Electric Dryer Power Hookup - Whirlpool 3LWED4830FW Installation Instructions Manual

737 mm (29 inch) wide models – gas & electric
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Installation spacing for recessed area or closet
The dimensions shown are for the minimum spacing allowed.
n  A dditional spacing should be considered for ease of
installation and servicing.
n  A dditional clearances might be required for wall, door,
and floor moldings.
n  A dditional spacing of 25 mm (1") on all sides of the dryer
is recommended to reduce noise transfer.
n  F or closet installation, with a door, minimum ventilation
openings in the top and bottom of the door are required.
Louvered doors with equivalent ventilation openings are
n  C ompanion appliance spacing should also be considered.
Mobile home – Additional installation requirements
This dryer is suitable for mobile home installations. The
installation must conform with local codes and ordinances.
n  M etal exhaust system hardware, available for purchase.
n  S pecial provisions must be made in mobile homes to
introduce outside air into the dryer. The opening (such
as a nearby window) should be at least twice as large
as the dryer exhaust opening.
Electrical Requirements
This dryer is supplied without an electric cord and plug.
It must be connected by a competent electrician to a single-
phase electricity supply at the voltage shown on the dataplate,
using a suitable fixed wiring installation in accordance with local
and national wiring regulations.
n A 3-wire circular cord of minimum conductor size 4 mm
cross-section area should be used.
n A 30A supply fuse should be used, and a switch having
a contact separation in both poles that provides full
disconnection under over-voltage category III conditions
must be incorporated into the fixed wiring in accordance
with local wiring regulations. The dryer should be positioned
so that the disconnection switch is clearly visible and easily
accessible to the user. This disconnection switch also
provides the function of an emergency stop control
for the user.
n A cord clamp bush is provided on the dryer and should
be tightened on completion of wiring. The electrical mains
terminals are located behind the small rear access panel
(terminal block cover), and connections should be made
in accordance with the terminal markings. Remember to
replace the terminal access panel (terminal block cover).
NOTE: In accordance with the European EMC Directive
(2004/108/EC), the maximum electricity supply system
impedance to which the electric dryer should be connected
is declared to be 0.054 Ohm + j0.034 Ohm.
NOTE: Electrical safety standards: The manufacturer has
chosen compliance with IEC/EN.60335 standards as the most
appropriate for this product.
This is 3-wire appliance which must be earthed.
If codes permit and an additional earth bond wire is used,
it is recommended that a qualified electrician determine that
the earth bond path is adequate.
Recommended earthing method
It is your responsibility to contact a qualified electrical installer
to ensure that the electrical installation is adequate and in
conformance with all local codes and ordinances.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents