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Step 2 - Installing The Batteries To The Remote; Step 3 - Connect Power And Antenna/Cable; Step 6 - First Time Installation - Hitachi 26H8L02-G Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
Step 1 - Checking the TV and Accessories
Note: You should check the accessories after purchasing. Make
sure that each accessory is included.
All models listed on the front cover are supplied with the following
items: Instruction Book, Quick Guide, Remote Control, 2 X AAA
Batteries and depending on which model you purchased, AV
connection Leads. Please refer to the table below to see which
leads are supplied for your model.
Model Number
Side AV Lead

Step 2 - Installing the Batteries to the Remote

1. Lift the cover on the back of the remote upward gently.
2. Install two AAA batteries. Make sure to match the + and - ends
of the batteries in the battery compartment (observe the correct
3. Replace the cover.

Step 3 - Connect Power and Antenna/Cable

Step 5 - Switching On/Off
To Switch the TV On
Connect the power cord to the 220-240V AC, 50 Hz.
button. Then the standby LED lights up.
To switch on the TV from standby mode either:
Press the "
" button, P+ / P- or a numeric button on the remote
Control buttons on the TV( Optional)
Press the
-P/CH or P/CH+ button on the TV. The TV will then
switch on.
Press the middle of the control switch right side of the TV. The
TV will then switch on.
01_MB6X_[GB]_HITACHI_ORTAK_IB_50214635.indd 8
01_MB6X_[GB]_HITACHI_ORTAK_IB_50214635.indd 8
To Switch the TV Off (Optional)
Press the "
or hold the control switch on the Tv until shut down, so the TV
will switch to standby mode. (Depends model)
To power down the TV completely, unplug the power cord
from the mains socket.
Note: When the TV is switched to standby mode, standby LED can
blink to indicate that features such as Standby Search, Over Air
Download or Timer is active. The LED can also blink when you switch
YPbPr Lead
on the TV from standby mode.

Step 6 - First Time Installation

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the aerial is connected before
switching on the TV for the fi rst time installation. When the TV
is operated for the fi rst time, installation wizard will guide you through
the process. First, language selection screen will be displayed. Use
" " or " " buttons to select your language and press OK button.
After selecting the language, "Welcome!" screen will be displayed,
requiring you to set Country, Teletext Language, Scan Encrypted
and Active Antenna (optional) options. Use navigation buttons to set
preferences. Note that Antenna power (optional) should be Off when
standard antenna is used instead of the active antenna. When fi nished,
press OK button on the remote control to continue and the following
message will be displayed on the screen:
Select YES and continue. Afterwards, search type OSD will be
displayed on the screen. If you select CABLE option, the following
screen will be displayed:
You can select frequency ranges from this screen. For highlighting
lines you see, use " " or " " button. You can enter the frequency
range manually by using the numeric buttons on the remote control.
Set Start and Stop Frequency as desired by using numeric buttons
on the remote control. After this operation, you can set Search
Step as 8000 KHz or 1000 KHz. If you select 1000 KHz, the Tv will
perform search process in a detailed way. Searching duration will
thus increase accordingly. When fi nished, press OK button to start
automatic search. If you select AERIAL option from the Search Type
screen, the television will search for digital terrestrial TV broadcasts.
You can press MENU button to cancel. After all the available stations are
stored, Channel List will be displayed on the screen. If you like the sort
channels, according to the LCN, please select Yes and than press OK.
Press OK button to quit channel list and watch TV.
English - 8 -
" button on the remote control or press the
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10.02.2012 17:52:48

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Table of Contents

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