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Disposal Instructions; Troubleshooting - Acer C101i User Manual

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Size:105 x 140mm / 80P模造紙 / 黑白單色印刷 / 膠裝
• Do not operate lamps beyond the rated lamp life. It could cause it to break on rare
• Contact your local dealer or Acer service center when you need to change the lamp.
• The product will detect the life of the lamp itself. Please contact your local dealer or Acer
service center for changing the lamp, when lamp warning message displays.
• Do not attempt to disassemble this projector. There are dangerous high voltages inside
which may hurt you.
Caution for Listening
To protect your hearing, follow these instructions.
• Increase the volume gradually until you can hear clearly and comfortably.
• Do not increase the volume level after your ears have adjusted.
• Do not listen to music at high volumes for extended periods.
• Do not increase the volume to block out noisy surroundings.
• Decrease the volume if you can't hear people speaking near you.

Disposal instructions

Do not throw this electronic device into the trash when discarding. To
minimize pollution and ensure utmost protection of the global environment,
please recycle. For more information on the Waste from Electrical and
Electronics Equipment (WEEE) regulations, visit


If your projector does not seem to be functioning properly, check the items below
before you contact an authorized service center.
The projector does not work when
connecting to a smartphone,
notebook or PC with cable.
The projector can't be detected
when running EZCast app.
The projected image is blurred.
The surface temperature of
projector is high.
Recovering from abnormal
Check Point
Check if HDMI cable is plugged correctly.
1.Enable your WLAN of PC or smartphone and select the
access point labeled 'Projector-XXXXXXXX' to connect with
the projector.
2.Disconnect the Ethernet cable from your computer to avoid
affecting the wireless network connection.
1.Adjust the focus. Please refer to "Adjusting the Focus".
2.Check if the lens is dirty.
Because of the high-luminance LED, it is normal that this
projector generates heat in long-time use. It will not affect the
performance of the projector. Always keep the ventilation slots
free of dirt or obstructions and operate the projector in a
properly ventilated environment.
If the projector is running slow, freezing, crashing or locking
up during the operation, you can try to insert a slim, pointy
object into the reset hole to trigger a hardware reset.


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