Checking The Functions - Whirlpool AGB 404/WP Installation, Operating And Maintenance Instructions

Appliances with electric valves
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Checking the functions

- Start the appliance in accordance with the instructions;
- Check the gas tubes for leaks;
- Check that the flame on the main burner lights properly
and is correctly formed;
- Check that the pilot light is correctly regulated;
- Draw up a servicing and maintenance contract.
Note for the installer
- Explain and demonstrate to the user how the machine
works according to the instructions and hand him this
- Remind the user that any structural alterations to the room
housing the appliance may affect the combustion air
supply. Once the alterations have been completed, the
appliance and its functions should be thoroughly
Running the appliance on other types of
When changing to another type of gas, e.g. from natural to
LP, or to another gas group, consult the "TECHNICAL DATA"
table to determine the correct nozzles to use.
The nozzles for the main burners for different types of gas,
marked in 100ths of mm, are in a case supplied with the
appliance. When the appliance has been transformed or
adapted, recheck its functions as described in paragraph
"Checking the functions", page 9.
Replacing the pilot burner nozzle
(Fig. 2)
To change nozzle 30, loosen the fixing screws of the front
instrument panel. Remove the panel.
Using a No. 12 wrench, unscrew the nozzle from the nozzle
holder; replace with a new nozzle (see "TECHNICAL DATA"
043 - 03 - Gasfry-pan
Replacing the pilot burner nozzle
(Fig. 2)
The pilot burner is readily accessible once the front panel
has been removed (as described above).
The pilot burner has a fixed gas supply.
To change to another type of gas, replace the nozzle on
burner 36 according to the type of gas used, by loosening
hose 35 (see "TECHNICAL DATA" table).
Before carrying out any maintenance or repair work,
disconnect the appliance from the mains.
The following maintenance programme should be carried
out at least once a year:
- Check that all the safety and setting devices are working
- Check that the burners are working properly with regard
- ignition
- combustion safety;
- Check the functions of the appliance as described in
paragraph "Checking the functions", page 9;
- Check the gas venting path (make sure the gas is
correctly evacuated).
All parts must be replaced by authorised technicians
To replace the following parts, remove the control panel
(after unscrewing its fixing screws). It is advisable to empty
the tank.
Gas electrovalve (1 - Fig. 1)
Unscrew the fitting (3, 16, 21, 17) and loosen the fixing
screws. The valve may now be removed and replaced with a
new one. Replace and screw down all parts in the correct
Burner (31 - Fig. 2)
Unscrew the nut 29 and remove the nozzle-holder 28.
Loosen the screw fixing the burner to the chamber Replace
the burner.
Thermocouple (38 - Fig. 2)
Unscrew the nipple fixing the thermocouple to the valve,
loosen the 2 screws on the pilot burner and replace the
thermocouple. To simplify the operation (and all those
concerning the pilot burner), screws may be removed and
the pilot burner moved to a more accessible position.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents