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Easy Mode (for Beginners); Modo Easy (para Principiantes) - Samsung L903 Owner's Instruction Book

Video camcorder 8mm color lcd.
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00732C SCL901 USA+ESP(20-45)
Advanced Recording

EASY Mode (for Beginners)

✤ Even a beginner can easily make a recording using the EASY
I The EASY mode only operates in CAMERA mode.
1. Set the power switch to CAMERA mode (see page 18).
2. By pressing the EASY button, all the
functions of the camera will be set to
off and the recording settings will be
set to the following basic mode.
I Battery level, recording mode,
counter, date/time, DIS (
displayed as the camcorder
starts to run.
I The word "EASY" will appear on the LCD at the same
However, the Date/Time will only be seen if it has been
previously set.
(DIS (
) will be displayed on SCL903/L906/L907 only)
3. Press the START/STOP button to start recording.
I Recording will begin using the basic automatic
environment settings.
4 Pressing the EASY button again turns the
EASY mode off.
I The camera will return to the settings that were
set prior to the EASY mode being switched on.
I In the EASY mode, the MENU, MF, DSE, P.AE and BLC
functions are not available.
I If you want to use these functions, you must first switch the
EASY mode off.
I The EASY mode settings are stored in the camera
(provided a good lithium battery has been installed).
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Filmación avanzada

Modo EASY (para principiantes)

✤ Incluso los principiantes pueden filmar facilmente usando el
1. Ponga el switch power en modo CAMERA (ver pag. 18).
) will be
3. Pulse el boton START/STOP para empezar la filmacion.
modo EASY.
I El modo EASY solo funciona en modo CAMERA.
2. Apretando el boton EASY, todas las
funciones de camara se desactivaran y
los ajustes de grabacion seran los del
modo basic.
I El nivel de Batería, modo de
grabacion, contador, date/time,
JAN. 31, 2004
camara empiece a funcionar.
I "EASY" aparecera en el LCD al mismo tiempo.
Sin embargo, Date/Time apareceran solo si han
sidoselecciona-dos previamente.
(DIS (
) aparecera solo en las SCL903/L906/L907)
I La filmacion se efectuara con los ajustes basicos
4. Al apretar EASY otra vez el modo EASY se
I La camara volvera a los ajustes previos al
modo EASY.
I En el modo EASY, las funciones de cortinilla no estan
disponibles, asi como MENU, MF, DSE, P.AE, BLC.
I Si quiere usar estas funciones, debera primero
desactivar los modos EASY.
I Los ajustes del modo EASY se guardan en la camara
(si hemos instalado la batería de litio).
) se mostraran cuando la


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