Emptying The Tank - Whirlpool AGB 404/WP Installation, Operating And Maintenance Instructions

Appliances with electric valves
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Emptying the tank

The appliance is fitted with a tilting tank; to facilitate emp-
tying and cleaning operations, the tank can be overturned
using a handle for the AGB 404/WP - AGB 406/WP -
AGB 412/WP - AGB 414/WP - AGB 418/WP - AGB 420/WP
- AGB 426/WP - AGB 428/WP versions, or two buttons (red
for "up" and black for "down") in the AGB 408/WP -
AGB 410/WP - AGB 416/WP - AGB 422/WP - AGB 424/WP
- AGB 430/WP. motorized versions.
This operation should be carried out when the tank is
cold, making sure that:
- a large capacity container is placed at the foot of the
tank (under the drainage outlet);
- the tank is tipped upside down very slowly so that
all its contents exit from the drainage outlet without
spillage, which could create a hazard;
- the speed is constant to avoid jolts which could
make the contents undulate.
Turning off in an emergency
In the case of malfunctioning, turn off the appliance as
described in paragraph "Turning on and off", and turn off
the gas supply.
What to do in the case of
malfunctioning or if the appliance is
not to be used for a long period
When the appliance is not to be used for a long time,
clean thoroughly and turn off the gas supply.
In the case of malfunctioning or failure, turn off the gas
supply and disconnect from the mains. Call the service
043 - 03 - Gasfry-pan
Never clean the appliance with jets of water, whether
direct or pressurised.
Allow the machine to cool down before cleaning
Giving the appliance a thorough clean every day (after
turning it off) will keep it in perfect working order and make
it last longer.
All steel parts should be cleaned with water and a
detergent, using a damp cloth; do not use abrasive
substances or corroding detergents.
Do not use steel wool, which could leave traces of rust.
For the same reason, avoid touching the appliance with
anything made of iron.
Do not clean any parts of the appliance other than the
grilling plate with emery or sandpaper. If absolutely
necessary, you may use powdered pumice stone.
If the appliance is extremely dirty, use a synthetic sponge
such as Scotchbrite.
After cleaning the appliance, rinse with clean water and
dry with a clean cloth.
To make cleaning easier is possible to installed a tilting
All maintenance work must be carried out by qualified
personnel only.
Have the appliance checked at least once a year; we
strongly recommend that you stipulate a servicing and
maintenance contract with your supplier.
- The first time you use the pan, wash it with soap and
- Never use synthetic cloth to clean, only cotton, wool
or linen
- Never fill the bottom of the pan with grease
- Do not fill the pan with oil; it cannot be used for frying
because of the fire hazard represented by the oil .


Table of Contents

Table of Contents