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Care And Cleaning - RCA MM27110 User Manual

Multimedia monitor.
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GUIDE Plus+ G-LINK cable not working
Check to make sure the cable wand is positioned correctly in front of the IR sensors on the VCR and/or cable box.
GUIDE Plus+ system control of cable box is slower than direct control of the box itself. Keep this in mind when changing
Guide comes on when I turn on TV
The GUIDE Plus+ system automatically comes up when you use the TV button on the remote to turn on the TV. You can
turn off this feature by selecting Setup from the GUIDE Plus+ Menu, selecting Options, then setting Auto Display to Off.
Sound okay, picture poor
Check antenna connections.
Try adjusting sharpness function to improve weak signals.

Care and Cleaning

CAUTION: Turn OFF your monitor before cleaning.
You can clean the monitor as required, using a soft lint-free cloth. Be sure to occasionally dust the ventilation slots in the
cabinet to help assure adequate ventilation.
The monitor's screen may be cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth as well. Take care not to scratch or mar the screen. If
necessary, you may use a cloth dampened with warm water.
Never use strong cleaning agents, such as ammonia-based cleaners, or abrasive powder. These types of cleaners will damage
the monitor.
While cleaning do not spray liquid directly on the screen, or allow liquid to run down the screen and inside the monitor.
Also, avoid placing drinks or vases with water on top of the monitor. This could increase the risk of fire or shock hazard or
damage to the monitor.
Caution: If fixed (non-moving) images
are left on the screen for long periods,
they may be permanently imprinted on
the screen. Such images include
network logos, phone numbers, and
video games. This damage is not
covered by your warranty. Extended
viewing of channels displaying these
images should be avoided.


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