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Operation Guide 5561
Signal Level Indicator
During manual receive, a signal level indicator will be
displayed as shown below.
Signal level indicator
As you watch the indicator, keep the watch in a location
that best maintains stable reception.
Even under optimum reception conditions, it can take
about 10 seconds for reception to stabilize.
Note that weather, the time of day, surroundings, and
other factors all can affect reception.

To enable or disable auto receive

1. In the Timekeeping Mode, press D (page E-39).
On/Off status
2. Hold down A until the current auto receive setting
(ON or OFF) and RCVD indicator start to flash. This is
the setting screen.
The hour and minute hands will automatically move
out of the way at this time (page E-72).
Note that the watch will not display the setting screen
if the currently selected Home City is one that does
RCVD indicator
not support time calibration reception.
3. Press D to toggle between auto receive on (ON) and off (OFF).
4. Press A to exit the setting screen.
The Home City setting reverts to the initial default of TYO (Tokyo) whenever the
battery power level drops to Level 5 or when you have the rechargeable battery
replaced. If this happens, change the Home City to the setting you want (page E-40).
Selecting a Mode
The illustration below shows which buttons you need to press to navigate between
To return to the Timekeeping Mode from any other mode, hold down C for at
least four seconds.
Timekeeping Mode
General Functions (All Modes)
The functions and operations described in this section can be used in all of the
Auto Return
The watch returns to the Timekeeping Mode automatically if you do not perform
any button operation for two or three minutes in the Alarm Mode.
If you leave the watch with a setting screen (flashing digits) displayed for two or
three minutes without performing any operation, the watch will exit the setting
screen automatically.
Initial Screens
When you enter the World Time or Alarm Mode, the data you were viewing when
you last exited the mode appears first.
The B and D buttons are used in the setting screen to scroll through data. In
most cases, holding down these buttons during a scroll operation scrolls through
the data at high speed.
World Time Mode

To check the latest signal reception results

In the Timekeeping Mode, press D (page E-39).
When receive is successful, the time and date that
receive was successful will be displayed. - : - - indicates
that none of the receive operations were successful.
To return to the Timekeeping Mode, press D.
RCVD will not be displayed if you have adjusted the time
or date setting manually since the last receive operation.
Radio-controlled Atomic Timekeeping Precautions
Strong electrostatic charge can result in the wrong time setting.
Even if a receive operation is successful, certain conditions can cause the time
setting to be off by up to one second.
The watch is designed to update the date and day of the week automatically for
the period January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2099. Updating of the date by signal
reception will no longer be performed starting from January 1, 2100.
If you are in an area where signal reception is not possible, the watch keeps time
with the precision noted in "Specifications" (page E-85).
The receive operation is disabled under any of the following conditions.
While power is at Level 3 (L) or lower (page E-13)
While the watch is in the power recovery mode (page E-15)
When the watch is in the function sleep state ("Power Saving", page E-17)
While a countdown timer operation is in progress (page E-55)
While the hands are in positions to allow easier viewing (page E-73)
A receive operation is cancelled if an alarm sounds while it is being performed.

Mode Reference Guide

Your watch has "five modes". The mode you should select depends on what you
want to do.
To do this:
View the current date in the Home City
Configure Home City and daylight saving time (DST)
Configure time and date settings manually
Perform a time calibration receive operation
Check whether the last receive operation was successful
Switch between 12-hour and 24-hour timekeeping
Display an alarm countdown
View the current time in one of 48 cities (31 time zones)
around the globe
Use the stopwatch to measure elapsed time
Use the countdown timer
Set an alarm time
Stopwatch Mode
Countdown Timer Mode


Use the Timekeeping Mode to set and view the current
time and date.
Each press of A cycles the Home City information as
shown below.
Month, Day,
Day of the week
Day of the week
Month Day
Enter this mode:
Timekeeping Mode
World Time Mode
Stopwatch Mode
Countdown Timer Mode
Alarm Mode
Alarm Mode
Month, Day,
Hour : Minutes,
PM indicator

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Table of Contents

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