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Instant boiler
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remaining water in the
can boil water to serve.
NOTE: -The max capacity of
- Kindly use only filtered water or mineral water for boiling. Using tap water is
not advisable.
1. To fill the
Instant Boiler,
lid release button, fill the body with the desired amount of water, and then close the
lid. The wa
level must be within the Min and the Max level. Too little water will
result in the
Instant Boiler
Note: Ensure that the lid is firmly in place before plugging into power outlet.
2. Position the
Instant Boiler
3. Place a suitable cup or container with a tea bag, coffee, sugar, etc. below the dispensing
nozzle. Never operate your
below th dispensing nozzle. Make sure it aligns with the spout.
Note: When choosing the size of cup, it is recommended the capacity of the cup
be not less than 300ml, make sure the cup is positioned in place before using.
4. Set the dispense control to your desired setting. The lowest output on the minimum
position is about at 150ml and the highest output on the maximum position is about
300ml (the amount of water may be tolerance of +/-25ml). According to your need,
can set the desired water output.
5. Connect the plug into power outlet, press down the power button and the indicators in
the body will light up, then it will start to boil the water.
6. After a while, hot water will flow out from the dispensing nozzle. When desired water
quantity has been obtained, the power button will cut-off power automatically.
removing cup, make sure water is flowing out any more. You can stop the
being dispensed by pressing stop bu tt on at any time.
r that
Warning:- The water flowing out from dispensing nozzle is very hot, handle
and never touch it with hand to avoid scalding.
water tank, and then wipe the surface with a damp cloth, now you
Instant Boiler
from nozzle even when boiler is not operating
remove it from the power base and open the lid by pressing
switching off before the water has boiled.
on the power base. Make sure it is positioned properly.
Instant Boiler
is 2.0L.Do not over the max level,
without a cup or suitable container placed
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water will


Table of Contents

Table of Contents