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RCA E13320 User Manual

Rca television user's guide
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Television User's Guide
Changing Entertainment. Again.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Television User’s Guide Changing Entertainment. Again.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    WARNING To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove cover (or back). No user serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK qualified service personnel. DO NOT OPEN This symbol indicates "dangerous voltage" inside the product that presents a risk of electric shock or personal injury.
  • Page 3: Setup And Connections

    ANTENNA, CABLE, CABLE BOX OR VCR CABLE/ ANTENNA TV (Back Panel) Graphics contained within this publication are for representation only. Your unit might differ slightly. Chapter 1: Getting Started Setup and Connections Step 1: Connect your TV Connect the cable from your cable system or off-air antenna to the cable in-jack on the back of the TV, as shown on the left.
  • Page 4: Dipole Antenna Connection

    ANTENNA Dipole Antenna Connection Follow the steps to connect the indoor antenna (supplied with model E13320) with your TV (only if you do not connect an outdoor antenna or a cable-TV system). Insert the antenna base into the pocketed slot on the back of your set. Stand at the back of your set with the antenna twin-lead facing you, and press the base of the antenna into the slot until it locks in place.
  • Page 5: Channel Marker

    7:17 Sleep Mute 1:30 The Channel Marker shown is just an example of what your screen may look like. You can press MENU or CLEAR to make the Channel Marker disappear, or it will disappear automatically after a short time. Graphics contained within this publication are for representation only.
  • Page 6: Front Panel Jacks

    Chapter 1: Getting Started Caution: If you choose to use a stand with your TV, take precautions that the stand or other furniture the TV is placed on is properly located and of adequate size and strength to prevent the TV from accidentally being pushed off, pulled off, or tipped over.
  • Page 7: Remote Control Buttons

    Chapter 1: Getting Started Remote Control Buttons When operating the remote, point it directly at the front of the TV. Objects between the remote and the remote sensor can block the signal to the TV. ON•OFF Turns the TV on or off. VOL +/- Buttons Press VOL + to increase volume, or press VOL –...
  • Page 8 Chapter 1: Getting Started CC This button has no functionality with this product*. Point and Select SLEEP Sets the TV to automatically turn off in 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. Use the right and left arrow To use the on-screen menus, you need to know one rule: point and select.
  • Page 9: The Main Menu

    TV Main Menu 1 Picture Quality 2 Screen 3 Channel 4 V-Chip Parental Controls 5 Time The TV Main Menu 0 Exit The TV Main Menu Picture Quality Menu 1 Contrast +...|...- 2 Color +...|...- 3 Tint +...|...- 4 Black Level +...|...- 5 Sharpness +...|...-...
  • Page 10: The Screen Menu

    Chapter 2: The Menu System Screen 1 CC Display: 2 CC Mode: 3 Menu Language: English 0 Exit Closed Caption Modes CC1: full translation of the primary language in your area CC2: secondary language translation, simplified English, or whatever is being broadcast in your area The Screen Menu The Screen menu contains the controls that let you adjust the Closed-Caption display, Closed-Caption...
  • Page 11: The Channel Menu

    Channel 1 Signal Type: CABLE TV 2 Auto Channel Search 3 List 0 Exit The Channel menu List Chan Scan List Press MENU to exit. List menu Graphics contained within this publication are for representation only. Your unit might differ slightly. Chapter 2: The Menu System The Channel Menu The Channel menu contains all the commands used to control your channels, including custom-...
  • Page 12: V-Chip Parental Controls

    Chapter 2: The Menu System TV Main Menu 1 Picture Quality 2 Screen 3 Channel 4 V-Chip Parental Controls 5 Time 0 Exit Setting V-Chip Parental Controls The V-Chip software inside your TV comes turned “off,” so if you choose to implement it, you must turn it on.
  • Page 13: V-Chip Movie Rating Limit

    V-Chip Parental Controls 1 Movie Rating Limit 2 TV Rating Limit 3 Unrated Programs: VIEW 4 Parental Controls: UNLOCKED 0 Exit Selecting Movie Rating Limit Rating Rating Status field field Movie Rating limit Rating Status NC-17 View Press MENU to exit. Viewing movie ratings Graphics contained within this publication are for representation only.
  • Page 14: V-Chip Tv Rating Limit

    Chapter 2: The Menu System V-Chip TV Rating Limit The V-Chip TV Rating Limit lets you decide which TV programs can be viewed. To set TV programming limits: When you change the status of an age-based rating to 1. Choose V-Chip Parental Controls from the Main menu. If Parental Controls have previously been locked, you Block, the system will automatically block that must enter your password.
  • Page 15 Age-Based Description and Content Themes for Age-Based Ratings Rating Mature Audience Only. Specifically designed to be viewed by adults and may be unsuitable for children under 17. It contains TV-MA one or more of the following content themes: crude indecent language (L), explicit sexual activity (S), or graphic violence (V).
  • Page 16: Blocking Age-Based Ratings And Content Themes

    Chapter 2: The Menu System Rating field Content Themes TV Rating Limit Content Rating Status D L S V FV TV-14 Block V V V V Press MENU to exit. Rating Content Status field Themes Status field Blocking age-based ratings and content themes Rating field Content Themes...
  • Page 17: V-Chip Unrated Program Block

    While within the Rating Limit screens, pressing PRESETS on the remote will reset all ratings to View and V. “Unrated” vs. “Not Rated” All movies are assigned a rating. Some movies are given a rating of Not Rated (NR). You can assign Block or View status to the NR rating in the V-Chip Movie Rating Limit screen.
  • Page 18: The Time Menu

    Chapter 2: The Menu System Time 1 Sleep Timer 2 Set Time 3 Wake-up Timer 0 Exit The Time menu The Time menu The Time menu contains the controls that let you set the Sleep Timer, Set Time, and Wake-up Timer functions.
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If you experience any difficulty with your TV, check these basic remedies before calling your service technician. TV will not turn on or controls don’t work • Check to make sure it is plugged in. • Check the wall receptacle (or extension cord) to make sure it is “live”...
  • Page 20: Accessories

    Use this number only to place an order for accessory items. 1-800-338-0376 You can buy some accessories on-line at Remote Control This is the remote control that came packed with your TV. Replacements or spares can be ordered as needed.
  • Page 21: Limited Warranty

    How you get service: • For screen sizes of 26” and smaller: Take your RCA television to any Authorized RCA Television Service Center and pick up when repairs are complete. • For screen sizes larger than 26”: Request home service from any Authorized RCA Television Service Center, provided that your television is located within the geographic territory covered by an Authorized RCA Television Service Center.
  • Page 22 Chapter 3: Additional Information What your warranty does not cover: • Customer instruction. (Your Owner’s Manual clearly describes how to install, adjust, and operate your television. Any additional information should be obtained from your dealer.) • Installation and related adjustments. •...
  • Page 24 Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. Thomson Inc. 10330 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46290 ©2004 Thomson Inc. Trademark(s)® Registered Marca(s) Registrada(s) Printed in Thailand TOCOM 1558177E Visit the RCA web site at THOMSON...