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RCA CR20310 User Manual

Rca television user guide


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User's Guide
Changing Entertainment. Again.
Please read this manual before
operating this product for the
first time.
TOCOM 15775710
Model: CR20310


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for RCA CR20310

  • Page 1 Television User’s Guide Changing Entertainment. Again. Please read this manual before operating this product for the first time. TOCOM 15775710 Model: CR20310...
  • Page 2: Important Information

    This damage is not covered by your warranty. Extended viewing of channels displaying these images should be avoided. This symbol indicates important instructions accompanying the product. 110-220V 50/60 Hz A.C. 70 W (for model CR20310)
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Chapter 1: Setup and Connections Things to Consider Before You Connect ... 4 Protect Against Power Surges ... 4 Protect Components from Overheating ... 4 Position Cables Properly to Avoid Audio Interference ... 4 Important Stand and Base Safety Information ... 4 Use Indirect Light ...
  • Page 4 This page left blank intentionally...
  • Page 5 Connections & Setup Chapter Overview: • Things to Consider Before You Connect • Choose Your Connection • The Front of Your TV • Put Batteries in the Remote • How to Use the Remote Control to Complete the Setup • Buttons on the Remote Control NOTE: Illustrations are for representation only.
  • Page 6: Things To Consider Before You Connect

    Connections & Setup Things to Consider Before You Connect Protect Against Power Surges • Connect all components before you plug any of their power cords into the wall outlet. • Turn off the TV and/or component before you connect or disconnect any cables. •...
  • Page 7: Choose Your Connection

    Choose Your Connection There are several ways to connect your TV. Please use the following chart to determine which connection is best for you. Proceed to the appropriate page and connect your TV. Components Cables Needed to Connect Components to Your TV You will need the following types of cables for the connections represented in this book.
  • Page 8: Connection: Tv Only

    Connections & Setup Connection: TV Only 1. Connect the TV to your cable or antenna Connect the coaxial cable from your cable or antenna to the ANTENNA jack on the back of your TV. Connection: TV + VCR 1. Connect your TV to your VCR A.
  • Page 9: Connection: Tv + Vcr + Satellite Receiver

    Connection: TV + VCR + Satellite Receiver 1. Connect your Satellite Receiver to your TV A. Connect the white and red audio cables to the AUDIO IN jacks on the back of the TV and to the audio output jacks on the satellite receiver. B.
  • Page 10: The Front Of Your Tv

    Connections & Setup The Front of Your TV Front Panel If you cannot locate your remote you can use the buttons of your TV to operate many of the TV’s features. MENU Brings up the Main menu. When in the menu system, it selects highlighted items. Also returns you to the previous menu.
  • Page 11: Turn On The Tv

    CHAN CHAN MENU Use the CHAN ^/v and VOL +/- buttons along with the MENU button to move through the menu system. TO RUN AUTOMATIC TUNING NOW PLUG THE ANTENNA Chapter 1 Connections & Setup Plug in the TV Plug the end of the power cord into the wall outlet. Make sure to insert the plug completely into the outlet.
  • Page 12: The Buttons On The Remote Control

    Connections & Setup POWER DISPLAY PREV CH MUTE CHAN CHAN CLEAR MENU RESET INPUT SKIP The Buttons on the Remote Control DISPLAY Brings up available channel information. POWER Turns the TV on and off. MUTE Turns off the TV’s sound. Press again to restore the sound. PREV CH Returns you to the previous channel.
  • Page 13: Chapter 2: Menus And Features

    Menus and Features Chapter Overview: • Point and Select Method • Main Menu • Picture Menu • Sound Menu • Channel Menu • Tuning Menu • Setup Menu • Channel Marker NOTE: Illustrations are for representation only. Your product and on-screen displays might differ.
  • Page 14: The Point And Select Method

    Menus and Features CHAN CHAN MENU Use the CHAN ^/v and VOL + buttons to move through the menu system. MAIN MENU Picture Sound Channel Tuning Setup Feel free to explore the menu system. If you’re ever unsure where you are in the menu system, or you’re just plain tired of exploring, press CLEAR to remove the menus from the screen...
  • Page 15: Sound Menu

    SOUND Effects Spatial Speaker Mode Stereo Bass ||||||... Treble ||||||... Balance ...|... Chapter 2 Menus and Features Sound Menu AVL (Auto volume) Reduces the annoying blasts in volume during commercial breaks, and also amplifies softer sounds in program material. Eliminates the need to constantly adjust volume control.
  • Page 16: Channel Menu

    Menus and Features CHANNEL Channel Nr Skip Lock Channel Name ..Fine Tuning ...|... CHANNEL LOCK Password ..Channel Nr Lock New Password ..Panel Lock TUNING Colour System Auto Reception Cable Autostore Channel Menu...
  • Page 17: Setup Menu

    SETUP Closed Caption Language English Screen Saver Demo Clock 16:29 . On Screen Alarm . Time 00:00 . Channel Chapter 2 Menus and Features Reception Use the VOL + or VOL – buttons to select the type of input signal you connected to the antenna jack on the back of your TV.
  • Page 18: Using Closed Captioning

    Menus and Features If you don’t know which Closed-Caption mode to use, select CC1. CC1 is probably the mode that is used in your area. CC2, CC3, and CC4 are reserved for foreign languages, but are rarely used at this time. WRTV 08:59 Using Closed Captioning...
  • Page 19: Chapter 3: Other Information

    Chapter 3 Other Information Chapter Overview: • Troubleshooting • Care and Cleaning • Index Changing Entertainment. Again.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Other Information Troubleshooting Most problems you encounter with your TV you can correct by consulting the Troubleshooting list that follows. TV Problems TV won’t tur n on • Press the POWER button. • Make sure the TV is plugged in. •...
  • Page 21 Troubleshooting No pictur e , no sound but TV is on • Maybe the cable/antenna setting is set to the wrong position. Select Tuning from the Main menu, highlight the Reception option, and use the VOL + and VOL – buttons to choose the correct signal type. Go to pages 16 for detailed instructions. •...
  • Page 22: Care And Cleaning

    Other Information Care and Cleaning CAUTION: Turn OFF your TV before cleaning. You can clean the TV as required, using a soft lint-free cloth. Be sure to occasionally dust the ventilation slots in the cabinet to help assure adequate ventilation. The TV’s screen may be cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth as well.
  • Page 23: Index

    Index Advanced connections 7 Audio menu 14 Basic connections 6 Batteries for the remote 9 CABLE/ANTENNA jack 6, 7 Cables audio/video 5 coaxial 5 CHAN 10 Channel indicator 16 Channel list 9, 10 Channel numbers 10 CLEAR 10 Coaxial cable 5 Connections multiple 7 TV + VCR 6...
  • Page 24 Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. Thomson multimedia Inc. 10330 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46290 ©2001 Thomson multimedia Inc. Trademark(s)®...

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