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Toshiba RZE-BT700E Operation Manual

Wireless earphone, bluetooth.
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Wireless Earphone
Operation Manual
Thank you for purchasing this product.
To use this product safely, read and understand this operation manual thoroughly before using
it. After reading this manual, keep it in a safe place so that it can be used when necessary.
Safety precautions
The information you need to prevent danger to the user and other people as well as property
damage is described below. "Description of signs" shows different categories of the degree
of danger or damage that may occur due to wrong handling. "Description of symbols" shows
the meaning of the symbols.
Important notes
• This book is only a guide for user's operation, not a criterion for configuration.
• Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer.
The lightning flash is intended to alert the user to the presence of
dangerous voltage within the product's enclosure, and touching the
internal components may result in a risk of electric shock to persons.
The exclamatory mark is intended to alert the user to the presence of
important operating instructions.
To reduce the risk of electric shock or fire, do not open the cover. Refer
servicing to qualified service personnel.
Description of signs
Indicates that there is a risk of death or serious injury.
Indicates that there is a risk of minor injury or property damage.
Description of symbols
Indicates "Prohibition" or "You must
Indicates "Mandatory Action" or "Do as
not do" with pictures and text.
indicated" with pictures and text.
„ What to do in the case of an abnormality
• Stop using the device immediately in case of an abnormality or failure.
• Remove the USB cable immediately when water or any foreign object enters the
interior of the device. It may cause a fire or electric shock. Remove the USB cable
immediately, and contact your dealer for a repair.
„ Usage
Do not use this product while driving for traffic safety.
• Do not use the product while riding a bicycle or driving a car or motorbike.
Surrounding sounds may not be heard clearly, which may cause a traffic accident.
• Besides during driving, do not use the product in places where when surrounding
sounds cannot be heard may cause danger, such as railroad crossings, station
platforms, roadways, or construction sites.
Do not disassemble, repair, or modify the product.
• Doing so may cause a fault. Contact your dealer for a repair.
Do not leave in places within the reach of small children.
• Small children might swallow ear pieces by mistake and cause injury.
Do not expose the product to a strong shock such as dropping or stepping on the
• Doing so may cause a fault.
Do not raise the volume too high.
• Listening at ear-splitting volume for a long time may affect your hearing.
When using the product while walking, turn down the volume until surrounding
sounds can be heard clearly.
• Otherwise, it may cause a traffic accident.
Notes on usage
„ About handling
• If you feel unwell while using the product, stop using it immediately.
• Do not place the product either in wet, humid, dusty smoky, steamy places, near a heater,
or in direct sunlight.
• Do not leave the product where it gets extremely hot such as in a car.
• Do not spray insecticide or any volatile material. Also do not keep the product touched with
rubber or plastics for a long time. The product may become discolored or its painting may
come off.
„ About static electricity precautions
When wearing the earphone, you may feel the sound and stimulus caused by static electricity.
In dry-weather seasons or places where static electricity likely occurs, you can reduce it by
avoiding wearing clothes of chemical fiber, or using an antistatic ring.
„ About maintenance
• Wipe with a dry, soft cloth.
• If the ear piece gets dirty, take it off from the earphone and wash it with diluted neutral
detergent by hand.
• Never use alcohol, paint thinner or benzine to clean this product. Doing so may cause the
product's surface deteriorate.
„ Rechargeable battery (Lithium polymer ion)
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or product damage,
• Do not attempt to replace the battery by yourself, it is built-in and is not
• Do not heat, disassemble, or short-circuit the battery. Doing so may cause the
battery and power supply to generate heat, rupture, or ignite.
• Do not attempt to charge the battery in temperatures outside the temperature
range of 0°C - 40°C.
• Do not continue charging the battery if it does not reach full charge within the
specified charging time. Overcharging may cause the battery to become hot,
rupture, or ignite.
• Do not expose the battery to excessive heat such as under the sun or near the fire
or the like.
Overheat, leakage, or rupture may occur, resulting in burns or injury.
If you touch the battery fluid, rinse it off with water and consult with the doctor. If the
battery fluid spills over the device, wipe it off without touching the fluid.
If you leave the unit unused for a long period of time, the built-in rechargeable battery
will be in an over discharge state due to self discharge, and the charging capacity may
deteriorate or the battery may be no longer rechargeable. Even if you are not using the
unit, charge the battery once or twice a year for 1.5 hours each time.
„ Disclaimer
• Toshiba shall not be responsible for any damage caused by an earthquake,
thunderstorm, flood damage, fire for which Toshiba is not responsible, acts of a third
party, other accidents, or damages caused by the user's willful acts or negligence,
misuse, or use in abnormal conditions.
• Toshiba shall not be responsible for any damage caused by failure to observe the
information described in the operation manual.
„ Disposal
• When disposing of this device, observe the laws, or ordinances and rules of the local
• When disposing of the battery, make a request to a recycle agency for disposal.
• This product contains a built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery. There is a risk of
injury due to fire, explosion or leakage if the battery is not used, handled, replaced
or disposed of properly. Dispose of the battery as required by local ordinances
or regulations. Do not disassemble, crush or expose the battery to fire or high
About Using Bluetooth®
This unit is designed for use with Bluetooth® wireless devices compatible with the HFP, HSP,
SPP, A2DP and AVRCP streaming audio profiles. Refer to your Bluetooth® device's user manual
or technical support to determine if your Bluetooth® device supports these profiles.
„ Frequency band used
This unit uses the 2.4 GHz frequency band. However other wireless devices may use 2.4 GHz
frequency band as well and may cause interference with each other. To avoid interference,
please refrain from the use of the unit at the same time with other wireless devices.
„ Certification of this device
This unit conforms to frequency restrictions and has received certification based on
frequency laws, so a wireless permit is not necessary.
However, the following action is punishable by law in some countries:
• Taking apart/modifying the unit.
„ Usage restrictions
• Wireless transmission and/or use with all Bluetooth® equipped devices is not guaranteed.
• A device featuring the Bluetooth® function is required to conform to the Bluetooth® standard
specified by Bluetooth SIG, and be authenticated. Even if the connected device conforms
to the above mentioned Bluetooth® standard, some devices may not be connected or work
correctly, depending on the features or specifications of the device.
„ Range of use
Use this device within an unobstructed 10 m range. The range of use or perimeter may be
shortened depending on any obstructions, devices causing interference, other people in the
room, or the construction of the building. Please note that the range mentioned above is
not guaranteed.
The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and are used
under license.
• This unit may receive radio interference caused by mobile telephones during use. If
such interference occurs, please increase separation between this unit and the mobile
Parts Names
Charging case opening button
Charging status indicator for the case
Micro USB charging socket
Charging status indicator for the earphones
2 3 4
Multi-function button (Power on / Power off /
Play / Pause / Answer a call / Reject a call)
Microphone / Earphone status indicator
Charging port
Charging pins
Getting Started
The earphones and the charging case have built-in lithium-ion polymer batteries. Charge
them fully beforehand.
„ Charging the Earphones
Place each earphone in the charging case in the right position.
The earphone status indicator lights up in red on each earphone.
• The earphone status indicator is turned off when fully charged.
„ Charging the Charging Case
Insert the supplied USB cable into the Micro USB charging socket on
the charging case.
Connect the USB cable to a USB port of your computer or a mobile
USB charger.
The charging status indicator for the case lights up in red.
• The charging status indicator for the case is turned off when fully charged.
• When charging the earphones using the battery on the charging case, the charging status
indicator for the earphones lights up in green.
Wearing the Earphone
Check the left and right, wear the ear piece in your ears.
• The one marked with "R" is for the right ear, and the one
marked with "L" is for the left ear.
• After use, take them off from your ears slowly.
• Pressing the earphones strongly or taking them off from your ears roughly may hurt your
eardrum. Put on or take off the earphones slowly.


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  • Page 1 Description of symbols misuse, or use in abnormal conditions. Note • Toshiba shall not be responsible for any damage caused by failure to observe the Indicates “Prohibition” or “You must Indicates “Mandatory Action” or “Do as information described in the operation manual.
  • Page 2 Turn on your mobile phone's Bluetooth function and search for the buttons for 3 seconds.) name ”RZE-BT700E” to connect it. (once connected, "connected" is Once both of the earphones are turned on, they start to establish a connection between heard and then blue light flash slowly) the left and right earphones.

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