANYO Hight Quality image Processing Technology rocessing clear. dynamic, natural and realistic Picture along with HD/SD LCD Panel Technology. •...
  • Page 6: Preparation

    PREPARATION PARTNAMES AND FUNCTIONS FRONT For exsample : 26” Side Controls Indicator INDICATORS For exsample : 26” Light Sensor CARE FOR USING LCD TV • Do not bump or scratch the panel surface as this causes flaws on the surface of the screen. •...
  • Page 7: Preparation

    SIDE CONTROLS (Each button on the control panel has the same function with its counterpart on the remote control.) POWER ON/OFF button Used to turn the LCD TV ON or OFF. CHANNEL UP/DOWN buttons Used to Change channels. Used to select items. VOLUME UP/DOWN buttons Used to adjust the volume.
  • Page 8: Connecting Lcd Tv

    CONNECTING LCD TV CONNECTING THE AC POWER CORD This LCD TV uses nominal input voltages of 100-240V AC. This LCD TV automatically selects the correct input voltage. It is designed to work with single-phase power systems. To reduce risk of electrical shock, do not plug into any other type of power system .
  • Page 9: Connecting A Computer

    CONNECTING A COMPUTER Cable used for connection (This cable is not supplied with this LCD TV.) • PC/VGA Cable (D-SUB 15pin) • HDMI Cable • MAC Adapter (in the case of connecting Macintosh computer) • Audio Cable [Mini Plug (L/R)] IBM- Desktop Type compatible...
  • Page 10: Connecting Video Equipment

    CONNECTING LCD TV CONNECTING VIDEO EQUIPMENT Cables used for connection (These cables are not supplied with this LCD TV.) • Video Cable (RCA X 1), S-Video Cable, Audio Cable (RCA X2) : Video 1 or Video 2 • Video Cable (RCA X3), Audio Cable (RCA X 2) : DVD (Component Video) •...
  • Page 11: Before Operation

  • Page 12: Operation Range

    BEFORE OPERATION Point Remote Control toward LCD TV (Infrared Remote Receiver) whenever pressing the buttons. Maxim um operating range for Remote Control is about 16.4’(5m ) in front, about 30°to the left or the right, about 15°for up or down. REMOTE CONTROL BATTERIES INSTALLATION Remove the battery compartment cover .
  • Page 13 TV/AV MODE MENU LIST MAIN MENU (CHANNEL MENU) DTV Menu...〔PICTURE〕 Picture Mode Color Temp Aspect Ratio Backlight BEFORE OPERATION ON-SCREEN MENU Note : “SET UP” menu is only active in TV mode. Auto Conrrast Enhancement Picture Mode Dynamic Contrast Brightness Color Sharpness Tint...
  • Page 14 BEFORE OPERATION PC/HDMI MODE MENU LIST MAIN MENU (PICTURE MENU) DTV Menu...〔PICTURE〕 Picture Mode Color Temp Aspect Ratio Backlight VGA Set Note : 1. “PC ADJUST” is only active in PC mode. 2. SOUND/TIMER/OSD menu in PC/HDMI mode is the same as TV/AV mode, please refer to page 13~14. ON-SCREEN MENU Contrast Brightness...
  • Page 15: Turning On/Off Lcd Tv

    BASIC OPERATION TURNING ON/OFF LCD TV Complete the peripheral connections before turning on LCD TV. (Please refer to “CONNECTING LCD TV”.) Connect LCD TV ‘s AC Power Cord into an AC outlet. Press POWER ON/OFF button on Side Controls of LCD TV or on Remote Control to turn it ON. The POWER indicator will light up (green).
  • Page 16: Selecting Channel Source

    BASIC OPERATION SELECTING CHANNEL SOURCE Press button to switch between the previous channel and the current channel. For example, now you are watching channel “4”, but you watched channel “2” previously. If you press button, channel “2” will appear immediately. Press SOUND SYSTEM button repeatedly to select “D/K”, “I”, “B/G “...
  • Page 17: Volume Control

    BASIC OPERATION VOLUME CONTROL To adjust the volume value desired by pressing POINT buttons on Remote Control or on Side Controls. The volume dialogue box will appear on the screen for a short while.POINT button to increase volume, and POINT button to decrease volume. This function is used to automatically adjust panel’s brightness by ambient brightness.
  • Page 18: Aspect Ratio

    BASIC OPERATION Select screen size among “Wide”, “Super Live 2 “, “Cinema2”, “4:3”,“Super Live 1”,“Cinema 1”, “Subtitle”,“14:9” and “Auto” by pressing WIDE button on Remote Controls. *Only “Wide”and“4:3” mode can be selected when the input mode is “VGA”, “HDMI” and the input signal is 1080i, 720p or 1080p.
  • Page 19: Timmer Setting

    To set TIMER SETTING by pressing TIMER Menu on remote control. The timer dialogue box will appear on the screen for a short while. To select “WakeUP Timer” or ” Sleep Timer” with TIMER buttons. Select sports mode “Field Game”, “Winter Sport”, “Marine Sport”, and “Indoor Sport”...
  • Page 20: Text Cancel

    BASIC OPERATION When press the TEXT CANCEL button in TEXT or MIX mode, the TV picture appears on the screen. CANCEL mode will be canceled if the button pressed once again. CANCEL mode is also canceled by the TXT/TV button. In CANCEL mode, “CAN “...
  • Page 21: Menu Operation (Tv/Av Mode)

    TUNING THE TV FOR THE FIRST TIME Before switching on the TV, put your decoder and media recorder to Standby if they are connected and ensure the antenna is connected. Tosetup the TV use the buttons on the remote control as detailed on page.
  • Page 22: Picture

    MENU OPERATION (TV/AV mode) Press MENU butto buttons to select "PICTURE". Press BACK button to return to the previous menu. PICTURE MODE • Select "Dynamic", "Standare", "Movie" pressing Mode Picture quality Dynamic Bright and dynamic picture Standard Standard picture Movie Mild soft picture Memory Memory the picture quality you set...
  • Page 23 Aspect Ratio Select screen size among “Wide”,”Super Live 2”,”Cinema2”,”4:3” ,”Super Live1”, “Cinema 1”, “Subtitle”, “14:9” and “Auto” on Menu. (See Page 18) then press Backlight In order to improve screen visibility, the active backlight control sets the screen brightness automatically during dark scenes. press If you want to adjust Backlight manually, turn Active Backlight If the receiving signal is weak and the picture is blurry, the picture...
  • Page 24 MENU OPERATION (TV/AV mode) Cinema Mode ( VIDEO 1/VIDEO 2 only) A movie film’s picture runs at 24 frames a second, whereas movie software suvh as DVD, etc., that you enjoy watching on television at home runs at 30 (NTSC) or 25 (PAL) frames a second. To convert this signal to reproduce a smooth motion and picture quality, select the “On”...
  • Page 25: Audio

    Press MENU buttons to select “AUDIO”, and will display AUDIO menu. Press BACK button to return to the previous menu. Selectable Sound ( Digital only) then press When you select “Standard”, “Movie”, “Music”, the setting was fixed and can’t adjust. Selection Pressing Bass...
  • Page 26 MENU OPERATION (TV/AV mode) MTS ( analog TV only) Auto mode The MTS Auto mode automatically recognize stereo/bilingual programs depending on the broadcast signal. Press MENU “SOUND” menu then press to “Auto” or “Mono”. Mono mode If you experience noise or poor reception of any stereo/bilingual program, set the Sound mode to Mono.
  • Page 27: Setup

    Press MENU buttons to select “SETUP”, and will display “SETUP” menu. Press BACK button to return to the previous menu. Language Coutry/Region Full Search ( Digital TV only) As new services are broadcast, it will be necessary to re-tune the TV in order to view them.
  • Page 28 MENU OPERATION (TV/AV mode)
  • Page 29 MENU OPERATION (TV/AV mode)
  • Page 30 MENU OPERATION (TV/AV mode)
  • Page 31 Manual Search ( Digital TV only) If there were any missing channel after “Full Search”, these channels might be found by using “Manual Search” described in this section. Press to search. If scanning was successful, “Signal Strength” will appear at almost 100%.
  • Page 32 MENU OPERATION (TV/AV mode) Favorite Channel Press MENU Press then press • Add - Add selected channel from the channel list. • Delete - Delete selected channel from the channel list. • Move Up - Selected channel will move up one channel. •...
  • Page 33 Manual Adjust (Analog TV only) Use the “Manual Adjust” operation if desired channels cannot be preset with the Auto tuning or if you would like to preset channels to specific position numbers one by one. Press to select the item as shown below. •...
  • Page 34 MENU OPERATION (TV/AV mode) Displaying the on-screen information Digital TV When viewing in Digital TV, the on-screen information will give the details of the channel program currently being viewed. The contains the following information: • Current Channel Number and Name •...
  • Page 35: Menu Operation (Pc/Hdmi Mode)

    MENU OPERATION (PC/HDMI mode) Press MENU butto buttons to select "PICTURE". Press BACK button to return to the previous menu. PICTURE MODE • Select "Contrast", "Brightness", "Color" pressing Selection Pressing Contrast lower Brightness darker Color paler VGA Set ( PC only) Adjustment to the position of the picture may be made to suit your viewing preferences.
  • Page 36: Setup

    MENU OPERATION (PC/HDMI mode) Press MENU buttons to select “SETUP”, and will display “SETUP” menu. Press BACK button to return to the previous menu. Note: • For the details, please refer to "AUDIO" on page Press MENU buttons to select “TIMER”, and will display “TIMER” menu. •...
  • Page 37: Appendix

    Be sure to disconnect the AC Power cord from AC outlet before cleaning the LCD TV. Clean your LCD TV as follows: • Gently wipe the screen and cabinet with dry soft cloth. • The screen is likely to be dam aged if it is not maintained properly. Do not use hard objects like a hard cloth or paper.
  • Page 38: Troublesheeting

    APPENDIX Before calling your dealer or service center for assistance, check the matters below once again. 1. Make sure you have connected LCD TV to your equipment as described in the section “CONNECTING LCD TV”. 2. Check cable connection. Verify that all external equipment and power cords are properly connected. 3.
  • Page 39: Specifications

    Maximum Visible Range 19" (H)409.8×(V)230.4 mm 26" (H)575.769×(V)323.712 mm 32" (H)697.685×(V)392.256 mm 42" (H)930.24×(V)523.26 mm 42.02 inches Picture Resolution 19" WXGA 1366 x 768 26" WXGA 1366 x 768 32" WXGA 1366 x 768 42" Full HD 1920 x 1080 View able Angle(L/3) 19"...
  • Page 40: Input Terminals

    Sound speciality Maximum Output Power 3W+3W 19" 7W+7W 26" 10W+10W 32" 10W+10W 42" Input terminals MINI STEREO JACK 19" 26" 32" 42" Output terminals AV out 19" 26" 32" 42" Dimensions (Including Stand) 463.4(W) X 350.3(H) X 167.9(D) 19" 667.6(W) X 210.4(H) X 493.9(D) 26"...
  • Page 41: Configurations Of Vga Terminals

    APPENDIX CONFIGURATIONS OF VGA TERMINALS VGA IN (D-SUB) TERMINAL Terminal : D -SUB15 PIN Connect video output terminal of LCD TV to this terminal with VGAC able (not supplied). When connecting Macintosh computer, the MAC Adapter (not supplied) is required. (Table) Analog RGB Video Timing Chart Signal mode Signal name Resolution Vertical Frequency(Hz)
  • Page 42 Signal mode Signal Resolution name 576i 720(1440)x576 480i 720(1440)x480 576P 720x576 480P 720x480 5 1080i/50 1920x1080 6 1080i/60 1920x1080 7 720P/50 1280x720 8 720P/60 1280x720 9 1080P/50 1920x1080 10 1080P/60 1920x1080 (Table) Digital HDMI 1 Video Timing Chart Signal mode Signal Resolution name...
  • Page 43 APPENDIX For correct installing, mounting and uninstalling LCD TV Stand, it is strongly recommended to use a trained, authorized dealer. Failure to follow correct procedures could result in damage to the equipment or injury to the installer. Uninstalling Stand Base (19") Place the LCD TV screen facing down on a flatsurface place where maintained with soft materials (such as a blanket) for protecting the...
  • Page 44 Wall Mounting (optional) Use the screws that are threaded into the stand-mounting inserts on the back of your HDTV to secure it to a wall mounting. Kit. NOTE: Wall Mounting kit is not supplied. Size VESA standard interface 19” 100 x 100 mm 26”...
  • Page 45 Note...
  • Page 46 Note...
  • Page 47 Part No. HDJKTA3200I SANYO Electronics CO., Ltd.

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