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Serial communication module
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RSTi-EP Slice I/O Serial Communication Module
Function Block FB_RSTI_EP_5261
The RSTi-EP Function Block (FB_RSTI_EP_5261) can be used for the data
handling of the serial interface module RSTi EP-5261 (1 Channel Serial
Communications, RS-232, 422, 485). It supports simultaneous transmitting
and receiving of data (full duplex mode). For example, using RS-232 mode is
possible. As only the input and output data is evaluated, this block can be
chosen regardless of the type of interface used.
To enable data transmission using FB_RSTI_EP_5261, a User Defined Type
Ser_Data must be imported.
Additionally, each array must to be limited to 400 bytes. To use the variables,
an instance of this UDT must be built.
The FB_RSTI_EP_5261 block retrieves the process input data (such as
InputOfModule, %AI0001) and stores it on the data buffer (RxDataBuffer) of a
UDT. The size and the location of the data buffer are user-determined.
Additionally, the user can define the number of bytes within a telegram
(uiMaxRecvData). The same process applies for data transmission.
Function Block FB_RSTi_EP-5261
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents