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  • Page 1 MITOS VT6 AIR USER MANUAL 02/10/2015 Manual_MITOS_VT6_AIR_ver3p3_eng...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Summary: GENERAL DESCRIPTION ............................. 3 GENERAL FEATURES ..............................3 FUNCTIONING PARAMETERS ............................ 4 FUNCTIONING MODE OF THE “MITOS VT6 AIR” ..................... 7 FUNCTIONING “JUST DISPLAY” ..........................7 FUNCTIONING “MANUAL” ............................8 FUNCTIONING “AUTOMATIC PID” ..........................9 PRESSURE / VELOCITY / FLOW RESET ........................11 RESET INVERTER ALARM ............................
  • Page 3: General Description

    GENERAL DESCRIPTION MITOS VT6 AIR is a measure, visualization and control device for pressure, velocity and flow. It has got a temperature sensor (internal) and a differential pressure sensor with two possible range: +/-999mmH O +/-1% F.S. +/-2999mmH O +/-1% F.S.
  • Page 4: Functioning Parameters

    MON. Value can be changed through buttons UP and DOWN. To store the new value, you need to press again MON (the parameter stops flashing). To quit the programming menu, just press MAN/AUTO. Here follow all the functioning parameters of MITOS VT6 AIR. PARAMETER FUNCTION...
  • Page 5 - ITALIAN Sets the language of the menu Language - ENGLISH - SPANISH If the MITOS VT6 AIR is enabled to send commands to the inverter (Mode = - MANUAL COMMAND) and it has the complete control of Command type...
  • Page 6 Mode = MONITOR Var. monitor1 see appendix ( 1) Mode = COMMAND 2) the MITOS VT6 AIR has only the run/stop command ( Sets the monitor variable shown in the second line of the normal functioning display menu. Var. monitor2 will always be visualized and can Var.
  • Page 7: Functioning Mode Of The "Mitos Vt6 Air

    Pressing the button MAN/AUTO for less then 3 seconds, you can only see the type of functioning selected at the moment. FUNCTIONING “JUST DISPLAY” In the JUST DISPLAY mode, MITOS VT6 AIR allows to display just: some parameters of the Inverter measured pressure or velocity or flow...
  • Page 8: Functioning "Manual

    FUNCTIONING “MANUAL” In manual functioning, the MITOS VT6 AIR allows to control run-stop and/or change the frequency of inverter functioning, to a fix value which can be set through the parameter manual Set point. To enable the manual functioning the following points are necessary:...
  • Page 9: Functioning "Automatic Pid

    FUNCTIONING “AUTOMATIC PID” In automatic functioning, the MITOS VT6 AIR does an automatic regulation of the frequency sent to the inverter so as to maintain the controlled variable (pressure, speed or flow) to a settable fixed value through the parameter Set point PID.
  • Page 10 The meaning f the several numbers is the following one: moment in which there is the start moment in which the controlled variable is catches up the set-point and starts the PID regulation moment in which there is the stop equal time to the value of the Delay ACC/DEC PID after which PID regulation enter however in function The figure “a”...
  • Page 11: Pressure / Velocity / Flow Reset

    PRESSURE / VELOCITY / FLOW RESET Due to the change of weather conditions, humidity etc., pressure or flow or speed viewed on the display, can change lightly on equal pressure on the sensor. To restore the correct value, you need to reset the offset. To do this, you may press at the same time the buttons STOP/RESET and MON when the engine is not working yet, and the vents of pressure sensor are both opened.
  • Page 12: Connection For Pressure Measure / Regulation

    CONNECTION FOR PRESSURE MEASURE / REGULATION The pressure measure/regulation must be performed using the connections of the following figure It is recommended the use of filtered outputs to limit possible damages to the internal pressure sensor. These filtered outputs thwart the dust or other elements to go up to the pressure sensor and to small elements to obstruct the flow into the pipes.
  • Page 14: Connection For Flow Or Velocity Measure/Regulation

    CONNECTION FOR FLOW OR VELOCITY MEASURE/REGULATION For velocity and flow regulation it’s necessary to use the Pitot Pipe applied to the vent of MITOS VT6 AIR. The choice of Pitot pipe lenght has to be made following the dimensions of the pipe, in order to put it at least up to the central part of the tubing.
  • Page 15: Mechanical Dimensions

    MECHANICAL DIMENSIONS Legend: 1: Pressure negative Input 2: Pressure positive Input 3: Connector for serial connection 4: TTL/RS485 serial line selector 5: Fixing brackets The pipes connected to the pressure sensor must have an internal diameter of 4 mm 02/10/2015 15 / 17 Manual_MITOS_VT6_AIR_ver3p3_eng...
  • Page 16: Appendix

    APPENDIX If Modality parameter is set on COMMAND, the control type of MITOS VT6 AIR on inverter is fixed by the parameter settings CMOD and FMOD of inverter, and by the Command Type parameter, as you can see in the following...
  • Page 17 Flow: 32767 (hundreds of m 3276.7 l/s: 32767 Full scale 3000 mmH2O Pressure: O: 2999 29410 kPa: 29.41 mBar: 294.1 Velocity: m/s: 999.9 Flow: 32767 (hundreds of m 3276.7 l/s: 32767 Possible values and its meaning for parameters Variable monitor 1 and Variable monitor 2 frequency or pressure or velocity set point programmed * POWER real power in kW absorbed by the engine...

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