Samsung Schneider AD68-01762A User Manual

Samsung camera lens user manual
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  Summary of Contents for Samsung Schneider AD68-01762A

  • Page 2 This Schneider D-XENON lens features a adjust the focus manually after the focus has been adjusted in addition to allowing you to enjoy taking pictures using autofocus or manual focus by mounting on the SAMSUNG GX -series digital SLR camera.
  • Page 3: For Safe Use Of Your Lens

    FOR SAFE USE OF YOUR LENS Although we have carefully designed these lenses for safe operation, please pay special attention to items marked with the following symbols when using this product. WARNING CAUTION WARNING • Never look at the sun through the lens or camera. Serious damage to the retina or total loss of eyesight may occur.
  • Page 4: Precautions And Lens Maintenance

    PRECAUTIONS AND LENS MAINTENANCE 1. Storage and mildew prevention • Take the lens out of the protective case or camera bag, and store it in a dry, well-ventilated place. • Avoid storing the lens in a poorly ventilated location such as a closet, wardrobe, drawer, vehicle, or where insect repellent or medicine is kept.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    ● FOREWORD ● FOR SAFE USE OF YOUR LENS ...1 ● PRECAUTIONS AND LENS MAINTENANCE...2 ● Schneider D-XENON LENS ...4 ■ About the lens mount...5 ● MOUNTING AND REMOVING THE LENS ...7 ● LENS CAP ...8 ● FOCUSING...9 ■ Changing the Focus Mode ...9 ■...
  • Page 6: Schneider D-Xenon Lens

    Schneider D-XENON LENS Distance scale Focusing ring Front-ring threads Aperture ring Aperture-A-lock button Depth-of-field scale NOTE : Aperture settings are controlled automatically as if set to the auto "A" position, so accessories without an auto "A" setting cannot be used with these lenses. 《4》...
  • Page 7: About The Lens Mount

    About the lens mount The D-XENON lenses are primarily designed to work with the SAMSUNG autofocus DSLR or K -mount camera), making autofocus shooting possible. When Zoom lenses with power zoom function are used on the SAMSUNG K Power Zoom system.
  • Page 8 Lens Mount Compatibility D-XENON lens mount compatibility chart is shown below. -mount which is equipped with Power contacts ◦ AF coupler ◦ Lens information contacts ◦ -mount which is equipped with AF coupler ◦ Lens information contacts ◦ -mount which is equipped with Lens information contacts ◦...
  • Page 9: Mounting And Removing The Lens

    MOUNTING AND REMOVING THE LENS To mount the lens on the camera body Attach the lens while aligning the red dots on the lens and body, then turn the lens clockwise until it clicks in place. Memo: • Do not hold down the lens unlock button while mounting the lens, otherwise the lens will not be properly mounted.
  • Page 10: Lens Cap

    Take off the lens cap by pressing the two tabs inward as shown above. Memo: • When not using the lens, be sure to attach the lens cap. 《8》 LENS CAP...
  • Page 11: Focusing

    Changing the Focus Mode Use the camera’ s focus mode switch to change between the autofocus mode (SAF, CAF) and manualfocus mode. For details, refer to your camera’ s manual. Using Autofocus Set the camera’ s focus mode to autofocus (SAF, CAF). Press the shutter button halfway to autofocus.
  • Page 12: Focusing With The Ok Button

    Focusing with the OK Button With the GX-1S/1L camera set as explained below, auto focusing by pressing the shutter button halfway will be disabled and the OK button can be used instead to auto focus. On the [C Custom menu], select [Enable AF] for [OK btn when shooting]. Focusing with the AF Button With the GX-10 camera set as explained below, auto focusing by pressing the shutter button halfway will be disabled and the AF button can be used instead to auto focus.
  • Page 13 Using Manual Focus Set to MF with the camera’s focus mode, and turn the focusing ring to focus manually. 《11》...
  • Page 14: Using The Quick-Shift Focus System (Gx -Series Cameras Only)

    Using the Quick-Shift Focus System (GX -series cameras only) If you use the lens with an GX -series camera and the focus mode is set to autofocus, you can focus manually after autofocus is achieved. Just turn the focusing ring to manually touch-up the focus.
  • Page 15 CAUTION During autofocusing, the focusing ring will rotate. To prevent malfunction, do not touch the focusing ring during autofocusing. • When using the Quick Shift Focus System, keep pressing the shutter button after you achieve focus before taking a picture. If you let go of the shutter button before taking the picture, you will have to focus all over again when you press the shutter button again.
  • Page 16: Aperture Control

    APERTURE CONTROL Setting the aperture to "A"(Auto) Turn the aperture ring to align the aperture-A index with the line while depressing the Aperture-A-lock button. The aperture ring can be released from "A" in the same manner to set your desired f-stop manually. 《14》...
  • Page 17: Macro Lens

    MACRO LENS D-XENON Macro 100mm lenses enable closeup photography up to 1x magnification. Clamp Switch Magnification Scale The magnification is indicated by denomi- nators on the distance scale. “1” indicates “1x”. For example, “1” on the magnification scale at the top will make the magnification 1/1x.
  • Page 18 About the Clamp Switch The D-XENON Macro 100mm lenses are equipped with a Clamp switch which is conve- nient for manual focus. The Clamp switch locks the manual focus position. You can use it when taking close-ups with a copy stand, for example. Using the Clamp Switch Focus manually, then set the Clamp switch to ON.
  • Page 19: Attaching The Lens Hood

    ATTACHING THE LENS HOOD In order to avoid the deterioration in image quality from internal reflection, use of the lens hood is recommended. When attaching the lens hood, align the index on the lens hood with the attaching index on the lens, and push both parts straight toward each other.
  • Page 20: Filters

    Make sure the filter size matches the lens and then attach the filter onto the lens. Precaution on filters • Since the filter becomes a part of the optics when attached on the lens, handle it in the same way you handle the lens with care to dust, dirt and scratches. Normally, attaching two or more filters on a lens is not recommended.
  • Page 21: Precautions When Using The Lens With A Flash

    PRECAUTIONS WHEN USING THE LENS WITH A FLASH Built-in Flash The built-in flash can not be used when the distance is less than 0.7m. When the flash is used within 0.7m, that causes incorrect exposure control and vignetting in the picture corners.
  • Page 22: Main Specifications

    MAIN SPECIFICATIONS Elements in groups 8 groups, 9 elements Angle of View 24.5˚ Aperture F2.8 Mount Type PENTAX K Minimum Focus 0.303m Distance Max. Diameter x Approx. 1 Length Lens Hood SCH-B49 Filter Size 49mm Maximum 67.5x80.5mm Magnification Weight 345g * Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Page 23: Statement Of Fcc Compliance

    For customers in USA STATEMENT OF FCC COMPLIANCE This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions : (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • Page 24 MEMO 《22》...
  • Page 25 MEMO 《23》...
  • Page 26 MEMO 《24》...
  • Page 27 Please refer to the warranty that came with your product or go to our website for after-sales service or inquiries. The CE Mark is a Directive conformity mark of the European Community (EC) AD68-01762A...