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Radio Shack 43-3820 Owner's Manual

900 mhz dual handset cordless phone with caller id and digital answering system.
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Two Cordless Handsets — allow greater
convenience in placement of handsets.
10 Number Memory Dialing — stores 10
numbers in memory on each handset for easy
dialing. See "Memory Dialing" on Page 17.
Long Battery Life — the supplied battery pack
(when fully charged) provides about seven
hours of talk time or seven days of standby time.
20 Channels — automatically selects a clear
channel when you make or answer a call. You can
also manually change channels during a call. See
"Selecting the Channel" on Page 15.
Headset Jack — connects an optional
headset (available at your local RadioShack
store) for hands-free convenience. See
"Using a Headset" on Page 17.
Toll-Saver — lets you avoid unnecessary
charges when you call by long distance to
check your messages. See "Using the Toll-
Saver" on Page 34.
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Please read before using this equipment.
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  • Page 1

    ;22/*\"&WCN"*CPFUGV"%QTFNGUU"2JQPG YKVJ"%CNNGT"+&"CPF"&KIKVCN"#PUYGTKPI"5[UVGO 43-3820 Two Cordless Handsets — allow greater convenience in placement of handsets. 10 Number Memory Dialing — stores 10 numbers in memory on each handset for easy dialing. See “Memory Dialing” on Page 17. Long Battery Life — the supplied battery pack (when fully charged) provides about seven hours of talk time or seven days of standby time.

  • Page 2: The Product, Telephone Lines

    %106'065 Battery Safety Instructions ... 4 Introduction ... 5 Important Caller ID Information ... 5 Read This Before Installation ... 6 Installation ... 7 Mounting the Phone ... 7 On a Desk Top ...7 On a Wall Plate or Wall ...8 Installing the Charging Cradle ...

  • Page 3

    11. Slots and openings in the telephone’s cabinet and the back or bottom are provided for ventilation. To protect the telephone from overheating, these openings must not be blocked or covered. The openings should never be blocked by placing the product on a bed, sofa, rug, or other similar surface.

  • Page 4

    "%#76+10" TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR INJURY, READ AND FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS. As an E Partner, NERGY RadioShack Corporation has determined that this product meets the E NERGY guidelines for energy efficiency. • If the product has been exposed to rain or water.

  • Page 5

    5#8'"6*'5'" +05647%6+105 +0641&7%6+10 Thank you for purchasing a RadioShack 900 MHz Cordless Telephone. Your telephone provides excellent clarity and range and integrates Caller ID, Call Waiting ID, and a digital answering system into one space-saving device. The 900 MHz band provides less interference, clearer sound, and greater range than 46/49 MHz cordless telephones.

  • Page 6

    • caller’s number only • caller’s name only • caller’s name and number If you subscribe to Call Waiting ID and Caller ID, the system can show you the incoming caller information, even when you are already talking on the phone. "6 "$ '#&...

  • Page 7

    +056#..#6+10 " "2 1706+0) You can place the phone on a desk or table, mount it on a standard wall plate, or directly on a wall. Choose a location that is: • near an AC outlet • near a modular telephone line jack •...

  • Page 8

    DC IN 9V TEL LINE DC IN 9V 5. Plug the adapter into a standard AC outlet. 6. Lift the base’s antenna to a vertical position. 1P"C"9CNN"2NCVG"QT"9CNN To mount the phone directly on a wall, you need two screws (not supplied) with heads that fit into the keyhole slots on the base.

  • Page 9

    ."% 100'%6+0) *#4)+0) " "$ '2.#%+0) The phone comes with a rechargeable Ni-Cd (nickel-cadmium) battery pack installed in each handset, but not connected. Before using your phone, you must connect the battery packs, then charge them for about 24 hours. 1.

  • Page 10

    "9#40+0) " ý ý Dispose of the old battery pack promptly and properly. Do not burn or bury it (see “Battery Safety Instructions” on Page 4 for additional information on proper battery handling). About once a month, fully discharge the battery pack by keeping the handset off the base or cradle Bemý8Wjj[ho Bemý8Wjj[ho...

  • Page 11

    display. The handset charged in the cradle must also be registered with the base prior to use. Place the second handset on the base. The base’s CHARGE LED flashes. When the registration is >I( >I( >I( >I( complete appears in the second handset’s display.±...

  • Page 12

    ± ± "016'" " The phone exits the setting mode if you: • wait more than 2 seconds between key presses • receive an incoming call • press PLAY/STOP • press TALK/FLASH on the handset Start again at Step 1. If the battery power is too low, the dial mode might reset to tone.

  • Page 13

    "# "6 '66+0) Your phone is preset so you must press to answer a call. With Auto Talk turned on, FLASH you can answer a call by just lifting the handset from the baseor cradle. Auto Talk is independent in each handset.

  • Page 14

    ± ± "016'" " If an area code is already stored, it appears on the display. To delete the area code, press TRSF/DEL three times, then enter your area code. Or you can use 6 6 6 6 /TONE or to move the cursor and edit the area code...

  • Page 15

    9edd[Yj_d] 9edd[Yj_d] 9edd[Yj_d] 9edd[Yj_d] number including or . the current volume setting appears. To end a call, place the handset on the base or cradle, or press " "% '.'%6+0) *#00'. The phone scans 20 channels (frequency pairs used between the base and the handset) and automatically selects a clear channel when you make or receive a call.

  • Page 16

    ± ± "016'" " • The redial memory holds up to 32 digits, so you can redial long-distance, as well as local numbers. • The redial memory also holds pause entries (see “Entering a Pause” on Page 20). disconnecting the current call. Press again to return to the first call.

  • Page 17

    " "% 4#05('44+0) You can transfer an outside call from one handset to the other.± Press during a call. The call is TRSF/DEL automatically put on hold, and the transfer tone sounds. Pick up the other handset from the base or cradle and press .

  • Page 18

    ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° "*+06" " To select the desired letter, refer to the letters on the number keys. Press once for the first uppercase letter, twice for the second letter, and so on. To enter a lowercase letter, press four or five times for the first lowercase letter, five or six...

  • Page 19

    Line” on Page 16 and “Entering a Pause” on Page 20). ±ý 8. Press . The phone beeps and CH/SEL Ijeh[Z Ijeh[Z d d d d Ijeh[Z Ijeh[Z is the memory location number) appears. C[cehoýIjeh[ C[cehoýIjeh[ C[cehoýIjeh[ C[cehoýIjeh[ reappears. Repeat Steps 3–8 to store more numbers.

  • Page 20

    'PVGTKPI"C"2CWUG Some telephone systems require you to dial an access code (9, for example) and wait for a second dial tone before you can dial an outside number. You can store the access code with the phone number. However, you should also store a pause after the access code to allow the outside line time to connect.

  • Page 21

    You can also dial a memory number after pressing . Press (the display does not TALK/FLASH change), then enter a memory location number. %JCKP/&KCNKPI"5GTXKEG"0WODGTU To quickly recall numbers for special services (such as bank-by-phone), store each group of numbers in its own memory location.

  • Page 22

    ± ± "016'" " Normally, the record contents are the same in both handsets, but can differ if either handset was out of range or its battery pack was discharged when Caller ID data was received. 4. Press .The phone beeps and CH/SEL Ijeh[Z Ijeh[Z...

  • Page 23

    want to answer the incoming call, press . To resume the previous phone FLASH conversation, press TALK/FLASH "% '8+'9+0) #..'4 To review the Caller ID records, lift the handset and press . The number of new Caller ID CID/MENU records, if any, and the total number of records appear.

  • Page 24

    %CNNGT"+&"/GUUCIGU &KURNC[ Shows the number of new Caller ID D[m0ýNN D[m0ýNN D[m0ýNN D[m0ýNN records (records you have not JejWb0ýNN JejWb0ýNN JejWb0ýNN JejWb0ýNN reviewed) and the total number of records. Fh_lWj[ýDWc[ý Fh_lWj[ýDWc[ý Fh_lWj[ýDWc[ý Fh_lWj[ýDWc[ý The caller has blocked the Caller ID Fh_lWj[ýDkcX[h Fh_lWj[ýDkcX[h Fh_lWj[ýDkcX[h...

  • Page 25

    If it is a long distance call, press the displayed number) before you press FLASH If you want to add or delete the area code, press before you press TALK/FLASH " "% 614+0) #..'4 " '/14; , then 8 or 9 to recall the 1.

  • Page 26

    ± ± "016'" " Using the Menu Button The system exits menu setting when you: • wait more than 30 seconds between key presses (except when you set the clock, for which time-out is about 2 minutes) • receive an incoming call •...

  • Page 27

    | on the base to move 2. Repeatedly press forward or | to move backward until the correct day appears, then press system announces and displays the hour. 3. Repeatedly press | hour appears, then press system announces and displays the minutes. 4.

  • Page 28

    " "4 '66+0) '%14& You can set the recording time to ý ý ý ý (Announce Only) to determine how the system records incoming messages. ' ' ' ' * * * * When set to , the system plays the outgoing message and lets callers leave a message up to 1 ' ' ' ' minute (for...

  • Page 29

    6WTPKPI"VJG"/GUUCIG"#NGTV"6QPG"1HH" The Message Alert tone automatically stops when you have listened to all the new messages. To turn off the Message Alert tone sooner, press any key on the base. The Message Alert tone automatically sounds when the next message is received.

  • Page 30

    ± ± "016'" " Setting the System to Answer Calls When the system’s <B <B <B <B message memory is full, appears and the system announces “No remaining time” when you try to operate it Screening Calls Even if you turn the volume &...

  • Page 31

    message. Each incoming message can be up to one or four minutes long, depending on how you set the recording time (see “Setting the Record Time” on Page 28). The maximum recording capacity is about 16 minutes (or 59 messages). The system stops recording and resets to answer the next call when: •...

  • Page 32

    "/ .#;+0) '55#)'5 After the answering system has recorded a message, its message counter shows the total number of messages stored. If you have new messages, the number of new messages flash. To play your messages, press . The system PLAY/STOP announces the number of new and old messages, then plays the new messages.

  • Page 33

    & "/ '.'6+0) '55#)'5 To delete the current message while it is playing, press . The system beeps. DELETE To delete all messages, while messages are not playing, press . The system beeps and DELETE announces, “To delete all messages, press again.”...

  • Page 34

    To check your code at any time, press The code appears, and the system announces it. 7UKPI"VJG"6QNN/5CXGT jI jI jI jI If the ring time is set to the Number of Rings” on Page 27), the system answers after two rings if you have new messages (ones you have not listened to).

  • Page 35

    If the system does not respond , try entering your code again. If you enter an incorrect code three times, the system beeps and disconnects. 4. While the system is beeping, press # and (within 2 seconds) the number for the desired command.

  • Page 36

    4GOQVG"%QOOCPFU 2TGUU"%"VJGP Repeat current message during playback. If you press seconds after a message begins (unless it is the first new message), the previous message replays. Play messages. The remote playback of incoming messages is limited to 4 minutes. If you have more messages after 4 minutes have passed, you must press 2 again to listen to the rest of the messages.

  • Page 37

    2TQDNGO If the charging contacts on the handset, cradle, or base are dirty, clean them with a pencil eraser. The handset battery pack does not charge. Be sure the battery pack is connected correctly. Replace the battery pack. Move the base away from other electrical devices and sources of noise.

  • Page 38

    ± ± "016'" " You must not connect your telephone to: • coin-operated systems • party-line systems • most electronic key phone systems If you still have problems, disconnect the phone. If other phones on the same line work properly, the fault is in this phone or its installation.

  • Page 39

    Some cordless telephones operate on frequencies that might cause interference to nearby TVs and VCRs. To minimize or prevent such interference, the base of the cordless telephone should not be placed near or on top of a TV or VCR.

  • Page 40

    This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. RadioShack Customer Relations, 200 Taylor Street, 6th Floor, Fort Worth, TX 76102 RadioShack Corporation Fort Worth, Texas 76102 Limited One-Year Warranty 12/99 43-3820 UCZZ01376BZ 09A02 Printed in China...

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