Equipotential - Whirlpool AGB 404/WP Installation, Operating And Maintenance Instructions

Appliances with electric valves
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The appliance must be connected to an equipotential
system. The relative terminal can be found at the rear of
the appliance near the cable inlet, marked by a label.
Before commissioning the appliance
Before commissioning the appliance, remove the
protective wrapping.
Thoroughly clean the work-surface and the outside of the
appliance using lukewarm water and detergent.
With a damp cloth eliminate all traces of the rust-proofing
applied in the workshop then dry with a clean cloth.
Before starting the appliance up, check that its
specifications (category and type of gas used) match
those of the family and group of the gas available locally.
If not, adapt the appliance to the gas family or group
required (see paragraph "Running the appliance on other
types of gas" page 9).
To start the appliance up, see the instructions for regular
use (see "Special precautions", page 10).
Testing the power rating
Use the specific nozzles for the rated output (see table 1 in
assembly instructions).
The following are the operating pressure tolerances to ob-
tain the nominal power according to the agreed nozzles:
- from 15 to 22.5 mbar for gases of the second family;
- from 25 to 35 mbar for gases of the third family
The appliance will not work outside the above pressure
20 13
043 - 03 - Gasfry-pan
If you wish to check the nominal capacity further, you may
do so using a gas meter according to the so-called
"volumetric method".
As a rule, however, it is sufficient to check that the correct
nozzles are being used.
Checking input pressure (Fig. 1)
Input pressure should be measured using a gauge (e.g. a
gooseneck pipe, min. resolution 0.1 mbar).
Remove screw 19 from the pressure socket and connect
it to the tube on the gauge; after measuring, the screw
should be retightened absolutely airtight 19.
Checking power rating using the
volumetric method
Using a gas meter and a chronometer, you can read the
volume of gas output per time unit.
The correct volume will be the value of "E" expressed in
litres per hour (It/hr) or litres per minute (It/min).
The following formula is used to calculate the value of "E":
E =
Heat value
Capacity should only be measured when the appliance is
at a standstill.
The heat value can be obtained from your local Gas
To obtain the nominal capacity in relation to the nominal
pressure, consult "TECHNICAL DATA" table.
It is not possible to adjust nominal capacity in
Checking power rating when using LP
Check that the type of nozzles used match manufacturer's
Check that the pressure reducer installed on the
appliance has an outlet pressure in compliance with
paragraph "Testing the power rating", page 8 (see data
plate or measure the pressure).
Checking the pilot light
When correctly adjusted, the pilot light flame will
completely surround the thermocouple and will not flicke.
Checking the primary air
The appliances have no primary-air regulating device.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents