RCA CDS 1000 User Manual
RCA CDS 1000 User Manual

RCA CDS 1000 User Manual

Rca digital camera user manual
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  • Page 2: Product Registration

    Important Safety Information * Be sure to read all the safety information on this page and inside the manual before you begin to use this product. To reduce risk of injury, charge only rechargeable batteries recommended by the manufacturer for this camera. Other types of batteries may burst causing damage and personal injury.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    We want to make sure you enjoy your new digital still camera. If you have any questions, call: Digital Camera Exchange Warranty Customer Service ... Accessories Product Registration Important Safety Information Unpack the Camera Camera Details ... Attach the Strap ...
  • Page 4 TWAIN Driver buttons (Cont.) Help for the user(s) ... 19 Exit from TWAIN ... 19 Camera User Interface Camera Top View ... 21 Camera Front View ... 21 Camera Back View ... 21 Bottom of the Camera ... 21 Sides of the Camera ... 21 Basic Button Functionality References Specifications...
  • Page 5: Unpack The Camera

    ,_acked with you_ camera If any are missing • The items shown bexow _" r where the camera was purchased. appear damaged, contact the dealer CDSIO00 Digital Camera NTSC V_deo Cable USBSerial Cable Image FAlling $of-v, vare (Macintosh and PC)
  • Page 6: Camera Details

    Camera Details Shutter release/OK button Optical viewfmder (front) Lens Flash Auto flash sensor Self-timer LED Ready/processing light Viewfinder (back) Menu screen Exposure value/ next image button Flash set/ previous picture button Power button Menu button Battery Cover Tripod mount Video out jack AC Power adapter jack USB/Serial cable jack...
  • Page 7: Attach The Strap

    2. Insert the other end of the strap through the loop to tie the strap onto the strap eyelet. Power Supply This digital camera features two ways to supply power to it; either use two batteries (size AA) or the included AC adapter.
  • Page 8: Using Ac Adapter

    The AC adapter may become warm to the touch after extended of use.This is normal and is not cause for alarm. The supplied AC adapter will allow the digital camera to operate without batteries or twisting of the AC adapter...
  • Page 9: Auto Power Off

    Auto Power Off To conserve energy, the camera goes into "sleep" mode automatically if no buttons or switches are pressed for a certain amount of time. Press the POWER button on the back of the camera to restore power to full. Power source inactivity period: Battery- 2 min.;...
  • Page 10: Viewing Stored Images

    Viewing Stored Images The images stored in the camera's memory may be viewed on a TV screen or downloaded to your computer. For more information about viewing images on the computer, see the section, Working with Images, in this manual. Picture Viewing Put the camera into playback mode (as indicated by the _...
  • Page 11: On-Screen Menu Choices

    On-screen menu choices To get the most benefit from your digital camera, you must know and be able to navigate through the LCD menu choices. In the main menu of either the record (I'_) or playback ([E]_) mode of the camera, you can change settings for different aspects of the camera's performance.
  • Page 12: Changing Settings

    3. Press the shutter release button on top of the camera to select "OK." The other option with the digital camera is to shoot in t-me mode. While this option also uses a resolution...
  • Page 13: Turning On The Self-Timer

    Adjusting the exposure value (EV) The digital camera's exposure value is a way to compensate for the amount of time and light the shutter allows to capture an image.
  • Page 14: Flash Control

    (--). Flash control The digital camera is set by default to automatically fire its flash if there is not enough light for a picture. Flash firing can be turned off manually as well.
  • Page 15: Erasing Single Images

    Tune the TV to its video input line (for more information about video input, see the User's Manual that came with the teIevision). 4. Pictures from the camera should be visible at this time. To see the next picture stored, use the EV/+ button. To see the previous picture number, use the _t/- button.
  • Page 17: Introduction To The Camera's Twain Driver

    TWAIN Driver Using the provided TWAIN application* allows the transfer of photos from the digital camera to a computer. The following is a discussion of key software points to make the process of getting your pictures on a computer easier.
  • Page 18: Selecting The Twain Driver

    Selecting the TWAIN driver From within your image-editing software, you will need to tell the computer what driver to use to get images from your digital camera. Select FILE->SELECT TWAIN driver for the camera that was installed from the supplied software.
  • Page 19: Twain Driver Buttons

    From there, pictures can be saved on the computer's hard drive indefinitely. Images from the digital camera can be used in emails, web pages, printed documents, or whatever software will accept jpeg images.
  • Page 20: Scroll One Row Down

    Scroll One Row Down Use this button to scroll down one row of pictures (four photos). Note: If the last thumbnail is already viewable, nothing will happen. Scroll One Screen Down Use this button to scroll one full screen down (twelve photos). Note: ff the last thumbnail is already viewable,...
  • Page 21: Selecting Lmages

    Selecting Images To select images one by one: press the Control key (Command key on the Macintosh) and click thumbnails individually to activate the selection. Camera Status Use this button to display camera status information. Record mode: Previews the picture to be taken and displays it on the camera's LCD monitor.
  • Page 23: Camera User Interface

    Camera User Interface Camera Top View Camera Front View • • • Camera Back View Bottom of the Camera Sides of the Camera Basic Button Functionality Record mode Button Playback mode EV/+ Advances to next Adjusts the exposure value in .5 increments stored picture ranging from -1 to +1 Displays preceding...
  • Page 24: Specifications

    Specifications Product Type: Digital Still Camera Imaging Device: 1/3-inch CMOS Image Quality: Fine/Normal Image Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels Recording System: Digital (JPEG based) Recording Medium: 2 Mb internal flash memory Erase Functions: Single image or all images Video System: NTSC output Computer Interface: USB, RS-232C, or Macintosh ADB Focal Length: 7 mm Aperture: f=2.0...
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    For more information about turning on your computer's port, see your computer's documentation. AC adapter for this digital camera. about finding your TV's video input line, see with a computer? wire between the camera and the computer.
  • Page 26: Taking Care Of Your Camera

    Taking care of your camera Your camera is a precision instrument designed and manufactured to give you reliable service. Handled and cared for properly, the camera should give years of trouble-free imaging. In order to avoid damaging the unit: Do Not: •...
  • Page 27: Limited Warranty

    Limited Warranty What your warranty covers: • Any defect in materials or workmanship. For how long after your purchase: • One year - Unit exchange, which includesparts and labor. • The warranty for rental units begins with the first rental or45 days from date of shipmentto the rental firm, whichever comes first.
  • Page 28 To receive a replacement • Write the RA number on the outside of the cartonusedto returnthe unit. Makesure you insure your shipmentin case of damageor loss. Carefullypack the unit using the originalbox and packing materialif possible. Please retain all accessoriesthat were includedwith your unit. •...
  • Page 29: Optional Accessories Order Form (Cds1000)

    Optional Accessories Order Form (CDS1000 Description NiMH Battery Charger (includes 4 rechargeable AA batteries) Rechargeable Batteries (AA) 2-pack Alkaline batteries 4-pack Alkaline batteries 2-pack Nickel Metal Hydride batteries 4-pack Nickel Metal Hydride batteries Gear Bag._ Blue Black Prices are subject to change without notice. Total Merchandise Sales Tax ...
  • Page 30 Charge your order on your VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card by filling in the provided form: IMPORTANT: Copy complete account number from your VISA card 1--_-_ CCI3 Fr_ CI_ _xp_ondato:CE] IMPORTANT: Copy complete account number from your MasterCard FT-T-I-] f-I-I_ Copy Number above your name on MasterCard IMPORTANT: Copy complete account number from your Discover Card...
  • Page 31 To place your order by mail, detach and mail the completed order form with credit card information, money order, or check in U.S. currency (made payable to Thomson Consumer Electronics, Digital Camera Accessories PO Box 8419 Ronks, PA 17573 Inc.) to the following address:...
  • Page 32 AA Batteries 3 AC Adaptor 6 AC Power Supply 3 Accessories 1, 3 included 3 order form 27 ordering 29 Accessories, optional 29 Assistance 1 Auto flash sensor 4 Auto Power Off 7 Basic Button Functionality Batteries 3, 5 Battery Charger 27 Battery power display 12 Bottom of the Camera 21 buttons...
  • Page 33 Scroll One Row Down 18 Scroll One Row Up 17 Scroll One Screen Down Scroll One Screen Up 17 Select All of the Images Select None of the Images Selecting Images 19 Take a Picture 18 viewfmder 4 Warranty 25 digital camera exchange 1...
  • Page 34 _ THOMSON CONSUMER ELECTRONICS 10330 N Meridian Street Indianapolis, 46290 ©1999 Thomson Consumer Electronics, Inc. Trademark(s) ® Registered Printed in the U.S.A. TOCOM 15511680...

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