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RCA RP-9540 User Manual

Audio system
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  Summary of Contents for RCA RP-9540

  • Page 1 USER‘S GUIDE RP-9540 RP-9555 AUDIO SYSTEM...
  • Page 2: For Your Safety

    In the event that service should be required, you may need both the model number and the serial number. In the space below, record the date and place of purchase, and the serial number: Model No. RP-9540/RP-9555 Remote Control No. CRK290A...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Where to Start Owning an RCA compact audio system is like having a component stereo system, except you don’t have the hassle of hooking up a bunch of wires. Looking for a Good Read? You won’t find this instruction book on the best seller list, but it does contain a lot of information that you should know before using your RCA stereo system.
  • Page 4: First Things First

    First Things First Make sure your package contains all of the items shown to the right. Before You Begin There are a couple of things you need to know in order to get the best possible performance from your system. Moisture Condensation Just as moisture can form on the inside of windows on a cold day, it can also form on the inside of your stereo, causing it...
  • Page 5: Installation And Set Up

    There are connections provided for main and surround speakers The sub-woofer is an RCA type connecton. For Each Speaker: 1. Press down on the tab to open the red terminal and insert the red wire (+) into the red terminal.
  • Page 6: General Controls

    General Controls Now you’re ready to use your system, and this section introduces you to the controls and features that are common to the tape decks, the tuner, and the CD player. The Panel Display When the power is on, the Panel Display lights up, telling you what’s going on with your system. Mode indicators INTRO REPEAT PROGRAM...
  • Page 7: Power Off

    POWER ON Plug in the system and the standby indicator light comes on. The system can be operated either by using the remote control or by pressing the POWER button. Note that the power button is DIGITAL. POWER OFF Press the POWER button on the system or the remote control to turn off the power and the standby indicator light comes on.
  • Page 8: Bass Boost

    Bass Boost Use the Bass Boost feature to enhance the quality of bass frequencies; however, note that applying Bass Boost at higher volumes can cause some sound distortion. SRS ( )* SOUND retrieval system Your system includes a feature called SRS which brings dimensional realism to stereo sound.
  • Page 9: Using The Tuner

    Using the Tuner Not only does the digital tuner help you tune in stations more easily, it also lets you preset as many as 32 radio stations for easy access. The 32 stations can be intermixed between AM and FM bands. Press the TUNER/BAND function button to choose the tuner function (the last station the radio was set to comes on).
  • Page 10 automatic preset feature This is a great feature that makes storing your presets a snap, it’s just like your auto station programming on your VCR or TV. 1. Press the TUNER/BAND button to place your unit in the tuner mode. 2.
  • Page 11: Using The Cd Player

    Using the CD Player Combined with features such as Shuffle, Repeat, and Programmed play, the five disc CD changer gives you lots of options for playing CDs. You can play 3” and 5” compact discs. Knowing Your Buttons The following buttons are used for basic CD operation: CD (function button) —...
  • Page 12: Loading Discs

    Loading Discs 1. Press the OPEN/CLOSE button to open the CD compartment drawer. 2. Place the CD(s) into the drawer. 3. Press the DISC SELECT button to rotate the drawer in order to load another CD. 4. Press the OPEN/CLOSE button to close the CD compartment drawer.
  • Page 13: Programming Play Order

    Choosing Discs for Play When you load five discs at one time, you can choose which disc you want to play by pressing the DISC SELECT or the corresponding DISC (1-5) buttons. After the current disc finishes playing, the system moves on to the next disc.
  • Page 14: Clearing The Program

    Recalling and Editing the Program You must be in Stop mode in order to recall and edit the program. 1. Press the PROGRAM button to enter Program mode. • The display shows first programmed track (04 in the example to the right). 2.
  • Page 15: Creating An Ats Program

    Creating an ATS Program 1. Press the ATS button (AUTO TRACK SKIP blinks in the display). 2. Press the DISC SELECT button or the corresponding DISC (1-5) buttons to choose a disc. 3. Press TRACK/SEARCH forward or TRACK/SEARCH backward to choose the first track to be skipped (the track number and Pr 01 appears in the display).
  • Page 16: Using The Cassette Deck

    Using the Cassette Deck Understanding the Buttons If you know what each button does, it’s easy to figure out how to operate the tape decks. RECORD — Press to record from the radio, CDs, VIDEO 1, or VIDEO 2. You can only record on Deck 1. PLAY —...
  • Page 17: Recording From Cd Player

    Recording from CD Player 1. Insert a cassette tape into Deck 1. 2. Choose the CD function. 3. Insert the disc(s) to be recorded. You can start with any track on a disc or you can create a program to record. 4.
  • Page 18: Using The Remote Control

    Using the Remote Control Battery Installation 1. Open the battery compartment door. 2. Insert 2 AAA-size batteries as indicated on the back of the remote control. 3. Close the battery compartment door. General Controls The following buttons control the power and the volume: POWER —...
  • Page 19: Care And Maintenance

    Care and Maintenance Cleaning the Exterior • Disconnect the system from AC power before cleaning the exterior of the system with a soft dust cloth. Handling Compact Discs • Do not touch their signal surfaces. Hold by the edges, or by one edge and the hole.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting Tips

    Troubleshooting Tips Problem System doesn’t turn on No sound Poor radio reception CD doesn’t play CD sound skips CD buttons won’t respond CD player won’t change discs when DISC SKIP is pressed. Distorted or noisy recordings Remote control doesn’t work Solution •...
  • Page 21: Index

    Index Antenna, AM radio 3 Antenna, FM radio 3 connecting 3 ATS (Auto Track Skip) 12 ATS Program creating 13 recalling and editing 13 AUX input jacks 3 Auxiliary Components 3 Bass Boost Indicator 4 Cassette player features automatic level control 15 CD Buttons 9 CD Playing Time 10 REMAIN TIME 10...
  • Page 22: Limited Warranty

    • This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state. If you purchased your product outside the USA: • This warranty does not apply. Contact your dealer for warranty information. Model RP-9540/RP-9555 343A6869-0001 ( Rev. 0 E/S) 96-10 Printed in China P.O.

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