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Picture Quality Menu - RCA MM27110 User Manual

Multimedia monitor.
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Menus and Features

Picture Quality Menu

Picture Controls Displays the five slider controls for adjusting the way
the picture looks. You can adjust and save different settings for each
Contrast Adjusts the difference between the light and dark areas
of the picture.
Color Adjusts the richness of the color.
Tint Adjusts the balance between the red and green levels.
Black Level Adjusts the brightness of the picture.
Sharpness (Not available in Text mode) Adjusts the crispness of
edges in the picture.
When exiting this menu the Save Personal Picture Preset Choice List will
appear. You can choose either Yes or No.
Picture Presets Displays a choice list that lets you select one of three
preset picture settings: Bright Lighting, Normal Lighting, Soft Lighting or
Personal Picture Preset. Based on the degree of lighting in your room,
you should choose Bright, Normal, or Soft Lighting. After you select one,
the contrast, color tint, black level, and sharpness settings found under
the Picture Settings menu are automatically adjusted according to your
Auto Color Displays a choice list that lets you turn on the feature that
automatically corrects the color of the picture. (This is especially useful
for tracking realistic flesh tone colors as you switch from channel to
channel.) Choose On or Off, depending on your preference. Auto Color
is not available for VGA or component video.
Color Warmth Displays a choice list that lets you adjust three
automatic color adjustments: Cool for a more blue palette of picture
colors; Normal; and Warm for a more red palette of picture colors. The
warm setting corresponds to the NTSC standard of 6500 K and Normal to
9300 K.
Video Noise Reduction Displays a choice list that lets you adjust the
feature that automatically reduces noise from the picture. Video Noise
Reduction is not available in Text mode when in VGA mode.
Picture Mode The picture mode control panel appears when the
monitor is tuned to a VGA input.
Computer/Text is the recommended input and setting for most PC
connections when viewing text and graphics. Text may appear
crisper in Text mode.
Video is the default setting for the VGA2 input. This input and
setting is recommended in such instances as HD receiver
connections. The appearance of text in Video mode may be
improved by lowering the picture's sharpness and contrast (see
If you choose Personal Picture Preset, you
can customize color, tint, black level, and
sharpness to your desired level, and the
television "saves" those settings. After
you've done this, it allows you to go back
into the menu and select Bright, Normal,
or Soft Lighting when you need to
without losing your customized settings.
For example, if you normally use Personal
Picture Preset but wanted to watch a
show in Bright Lighting, choose Bright
Lighting, watch the show, and then
afterwards return to your customized
settings by choosing Personal Picture
Preset again.


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