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Safety Precautions - Haier 1U28HS1ERA Installation Manual

Single split air conditioner
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Safety Precautions

Carefully read the following information in order to operate the air conditioner correctly.
Below are listed three kinds of Safety Precautions and Suggestions.
Incorrect operations may result in severe consequences of death or serious injuries.
Incorrect operations may result in injuries or machine damages; in some cases may
cause serious consequences.
INSTRUCTIONS: These information can ensure the correct operation of the machine.
Symbols used in the illustrations
:Indicates an action that must be avoided.
:Indicates that important instructions must be followed.
:Indicates a part which must be grounded.
:Beware of electric shock (This symbol is displayed on the main unit label.)
After reading this handbook, hand it over to those who will be using the unit.
The user of the unit should keep this mamual at hand and make it available to those who will be performing repairs or
relocating the unit. Also, make it available to the new user when the user changes hands.
Be sure to conform with the following important Safety Precautions.
If any abnormal phenomena is found
(e. g.smell of firing), please cut off
the power supply immediately, and
contact the dealer to find out the
handling method.
In such case, to continue using the conditioner will damage
the conditioner, and may cause electrical shock or fire
After a long time use of air-conditioner
the base should be checked for any
If the damaged base is not repaired, the
unit may fall down and cause accidents.
No goods or nobody is permitted to
placed on or stand on outdoor unit.The
falling of goods and people may cause
Don't operate the air-conditioner with
damp hands.Otherwise it will be shocked.
Only use correctly-typed fuse.
May not use wire or any other materials
replacing fuse, otherwise it may cause
faults or fire accidents.
Use discharge pipe correctly to ensure efficient discharge.
Incorrect pipe use may cause water leaking.
Installed electrical-leaking circuit breaker.
It easily cause electrical shock without circuit breaker.
Don't dismantle the outlet of the
outdoor unit.
switch off
The exposure of fan is very dangerous
which may harm human beings.
When need maintenance and repairment,
call dealer to handle it.
Incorrect maintenance and repairment
may cause water leak, electrical shock
and fire hazard.
Air-conditioner can't be installed in the environment with
inflammable gases because the inflammable gases near
air-conditioner may cause fire hazard.
Please let the dealer be responsible for installing the
conditioner. Incorrect installation may cause water leak,
electrical shock and fire hazard.
Call the dealer to take measures to prevent the refrigerant
from leaking.
If conditioner is installed in a small room, be sure to take
every measure in order to prevent suffocation accident
even in case of refrigerant leakage.
When conditioner is installed or reinstalled, the dealer should
be responsible for them.
Incorrect installation may cause water leaking, electrical
shock and fire hazard.
Connect earthing wire.
Earthing wire should not be connected to the gas
pipe, water pipe, lightning rod or phone line,
incorrect earthing may cause shock.

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Table of Contents