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Operation - Panasonic MN34112 Manual

Waterproof up to, 40m full hd video, 4k 14mp camera, wifi
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1.Inserting Micro SD Card
Note: Please choose branded Micro SD card and formatiton computer, before use. Neutral cards are not
guaranteed to work normally.
2. Installing and removing battery
A. The battery door has been locked when the lock catch is in the "LOCK", push the lock catch to"
", the battery door will be open again.
B. Correctly install battery into camera as indicated by +/- symbols and direction of arrows marked on battery
until it's in place.
C. About battery power: please refer to the symbol: Full power mode""
D. Remove battery: Open the battery cap and take battery out.
Note: Please push the lock catch to the position of "LOCK" before use the device in case that battery looses or
falls in the process of using.
3.Battery Charging
A. Camera can charge by either connecting it to computer or power adapter.
B. Charging camera on vehicle by connecting it to car charger.
C. Camera can record video while charging (switch into Vehicle-mounted Mode in "menu").
D. Charging can be done even when it's powered off.
4.Power mode
Press and hold power for 3-5 seconds to turn it on/off.
5.Mode Switching
Switching between video recording/photo shooting/playback/menu by pressing "Power On-Off" button.
6.WIFI Control
Before use WIFI Control function, please install
After switching camera on, press the WIFI button for 2 seconds and turn on/off WIFI function. (WIFI icon
will be display or disappear at the top right of the screen.) When turning on WIFI function, camera will
reset. WIfi icon become green after reseting and waitig for 5 seconds. (It expresses that WIFI can be
connected normally now.) 2.Open the WIFI connection of mobile phone to search for the camera device:
AC530 from the available wireless networks. (Password is1234567890.)
3.Open the installation of iSmart DV software
7. Start the camera, shift to setting menu, find "Remote control Pair", then press "OK" button, the camera will display
"Remote control Pair Start", at the same time, press any key on the remote control, it will flash blue light. On the
camera screen, it displays " Pair", after around 20 seconds, you could see " remote control Pair Success!", that
means connect successfully, then back to normal mode.
8. How to record videos and configure recording setting
8-1. Video Recording
Switch to recording mode and there will be an icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
Press OK to start recording and the icon will start to flash. Press "OK" again if you want to stop and


iSmart DV
software to your mobile phone or tablet PC.
low power mode"
", then to