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What Are The Valid Key Functions For User; How To Memorize The Timing And Adjusted Data; How To Display The Osd Menu; How To Execute The Auto Alignment Function - Acer 7299sl Service Manual

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= FH
= Horizontal sync counts / Vertical sync period
= Horizontal sync Counts / Vertical sync period What are the valid key functions for user

There are Five keys on 7299sl control panel. They are "i-key, "Left," "Right," "Enter," and
"Exit." The one, i-key, is for auto calibration function, the others are used for OSD controlling.
"Enter" for entering sub-menu of main menu, "Exit" for escaping to main menu from sub-menu
or leaving OSD menu, and "Left," "Right" for adjusting the bar value.
Except the OSD basic key functions, the user can only press "Right" for brightness
adjustment, or "Left" for contrast adjustment. How to memorize the timing and adjusted data

The EEPROM of 7299sl is 24C08, it has 1024 bytes memory size and communicates with MCU
by two wires of I 2 C bus, one wire is "SCL," the other is "SDA".
The MCU send clock and data to EEPROM to do "Write" function and send clock and receive
data from EEPROM to do "Read" function by these two wires.
We define three parts of storage area. One is for the storage of the factory preset data, another is
for saving user adjusted data, the other is for common settings area where stored the data of the
OSD color temperature settings, contrast and brightness value . How to display the OSD menu

The OSD IC of 7299sl is MC141542 which is developed by vender, it receives the data of the
OSD fonts and attribute what we want to display on the screen from the MCU by 2 wires of
communication, and exports OSD window data and PWM volume to the VIDEO circuit, the block
diagram is shown as below,
(1)Send data to
fonts or attribute.
(2)Send data to
Control registers
for PWM ouput
or OSD window
(H-BLANK,HBNK) How to execute the auto alignment function:

The MCU MTV112 supports the UART function, it has 2 I/O serious ports, one is the receiver, the
other is the transmitter, they are connected with an interface to PC and PC can execute alignment
program by RS232 communication to send the formatted data to the MCU for adjusting any
adjustable parameters of the picture and saving the adjusted values into EEPROM. By this way,
we can get the products with the same quality and reduce the manufacturing time.
==> Horizontal sync frequency
API Confidential
No Copy/Reproduction Allowed
OSD IC (MC141542)
Shift receiving
register and decoder.
RAM Fonts
VCO circuit
Output to
the VIDEO circu
7299sl Service Guided



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