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Connect Com-Port Cable; Video Signal; Setup The Monitors - Philips CCK4602 User Manual

Cmnd & calibrate
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6.2 Connect COM-port cable

Connect the COM-port from your PC via a null modem (= cross) RS232 cable to the RS232
jack 2.5mm input of the first monitor with monitor ID=1.
Make sure all the monitors are daisy chained via RS232
It won't work via TCP (WiFi/RJ45 input)

6.3 Video signal

Connect the digital out (DVI, HDMI or DP) from your PC to the first monitor
Use the same source inputs as your customer will use
Set the screen options in your pc as "extended"
Disable your PC's screensaver
If your customer use display port and DVI, than calibrate the videowall twice, once via source
selection display port and once via source selection DVI

6.4 Setup the monitors

Set the monitor ID and tiling correct on all the monitors, see the manual of your monitor(s)
Make sure you do have content over the complete videowall or single display
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