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Drive Options - Lenovo ThinkServer SA120 Product Manual

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Drive options

The SA120 supports up to 12x 3.5-inch SAS drives for data. Table 4 lists the supported drive options. The 12 Gb
drive options operate at 6 Gbps when they are installed in the SA120.
Table 4. 3.5-inch drive options
Part number
3.5-inch 1 TB 7.2 K SAS 6 Gbps Hot Swap Hard Drive
3.5-inch 2 TB 7.2 K SAS 6 Gbps Hot Swap Hard Drive
3.5-inch 3 TB 7.2 K SAS 6 Gbps Hot Swap Hard Drive
3.5-inch 4 TB 7.2 K SAS 6 Gbps Hot Swap Hard Drive
3.5-inch 6 TB 7.2 K SAS 12 Gbps Hot Swap Hard Drive
ThinkServer 3.5-inch 300 GB 15 K SAS 6 Gbps Hard Drive (HS)
ThinkServer 3.5-inch 600 GB 15 K SAS 6 Gbps Hot Swap Hard Drive
2.5-inch SSDs for cache
The SA120 optionally supports four extra SSDs in the rear of the server. These SSDs operate at 3 Gbps and are
used primarily to enable caching through the use of LSI CacheCade 2.0 when used with an adapter that supports
CacheCade (see supported adapters in Table 6). However, these SSDs are accessible by the operating system
as regular drives by using any of the supported adapters and can be used for any of your hot-data needs.
LSI CacheCade is read/write software that is running in the RAID adapter that accelerates the performance of the
HDDs. The software enables SSDs to be configured as a dedicated pool of controller cache to help maximize the
I/O performance for transaction-intensive applications, such as databases and web serving. CacheCade
software tracks data storage access patterns and identifies the most frequently accessed data. The hot data is
then automatically stored on the solid-state storage devices that are assigned as a dedicated cache pool on the
RAID controller.
Consider the following points:
LSI CacheCade supports a maximum of 512 GB cache pool size, regardless of individual SSD size.
See Table 6 for the adapters that support LSI CacheCade
The use of SSDs also requires the optional ThinkServer 2.5-inch SATA SSD Cage with SATA Interposer, which
includes two SSD cages for four bays.
Figure 5 shows the SSD cage with the SATA-to-SAS interposer card at the rear of the cage. An SSD in a hot-
swap tray is shown on the right side of the figure.
Figure 5. ThinkServer 2.5-inch SATA SSD Cage with SATA Interposer and SSD
The following table lists the supported 2.5-inch drives. Note that these drives operate at speeds up to 3 Gbps in
the SA120.
Lenovo ThinkServer SA120 Storage Array



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