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About The Manuals; About The Key Operations; Included Accessories - Yamaha P-125 Owner's Manual

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Thank you for purchasing this Yamaha Digital Piano!
This instrument provides exceptionally high-quality sound and expressive control for your
playing enjoyment.
We recommend that you read this manual carefully so that you can fully take advantage of
the advanced and convenient functions of the instrument.
We also recommend that you keep this manual in a safe and handy place for future refer-

About the Manuals

This instrument has the following documents and
instructional materials.
Included Documents
Owner's Manual (this book)
Quick Operation Guide (pages 29 to
Shows in chart form the functions
assigned to the buttons and the key-
board for quick understanding.
Online Materials (PDF)
iPhone/iPad Connection Manual
Explains how to connect the instrument to
smart devices, such iPhone, iPad, etc.
Computer-related Operations
Contains instructions about computer-
related functions.
MIDI Reference
Contains MIDI-related information.
MIDI Basics (only in English, French,
German and Spanish)
Contains basic explanations about what
MIDI is and can do.
To obtain these materials, access the Yamaha Down-
loads website, then enter the model name for search-
ing the desired files.
Yamaha Downloads
The letters at the end of the model name ("B" or
"WH") are color information of the instrument. For
example, "B" indicates "black," and "WH" indicates
"white." Since they simply indicate the color, these
letters are omitted in this manual.
P-125 Owner's Manual

About the Key Operations

While holding down the button(s), press the appropri-
ate key to make various settings, such as turning the
function on or off, playing back the Songs and so on.
If you come across the illustrations like below in this
manual, press the same key while holding down the
same button(s) as illustrated.
While holding down
Above illustration indicates
q While simultaneously holding down the
[METRONOME] and [RHYTHM] buttons...
w Press one of the shaded keys briefly.
Finally, release all the buttons.

Included Accessories

• Owner's Manual x1
• AC Adaptor* x1
• Warranty* x1
• Online Member Product Registration x1
• Footswitch x1
* May not be included depending on your particular area. Please check
with your Yamaha dealer.
• Music Rest x1
A#5: On
A5: Off
Insert into
the slot

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