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Sanyo EP124 Brochure

Sanyo digital camera brochure.
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Discrete Devices


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    Discrete Devices 2008-6...

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    SANYO Discrete Devices SANYO Discrete Devices SANYO's environmentally-considered discrete contributes to the realization of comfortable life in various aspects. "ECoP" Invisible Ultra-small Thin-form Light-weight We provide discrete solutions based on concept to contribute to the creation of "Symbiosis Next-generation Electronic Devices"...

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    Devices for Mobile Equipment ■ Application Block Charger DC-DC Converter / Load SW Down Converter (Low end) AC Adapter Control IC Down Converter (High end) Li-ion Battery Battery Up Converter (Low end) Up Converter (High end) ■ Charger [GSM] System IrDA MOSFETs (Pch) + Schottky Barrier Diodes (or MOSFETs (Pch)) Type No.

  • Page 4: Devices For Mobile Equipment P2

    Devices for Mobile Equipment [CDMA] USB bus power SBD1 AC adapter External connection terminal Charging terminal Input Power SBD2 5V to 6V/0.6A to 1A management IC Recommended Bipolar Transistors (PNP) V CEO MCPH3 MCPH6 CPH3 MCH3143 CPH3143 MCH3106 CPH3121 CPH3107 MCH3144 CPH3144 MCH3109...

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    Devices for Mobile Equipment ■ DC-DC Converter/Load SW (1) DC-DC Converter Recommended MOSFETs Back Converter Package Type No. (Step Down) SCH2809 SCH6 SCH2810 SCH2811 MCH5815 MCH5818 MCPH5 MCH5802 MCH5805 CPH5812 CPH5815 CPH5818 CPH5 CPH5802 CPH5835 CPH5822 VEC2811 VEC8 VEC2817 Synchronous Back Converter Package Type No.

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    Devices for Mobile Equipment (2) Load SW Recommended MOSFETs V DSS MCPH6 CPH6 VEC8 EMH8 Application Sample: Pch + Nch MCH6628 CPH6605 EMH2603 MCH6614 CPH6615 VEC2612 EMH2602 Power MOSFETs (Pch + Nch) Absolute maximum ratings/Ta=25˚C Type No. Package Polarity V DSS V GSS V GS =10V 0.42...

  • Page 7: Flash Unit

    I L [μA] f=1MHz/ Package I F =1mA V R =2.5V V R =0V I R =1μA I R =1mA 0.35 –D Mobile phone Hands-free Digital camera Digital video camera Portable games other |yfs| Ciss Crss V NO typ(*min) [mS] [pF] [pF]...

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    Devices for Mobile Equipment ■ Devices for Motor [MOSFETs Use Example] Single-phase Motor (H-Bridge, Half pre.): #5 Single-phase Motor (H-Bridge): #6 LB11660V Motor Driver MOSFETs Absolute maximum ratings/Ta=25˚C Type No. Package Polarity V DSS V GSS V GS =10(15)V MCH3410 0.115 MCPH3 MCH3421...

  • Page 9: Devices For Sw Power Supply P14

    Devices for SW Power Supply ■ Switching Power Supply Types & Recommended Power MOSFETs Map Universal AC Input Forward (1 or 2 used) V DSS : 600 to 800V Flyback RCC or PWM V DSS : 600 to 800V Half-bridge (2 used) V DSS : 450 to 500V Output Power/P OUT [W] ■...

  • Page 10

    Devices for SW Power Supply (3) Bipolar Transistors for Adapter [Bipolar Transistor Use Example] Main AC Input Starting S/W Tr resistor R BE Thermistor Bipolar Transistors [V CBO =700V/800V Series (AC Adapter)] Absolute maximum ratings/Ta=25˚C Electrical characteristics/Ta=25˚C h FE Type No. Package V CBO V CEO...

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    Devices for SW Power Supply (2) The example when BL inverter adoptes PFC voltage direct input circuit, and AV output adopts fl yback circuit PFC Circuit ACIN PFC FRD(1) Main SW MOSFET(3) Pulse IN Control Driver MOSFET(1) Main SW MOSFET(3) Main SW MOSFET(2) Main Control...

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    Devices for SW Power Supply Full-bridge Type, Half-bridge Type [Feature: Full-bridge/Half-bridge Type] • Pch/Nch drive • A large current device can drive multi tubes, thus the needed parts count can be reduced. [Feature: Half-bridge Type (High voltage input)] • A highly effi ective system can be achived by using a high side driver, whitch can make the inverter cicuit to be operated at a PFC voltage level.

  • Page 13

    Devices for SW Power Supply (4) Devices for Power MOSFET Buffer 1) Low Side Driver ExPD [MOSFET, IGBT Gate driver IC] [Application] • PDP, LCD-backlight, inverter light, liquid crystal projector, HID drive, motor drive, half-bridge/full-bridge power supply, etc. [ExPD Use Example] •...

  • Page 14

    Devices for SW Power Supply 3) LCD-Backlight Inverter: ExPD [TND3xx Use Example: MOSFET Driver] Half-Bridge MOSFET Full-Bridge MOSFET TND3xx V DD V DD TND3xx V DD CCFL TND3xx CCFL [TND3xx Use Example: High-side FET Drive, Various Applications] 12V Power Supply Variation 24V Power Supply Variation TND3xx TND3xx...

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    Devices for SW Power Supply 6) Bipolar Transistors: Separately-excited Inverter (MOSFET for Gate Drive) [Bipolar Transistor Use Example] • IC with large IC is recommended for driving large-capacitance MOSFET • Composite type (PNP+NPN) is recommended for miniaturization purpose Full-Bridge Push-Pull V DD V DD Buffer TR...

  • Page 16: Devices For Lighting P28

    Devices for Lighting ■ Inverter light [Bipolar Transistor Use Example: Ball Lamp] Bipolar Transistors Absolute maximum ratings/Ta=25˚C Electrical characteristics/Ta=25˚C h FE 1 Type No. Package Polarity V CBO V CEO V CE TT2264 0.03 2SC6083A TT2240NMP TT2188 TT2146 TO-220 TT2196 [MOSFET Use Example: Ball Lamp] MOSFETs Absolute maximum ratings/Ta=25˚C...

  • Page 17: Devices For Modem P31

    Devices for Lighting ■ Emergency Lamp [2SK4043LS Use Example] FUSE MOSFETs Absolute maximum ratings/Ta=25˚C Type No. Package V DSS V GSS Tc=25˚C V GS =2.5V ● 2SK4043LS TO-220FI(LS) 0.016 ■ HID Lamp [MOSFET Use Example] V L =15V HOUT TND507S TND508S V CC Reset DISC...

  • Page 18: Devices For Satellite/gps P32

    SANYO Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. or any third party. SANYO Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. shall not be liable for any claim or suits with regard to a third party's intellectual property rights which has resulted from the use of the technical information and products mentioned above.

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    Ordering number : EP124 SANYO Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. Website SANYO Semiconductor Co., Ltd. This catalog provides information as of June, 2008. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice.

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