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Serial communication module
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Field Wiring

The connection frame can take up to four connectors (shown in the following figure), and four wires can be connected
to each connector. The Spring style technology allows either finely stranded or solid wire conductors with crimped wire-
end ferrules or ultrasonically welded wires, each with a maximum cross-section of 1.5 mm² (16 guage), to be inserted
easily through the opening in the clamping terminal without having to use tools. To insert fine stranded wires without
wire-end ferrules, the pusher must be pressed in with a screwdriver and released to latch the wire.
Connector Specifications:
Conductor cross-section 0.14 to 1.5 mm² (26 – 16 guage)
10 A max amperes
The modules do not have a fused sensor/activator power supply. All cables to the connected sensors/actuators must be
fused corresponding to their conductor cross-sections (as per Standard DIN EN 60204-1, section 12).
Connection Cables for the Serial Device
Use shielded cables, because electromagnetic interferences from the surroundings have to be assumed. The maximum
permissable cable length depends on the cable capacitance and the baud rate.
Connecting a RS-232 Device
Connector Block with Four Wire Connectors
Maximum Cable Length RS-232
Cable Capacitance
≤ 2500 pF
55 pF/m
For public disclosure
RSTi-EP Slice I/O Serial Communication Module
Maximum Cable Length
15 m (49 ft), shielded
45 m (147 ft)

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents