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LG MU-60PZ95V Owner's Manual

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LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc.
Please read this owner's manual thoroughly before operating
the Monitor.
Retain it for future reference.
Record model number and serial number of the Monitor.
See the label attached on the back of the Monitor and relate
this information to your dealer if you ever require service.
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Serial Number :



  Summary of Contents for LG MU-60PZ95V

  • Page 1 PLASMA MONITOR OWNER’S MANUAL MODELS : MU-60PZ95V Please read this owner’s manual thoroughly before operating the Monitor. Retain it for future reference. Record model number and serial number of the Monitor. See the label attached on the back of the Monitor and relate this information to your dealer if you ever require service.
  • Page 2: Warnings

    CAUTION: Do not attempt to modify this product in any way without written authorization from LG Electronics. Unauthorized mod- ification could void the user’s authority to operate this product. COMPLIANCE: The responsible party for this product’s compliance is:...
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    Warning Safety Instructions Safety Instructions Safety instructions have two kinds of information, and each meaning of it is as below. The violation of this instruction may cause serious injuries and even death. WARNING The violation of this instruction may cause light injuries or damage of the NOTES product.
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Safety Instructions Safety Instructions continued Safety Instructions continued NOTE 1. Never touch the power plug with a wet hand. 8. Ensure the power cord doesn’t trail across any hot objects like a heater. This may cause an electric shock. This may cause a fire or an electric shock. 2.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Safety Instructions Contents Contents Warnings ........2 Key Lock .
  • Page 6: Introduction

    Introduction Introduction Introduction What is a Plasma Display Panel (PDP)? If voltage is applied to gas within glass panels, ultraviolet rays are produced and fused with a fluorescent substance. At that instant, light is emitted. A Plasma Display is a next generation flat Display using this phenomenon. 160°...
  • Page 7: Controls And Connection Options

    Introduction Controls Controls Front Panel Controls Front Panel Controls - This is a simplified representation of a typical front panel. The Front Panel Controls shown here may be somewhat different from your monitor. ON/OFF Main Power Button INPUT SELECT Button Sub Power Button VOLUME ( ) Buttons...
  • Page 8: Remote Control Key Functions

    Introduction Remote Control Key Functions Remote Control Key Functions - When using the remote control, aim it at the remote control sensor on the monitor. - Under certain conditions such as if the remote IR signal is interrupted, the remote control may not function. Press the key again as necessary.
  • Page 9: Installation

    Introduction Installation Installation Ensure that the following accessories are included with your plasma display. If an accessory is missing, please contact the dealer where you purchased the product. 1.5V Owner’s Manual Alkaline Batteries BNC-RCA Adapter D-sub 15 pin Cable Power Cord Installation Instructions Installation Instructions •...
  • Page 10: Installation Instructions

    Installation Installation Instructions continued Installation Instructions continued Desktop Pedestal Installation Desktop Pedestal Installation For proper ventilation, allow a clearance of 4” on each side and the top, 2.36” on the bottom, and 2” from the wall. Detailed installation instructions are included in the optional Desktop Stand Installation and Setup Guide available from your dealer.
  • Page 11: External Equipment Connections

    Installation External Equipment Connections External Equipment Connections Antenna Connection Antenna Connection - Antenna or Cable Service without a Cable Box Connections - For optimum picture quality, adjust antenna direction if needed. Multi-family Dwellings/Apartments (Connect to wall antenna socket) wall antenna socket MONITOR OUTPUT...
  • Page 12: Vcr Setup

    Installation NOTE: All cables shown are not included with the TV VCR Setup VCR Setup - To avoid picture noise (interference), leave an adequate distance between the VCR and TV - Use the ISM Method (on the Option menu) feature to avoid having a fixed image remain on the screen for a long period of time. Typically a frozen still picture from a VCR.
  • Page 13: External A/V Source Setup

    Installation External A/V Source Setup External A/V Source Setup How to connect Connect the audio and video cables from the external equipment's output jacks to the TV input jacks, as shown in the figure. When connecting the TV to external equipment, match the COMPONENT MONITOR INPUT 2...
  • Page 14: Dtv Setup / Monitor Out Setup

    Installation DTV Setup DTV Setup - To watch digitally broadcast programs, purchase and connect a digital set-top box. COMPONENT MONITOR INPUT 2 OUTPUT COMPONENT Antenna INPUT 1 INPUT 1 S-VIDEO REMOTE RS-232C INPUT L/MONO DVI INPUT AUDIO INPUT RGB INPUT CONTROL (CONTROL/SERVICE) VIDEO...
  • Page 15: Pc Setup

    Installation PC Setup PC Setup How to connect 1. To get the best picture quality, adjust the PC graphics card to 640x 480, 60Hz. 2. Use the TV’s RGB INPUT or DVI (Digital Visual Interface) INPUT port for video connections, AUDIO INPUT VIDEO INPUT depending on your PC connector.
  • Page 16 Installation Monitor Display Specifications (RGB-PC / DVI-PC Mode) Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Vertical Resolution Resolution Frequency(KHz) Frequency(Hz) Frequency(KHz) Frequency(Hz) 31.468 70.09 31.500 60.00 640x350 37.861 85.08 852x480 35.000 70.00 31.469 70.08 37.500 75.00 720x400 37.927 85.03 48.363 60.00 31.469 59.94 1024x768 56.476 70.06 35.000...
  • Page 17: Operation

    Operation Operation Operation urning on the Monitor urning on the Monitor Turning on the Monitor just after installation 1. Connect power cord correctly. 2. Press the ON/OFF button on the Monitor. At this moment, the Monitor is switched to standby mode.
  • Page 18: Picture Menu Options

    Daylight Optimum Night time changed. - XD is LG Electronic’s unique picture improving technology to display a real HD PICTURE source through an advanced digital signal processing algorithm. PICTURE - When selecting APC options (Clear, Optimum and Soft), XD is automatically change to On.
  • Page 19: Fleshtone

    Operation Fleshtone ( RGB-DTV , and DVI-DTV Mode only) Fleshtone ( RGB-DTV , and DVI-DTV Mode only) - Use Fleshtone to select the desired skin color option. PICTURE PICTURE 1. Press the MENU button and then use D / E button to select the PICTURE menu.
  • Page 20: Sound Menu Options

    Operation Sound Menu Options Sound Menu Options DASP (Digital Auto Sound Processing) DASP (Digital Auto Sound Processing) - This function lets you enjoy the best sound without any special adjustment because the TV has the appropriate sound options based on the program content. - If you adjust sound options (Treble and Bass) manually, DASP automatically changes to 1.
  • Page 21: Manual Sound Control (Off Option)

    Operation Manual Sound Control ( DASP set to option) Manual Sound Control ( set to option) - You can adjust sound options Balance, Treble, and Bass to the levels you prefer. SOUND SOUND DASP Press the MENU button and then use button to select the SOUND menu.
  • Page 22: Timer Menu Options

    Operation imer Menu Options imer Menu Options Clock Setup Clock Setup - If current time setting is wrong, reset the clock manually. TIMER TIMER Clock - - : 1. Press the MENU button and then use D / E button to select the TIMER menu.
  • Page 23: Special Menu Options

    Operation Special Menu Options Special Menu Options Key Lock Key Lock - The TV can be set up so that it can only be used with the remote control. - This feature can be used to prevent unauthorized viewing by locking out the front panel controls. - This TV is programmed to remember which option it was last set to even if you turn the TV off.
  • Page 24: Low Power

    Operation Special Menu Options continued Special Menu Options continued Low Power Low Power - Low power reduces the plasma display power consumption. 1. Press the MENU button and then use D / E button to select the SPECIAL menu. SPECIAL SPECIAL 2.
  • Page 25: Screen Menu Options

    Operation Screen Menu Options Screen Menu Options Auto Auto Adjustment Adjustment - RGB (PC) mode only; This function doesn’t work for RGB-DTV mode. - Automatically adjusts picture position and minimizes image shaking. - After adjustment, if the image is still not correct, your TV is functioning properly but needs further adjustment. - The Auto config.
  • Page 26: Manual Configure

    Operation Manual Configure (RGB-PC mode only) Manual Configure (RGB-PC mode only) SCREEN SCREEN 1. Press the MENU button and then use button to select the SCREEN menu. D / E Auto config. 2. Press the button and then use D / E button to select Manual config.
  • Page 27: Luminance Noise Reduction

    Operation Screen Menu Options continued Screen Menu Options continued Luminance Noise Reduction (V Luminance Noise Reduction (V ideo 1-2 and Component 480i modes only) ideo 1-2 and Component 480i modes only) - Use YNR to reduce the picture noise that may appear on the screen. SCREEN SCREEN 1.
  • Page 28: Pip (Picture-In-Picture)/Double Window Feature

    Operation (Picture-In-Picture)/Double W indow Feature (Picture-In-Picture)/Double W indow Feature - PIP lets you view 2 different inputs pictures (sources) on your TV screen at the same time. One source will be large, and the other source will show a smaller inset image. - Double Window mode splits the screen into 2, allowing 2 picture sources to be shown on the TV screen at the same time.
  • Page 29: External Control Device Setup

    External Control Device Setup External Control Device Setup External Control Device Setup - Connect the RS-232C input jack to an external control device (such as a computer or an A/V control system) and control the Monitor’s functions externally. - Connect the serial port of the control device to the RS-232C jack on the Monitor back panel. - RS-232C connection cables are not supplied with the Monitor.
  • Page 30 External Control Device Setup Set ID Set ID - Use this function to specify a monitor ID number. - Refer to ‘Real Data Mapping 1’. See page 32. SPECIAL SPECIAL Language 1. Press the MENU button and then use D / E button to select the SPECIAL menu.
  • Page 31 External Control Device Setup 05. Volume Mute (Command2:e) 01. Power (Command2:a) G To control Power On/Off of the TV. G To control volume mute on/off. You can also adjust mute using the MUTE button on Transmission remote control. [k][a][ ][Set ID][ ][Data][Cr] Transmission Data 0 : Power Off 1 : Power On...
  • Page 32 External Control Device Setup 09. Color (Command2:i) 14. PIP / DW (Command2:n) G To control the PIP (Picture In picture)/DW (Double Window). G To adjust the screen color. You can also control the PIP/DW using the PIP/DW button You can also adjust color in the Picture menu. on the remote control or in the PIP/DW menu.
  • Page 33 External Control Device Setup 18. Bass (Command2:s) 23. Blue Adjustment (Command2:$) G To adjust bass. G To adjust blue in color temperature. You can also adjust bass in the Sound menu. Transmission Transmission [k][$][ ][Set ID][ ][Data][Cr] [k][s][ ][Set ID][ ][Data][Cr] Data Min: 0 ~ Max: 3C •...
  • Page 34: External Control Device Setup

    External Control Device Setup 26. ISM Method (Command2:p) 31. Auto Configure (Command2:u) G To avoid having a fixed image remain on screen. G To adjust picture position and minimize image shaking Transmission automatically. It works only in RGB (PC) mode. [j][p][ ][Set ID][ ][Data][Cr] Transmission Data 0: Normal...
  • Page 35 IR Codes IR Codes IR Codes How to Connect How to Connect G Connect your wired remote control to the Remote Control port on the Monitor. Remote Control IR Code Remote Control IR Code G Output waveform Single pulse, modulated with 37.917KHz signal at 455KHz Carrier frequency = 1/T Duty ratio = T1/T...
  • Page 36: Ir Code Information

    IR Codes Code (Hexa) Function Note CH ( R/C Button CH ( R/C Button VOL ( R/C Button VOL ( R/C Button POWER R/C Button (Power On/Off) POWER ON Discrete IR Code (Only Power On) POWER OFF Discrete IR Code (Only Power Off) MUTE R/C Button Number Key 0...
  • Page 37: Troubleshooting Checklist

    Troubleshooting Checklist roubleshooting Checklist roubleshooting Checklist • Check whether the TV is turned on. • Is the power cord inserted into wall power outlet? No picture & No sound • Test the wall power outlet, plug another product’s power cord into the outlet where the TV’s power cord was plugged in.
  • Page 38: Maintenance

    If you expect to leave your Monitor dormant for a long time (such as a vacation), it’s a good idea to unplug the power cord to protect against possible damage from lightning or power surges. Product Specifications Product Specifications MODELS MU-60PZ95V Width (inches / mm) 57.3 / 1455 Height (inches / mm) 84.3 / 883 Depth (inches / mm) 3.9 / 99...
  • Page 39: Warranty

    PLASMA DISPLAY PANEL — U.S. LIMITED WARRANTY Your LG Plasma Display Panel will be repaired or replaced in accordance with the terms of this warranty, at LGE’s option, if it proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use, during the warranty period (“Warranty Period”) listed below, effective from the date (“Date of Purchase”) of original consumer purchase of the...
  • Page 40 LGE Service Center against a credit card number as surety for advanced shipment. Your credit card will not be charged if you return the defective unit within 10 working days. If a replacement unit is received, please use the carton and packaging from that unit in returning the defective unit to the LG ® Brand Service Center.