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Physical And Operating Environment Specifications; Warranty And Service Options - Lenovo ThinkServer SA120 Product Manual

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Tower conversion kit
The SA120 supports a tower kit that enables the enclosure to be placed vertically. This placement is useful if the
SA120 is connected to a tower server. Table 10 shows the ordering information for the conversion kit.
Table 10. Tower conversion kit
Part number
Figure 8 shows the main components of the tower conversion kit.
Figure 8. Tower conversion kit

Physical and operating environment specifications

The storage array features the following physical and operating environment specifications:
Physical specifications:
Width: 482.6mm (19 in)
Depth: 394.1 mm (15.51 in)
Height 86.6 mm (3.4 in); two-rack units
Weight 16 kg (35.3 lb) without drives; 22 kg (48.5 lb) when fully configured
Air temperature:
Operating: 10°C - 35°C (50°F - 95°F)
Storage: -40°C - 70°C (-40°F - 158°F) in original package
Altitude: 0 - 3048 m (0 - 10000 ft), un-pressurized
Operating: 8% - 80% (non-condensing)
Storage without package: 8% - 80% (non-condensing)
Storage with package: 8% - 90% (non-condensing)

Warranty and service options

Lenovo ThinkServer SA120 Storage Array
ThinkServer Rack to Tower Kit for SFF



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