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Huawei honor 9 lite User Manual

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Table of Contents
User Guide


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Huawei honor 9 lite

  • Page 1 User Guide...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Exciting Features Tips App Twin: Log in to Two Social Media Accounts at Once Use Portrait Mode to Capture Stunning Portraits More Features New Device Connecting to the Internet Getting Help Gestures and Operation Screenshots and Screen Recording Home Screen Quick Switch Notification and Status Bar Shortcuts...
  • Page 3 Use the Clock Notepad Manage Your Notes to Keep Your Records in Order Device Connection Bluetooth Multi-screen Display Transfer Files Using Huawei Share Security and Privacy Fingerprint Location Information Protection Use App Lock to Lock Important Apps More Security Settings...
  • Page 4 Contents Wi-Fi and Network Wi-Fi Connecting to the Internet Share Your Mobile Network with Other Devices Apps and Notifications App Twin: Log in to Two Social Media Accounts at Once Sound and Display Configure Do Not Disturb Mode Configure Your Sound Settings Enable Eye Comfort Mode to Prevent Eye Strain Change the Display Settings Storage...
  • Page 5: Exciting Features

    Exciting Features Tips Use Shortcuts to Access Frequently Used Features Touch and hold an app icon to display a menu of frequently used features for quick access. You can also touch and hold a feature and drag it to your home screen to create a shortcut. If you touch and hold an app icon and a shortcut is not created, the app does not support home screen shortcuts.
  • Page 6: App Twin: Log In To Two Social Media Accounts At Once

    Bluetooth are automatically enabled. Huawei Share Use Huawei Share to send files: Select the file you want to share and touch Share. Select the receiving device from the list of nearby devices to send the file. Use Huawei Share to receive files: Swipe down from the status bar, open the shortcuts panel, and then touch to enable Huawei Share.
  • Page 7: Use Portrait Mode To Capture Stunning Portraits

    Exciting Features The App twin feature only works with WeChat, QQ, LINE, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Download the latest versions of these apps before using this feature. Open Settings. Go to Apps & notifications > App twin and enable App twin for WeChat, QQ, LINE, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, or Messenger as required.
  • Page 8 Exciting Features Once you have enabled Wi-Fi+, your device will: Automatically select and connect to the optimal network: Automatically select and connect to Wi-Fi networks you've previously connected to, free networks, or your mobile data network, depending on the signal strength at your current location. Automatically turn Wi-Fi on and off: Depending on the Wi-Fi networks you have connected to previously, Wi-Fi will be automatically enabled or disabled in specific locations.
  • Page 9 Exciting Features and obtain cleaning suggestions based on the scan results. This helps you free up storage space without accidentally deleting important files.
  • Page 10: New Device

    Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and its affiliates ("Huawei"). The product described in this document may include software that is the copyright of Huawei or its licensors. Such software shall not be reproduced, distributed, modified, decompiled, disassembled, decrypted, extracted, reverse engineered, leased, assigned, or sublicensed unless such restrictions are prohibited by law or such actions are approved by the copyright holder.
  • Page 11 Huawei does not own the intellectual property of the third-party software and applications that are delivered with this product. Therefore, Huawei will not provide any warranty of any kind for third- party software and applications. Neither will Huawei provide support to customers who use third- party software and applications, nor be responsible or liable for the functions or performance of third- party software and applications.
  • Page 12: Personal Information And Data Security

  • Page 13 It is recommended that you update through your device's online update feature or download official update packages for your device model from Huawei. Some applications require and transmit location information. As a result, a third-party may be able to share your location information.
  • Page 14: Gestures And Operation

    Gestures and Operation Screenshots and Screen Recording Take Scrolling Screenshots to Capture Entire Pages Tired of having to take several screenshots to capture long articles or chat records? You can use your Phone's scrolling screenshot feature to take a screenshot that scrolls down to the bottom of the page, capturing all the information on the page in a single screenshot.
  • Page 15 Gestures and Operation Record Exciting Moments on Your Screen The screen recording feature comes in handy when you are making tutorial videos or want to record exciting gaming moments on your Phone. Screen recording will end if you make or answer a call. Use shortcut to start recording: Swipe down from the status bar and open the shortcuts panel, then touch to start recording the screen.
  • Page 16 Gestures and Operation You can view screen recordings in Gallery. Capture a screenshot Using a combination of buttons: Press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously to capture a screenshot. Using the shortcut icon: Swipe down from the status bar to open the notification panel. Touch to take a screenshot.
  • Page 17 Gestures and Operation After taking the screenshot, touch to edit or share the screenshot. The screenshots are saved in Gallery by default.
  • Page 18: Home Screen

    Home Screen Quick Switch Use Shortcut Switches to Quickly Enable Frequently Used Features Want to quickly enable or disable mobile data or Wi-Fi? Swipe down from the status bar and open the shortcuts panel, then touch the corresponding shortcut switch to enable or disable a feature. Touch and hold a shortcut switch icon to enter the feature's settings page.
  • Page 19: Notification And Status Bar

    Home Screen Delete shortcut switches: Drag a shortcut switch from the displayed area of the panel to the hidden area, then touch BACK. Notification and Status Bar Understanding Status Bar Icons Use the status bar to view connection information, check the remaining battery level, and check for new notifications.
  • Page 20 Home Screen Alarms activated Charging Battery full Battery low Notification icons: Notification icons are displayed on the left-hand side of the status bar when you receive a new message, notification, or reminder. Missed calls New emails Downloading data New voicemail Upcoming events Uploading data Synchronizing data...
  • Page 21 Home Screen Access notification and status bar settings when the screen is unlocked: Go to Settings and then go to Apps & notifications > Notifications & status bar > Notification method. Disable Disruptive App Notifications Find it annoying to receive so many different types of app notifications? You can set and disable app notifications to prevent this from happening.
  • Page 22: Shortcuts

    Home Screen Display more information in the status bar: Depending on your preferences, you can enable Display carrier name and Display network speed. You can also set the Notification method and choose how the Battery percentage is displayed. Shortcuts Use Shortcuts to Access Frequently Used Features Touch and hold an app icon to display a menu of frequently used features for quick access.
  • Page 23 Home Screen Consolidated Settings: Making Customisation Simpler Having a hard time finding the settings you need? Do you find manually changing your settings too frustrating? EMUI 8.0 has made things simpler by grouping related settings together. A clustered display makes the main settings screen clearer, and voice activation of settings has been added. Update 1: Simplification and consolidation of settings EMUI 8.0's settings menu is responsive to your usage habits, and will change the settings order and clustering accordingly.
  • Page 24: Screen Lock And Unlock

    Home Screen Screen Lock and Unlock Set up Magazine Unlock Magazine unlock displays a fresh image on your lock screen each time you unlock your device, so that you never get bored of the same old background. To display the Magazine Unlock shortcut panel, swipe up from the bottom of the lock screen. Subscribe to covers: Touch and add the magazine types you like to the subscription list.
  • Page 25: Go Back To Basics With Simple Mode

    Home Screen Unlock your device using a fingerprint: If your device supports fingerprint unlock, this is the recommended unlock method. Using a fingerprint is a secure and quick way to unlock the device. After setting a lock screen password, touch Enrol in the dialog box that pops up and follow the onscreen prompts to enrol your fingerprints.
  • Page 26: Home Screen Management

    Home Screen Edit home screen icons: Touch and hold any of the icons to enter home screen editing mode, then you can add or remove app icons accordingly. Exit Simple mode: To exit Simple mode, touch Standard mode. Press and hold the icon to enter editing mode Open app...
  • Page 27 Home Screen Delete a folder: Open the folder, touch , deselect all the apps, then touch OK. The folder will be deleted automatically and all the apps in the folder will be moved to your home screen. Rename a folder: Open the folder, touch the folder name and enter a new name. Add or delete app icons from a folder: Open the folder, touch , select or deselect apps as required and then touch OK.
  • Page 28 Home Screen Set a default home screen page: Touch in the upper part of the home screen to set the selected home screen page as your default home screen page. Set Your Home Screen Wallpaper Want to set a picture you like as your home screen wallpaper? Personalise your wallpaper to make your home screen stand out.
  • Page 29 Home Screen Check that there is enough empty space on the home screen to put the widget. If there is not enough space, add another home screen page or free up some space on the current home screen page. Delete widgets: Touch and hold a widget on the home screen until your Phone vibrates. Drag the widget to Remove at the top of the screen.
  • Page 30: Contacts

    Contacts Managing Business Cards Business Card Management: Add and Share Business Cards with Ease Find it time-consuming to input the content of business cards you receive into your contacts? Is sharing mobile contacts with your friends a hassle? Business card manager gives you an easy way to add and share business cards.
  • Page 31: Managing Contacts

    By default, .vcf files exported through Export to storage are saved in the root directory of your device's internal storage. Open Files to view exported files. You can also import or export contacts using the Backup feature. Backup records are saved in the Huawei folder of Files by default.
  • Page 32: Manage Your Contacts

    Contacts Manage Your Contacts The Contacts app gives you a host of features for managing your contacts. You can simplify your contacts list, choose to only view contacts on your phone or SIM card, and easily find your frequent contacts. Merge duplicate contacts: If there are duplicates in your contacts list, you can use the Merge duplicate contacts function to merge duplicate contacts.
  • Page 33: Merging Third-Party App Contacts

    Contacts Remove a contact from the blacklist: Open Contacts, touch and hold the contact you want to remove from the blacklist, and then touch Remove from blacklist. Erase Call and Message Records Use Erase traces to erase call and message records for a contact to protect your privacy. Open Contacts, select a contact, and go to >...
  • Page 34: Dialling

    Dialler. From the dialler screen, enter the phone number or the first letter or pinyin initials of the contact's name (for example, enter hwkf for Huawei customer service). Your device will automatically search Contacts, call logs, and the yellow pages. Touch the contact you want to call in the list.
  • Page 35: Delete Call Logs

    Dialling Enable Call Forwarding and Never Miss a Call If you are unavailable to answer calls, you can set your device to forward calls to another number. Some carriers may not support this feature. Open Dialler, and go to > Settings > Call forwarding. If you have a dual-SIM device, in the SIM 1 or SIM 2 section, touch Call forwarding and select a forwarding method.
  • Page 36: Block Nuisance Calls: Get The Peace And Quiet You Deserve

    Dialling Voicemail requires carrier support. Please check that you have enabled this service. Contact your carrier to learn more about your voicemail number, service details, and fee information. Enable voicemail: Open Dialler, go to > Settings touch Additional settings (for dual-SIM phones, in the SIM 1 or SIM 2 section, touch Additional settings), then go to Voicemail >...
  • Page 37 Dialling Open Dialler, go to > Settings > Wi-Fi calling, enable Wi-Fi calling. Touch Mode and follow the onscreen instructions to set the preferred network.
  • Page 38: Message

    Message Basic Messaging Functions Send Messages Text messages give you a quick and easy way to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. In addition to text, you can also add emojis or insert pictures and audio files to enrich your messages. Open Messaging.
  • Page 39 Message notification messages. To pin unread messages to the top, go to > Settings > Pin unread messages. Block Spam Messages Tired of receiving spam messages? Enable message blocking to say goodbye to spam messages! Open Messaging. On the list of messages, go to >...
  • Page 40: Camera

    Camera Basic Camera Functions Use Your Camera's Basic Functions Understand your camera's basic functions to help you take better pictures. Basic photo mode: Open Camera and in the viewfinder, touch to take a picture. You can also configure the Volume down button to work as a shutter button for your camera. Select a photo mode: From the viewfinder, swipe right to enter the photo mode screen.
  • Page 41 Camera the exposure will make pictures appear darker. You can adjust the exposure manually from the viewfinder by touching the screen and dragging the icon up or down. Enable or disable flash: Flash is used to provide extra lighting for taking photos in low light conditions.
  • Page 42: Adjust Camera Settings

    Camera Take a picture while recording a video: You can touch when recording a video to take a picture. Zoom your camera in or out: From the viewfinder, touch the screen with two fingers and pinch them together to zoom in or move them apart to zoom out. If you zoom in beyond your camera's optical zoom limit, the image quality will decrease.
  • Page 43 Camera The golden spiral: Select the Fibonacci spiral (left) or Fibonacci spiral (right) grid. The centre of the spiral is the focal point of the photo. Position the subject here to lead the viewer around the image in a natural flow.
  • Page 44: Wide Aperture

    Camera Wide Aperture Wide Aperture Mode: Emphasize Your Subject Want to showcase a peony in a sea of flowers, highlight your subject in a crowd, or increase the brightness in a low light environment? Enable Wide aperture mode to blur the background and highlight your subject to take crisp photos even in low light.
  • Page 45 Camera Wide Aperture Mode: Make Your Subject Stand Out Wide aperture mode produces photographs with a shallow depth of field. This creates a blurred background that lends greater emphasis to the photo's subject. Take a wide aperture photo: Open Camera. Touch the icon at the top of the screen to enable Wide aperture mode.
  • Page 46: Panorama

    Camera Panorama Use Panorama to Take Panoramic Selfies Want to fit more friends or scenery in a selfie? Use Panorama to take selfies with a wider field of view. To take a panoramic selfie, open Camera and touch to switch to the front camera. Swipe right on the screen and touch Panorama.
  • Page 47: Pro Mode

    Camera Pro Mode Pro Camera: Use Light to Tell Your Story Pro camera lets you adjust exposure, shutter speed, and a range of other settings, putting you in charge of your camera. Pro camera is a pre-installed camera mode in your Phone. In Pro camera mode, you can adjust various camera parameters to produce photos and videos with results comparable to professional cameras.
  • Page 48 Camera Spot Photos with subjects that you want to isolate, such as flowers or trees. Brightness settings ISO: In Pro camera mode, touch and then slide the ISO slider horizontally to change the value. An ISO of 400 or less is recommended to prevent excessive noise. For daytime shooting, set the ISO to 100–200;...
  • Page 49 Camera Use Pro camera mode to take portrait shots Want to give your portrait shots more personality? Use Pro camera mode to customise camera settings and fashion your own unique portrait style. Open Camera and swipe right on the viewfinder to enable Pro camera mode. Metering mode: For portrait shots, select and position the subject in the centre of the photo.
  • Page 50: Beautification

    Camera Focus: For portrait shots, it is recommended that you select Manual Focus (MF) mode. Touch the part of the photo that you want to isolate with the focus (such as a face) and then capture your shot. In Pro camera mode, when one setting is changed, other settings may also change automatically.
  • Page 51: Light Painting Mode

    Camera Perfect selfie: Enable Perfect selfie and your Phone will create a custom beauty plan for you. The higher the beautification level, the more pronounced the effects. Use Beauty Mode to Take Stunning Portraits Want to make your selfies or group shots even more beautiful? Beauty mode provides you with customised options to make every photo beautiful and forever-lasting.
  • Page 52 Camera Tail Light Trails: Capture the Lights of the City Tail light trails lets you create artistic photos of car tail lights at night. Shoot from a distance and slightly above your subject for best results. Ensure that car headlights do not point directly at the camera, as this can overexpose the image. Position your device on a tripod so that it does not move during the exposure.
  • Page 53 Camera Light Graffiti: Paint a Photo with Light Light graffiti lets you create patterns or write words by moving a light source in front of the camera. Find a dark location away from other light sources and ensure that the subject's silhouette is not visible.
  • Page 54 Camera Silky Water: Capture Silky-smooth Streams and Waterfalls Silky water lets you capture silky smooth photographs of waterfalls and rivers. For better results, find a stream or waterfall with lots of water. Position your device on a tripod so that it does not move during the exposure. Open Camera.
  • Page 55 Camera Star Track: Capture the Beauty of the Stars Star track lets you use your camera to capture the movement of stars in the night sky. For best results, choose a location free of light pollution with an unobstructed view of the sky, and on a clear night.
  • Page 56: Use Time-Lapse To Condense Hours Into Minutes

    Camera Use Time-lapse to Condense Hours into Minutes You can use time-lapse to capture images over a long period of time and condense them into a short video, allowing you to view flowers blooming, the ebb and flow of city traffic, and the formation of clouds during the day and the movement of stars in the night sky.
  • Page 57: Discover New Possibilities With Customised Shooting Modes

    Camera Discover New Possibilities with Customised Shooting Modes Want to discover new ways of using your camera besides the preset functions? You can download or delete shooting modes based on your needs. Downloading more shooting modes: Open Camera, swipe right to go to the Modes page, then touch to view the available modes.
  • Page 58: Photo Management

    Gallery Photo Management Edit Photos Want to edit a picture you just took to make it even better? You can use the Gallery's editing features to crop, rotate, and apply a variety of effects (such as graffiti, personalised watermarks, and filters) to your photos to make them more striking.
  • Page 59 Gallery Browse and Share Photos and Videos Browsing through old photos or videos in your free time can bring back precious memories. Your photos and videos are stored in Gallery. You can view them by time, location, or by selecting an album.
  • Page 60 Gallery Organise Photo Albums Add photos or videos to a new album: From the Albums tab, touch , enter an album name, and then touch OK. Select the images or videos that you want to add to the new album. Move photos or videos: Combine photos and videos from separate albums for easier viewing.
  • Page 61: Phone Manager

    Phone Manager Use One-touch Optimization Have you noticed that your Phone has slowed down recently? Do you worry that it might be vulnerable to malware and other security threats? Use one-touch optimization to make your Phone run smoother and protect it from security threats. Go to Phone Manager and touch OPTIMISE.
  • Page 62: Optimize Power Consumption

    Phone Manager Optimize Power Consumption Running out of battery at an inopportune time can cause many inconveniences. Power saving features can help to prolong the battery life of your Phone, allowing you to play games or enjoy other features for longer. Open Phone Manager and touch remaining to perform the following: View power consumption details: Touch Battery usage to view power consumption details.
  • Page 63: Use Virus Scan To Keep Your Phone Safe

    Phone Manager Display remaining battery percentage in status bar: Enable Battery percentage to display the remaining battery percentage in the status bar. Manage app launches to save power: Touch Launch to automatically or manually manage app auto-launch, secondary launch, and background activity. The system will automatically manage power usage to save power.
  • Page 64: Email

    Email Add Email Accounts Add your email account to your phone for convenient email access at any time. If you have questions about specific settings while configuring your email, please consult your email account provider. Add a personal email account: Open , select an email service provider or touch Others, enter your email address and password, then touch Sign in and follow the onscreen instructions to configure your account.
  • Page 65: Manage Vip Email Contacts

    Email Configure email accounts: On the account screen, go to > Settings, select an account to set the Account name, Default account, or Remove account. Manage VIP Email Contacts Worried about missing an important contact's email among a sea of emails? You can add important contacts to the VIP list.
  • Page 66: Calendar

    Calendar Calendar: Your Event Management Centre Too many events to keep track of? Calendar provides you with comprehensive event management, making your professional and personal lives easier. Calendar provides the following functions: Meeting reminders: Worried about missing an important work meeting? Add your work email (Exchange account) in Calendar to check meeting reminders and receive a reminder from your Phone before the meeting begins.
  • Page 67: Import To-Dos To Keep Your Work Organised

    Calendar Create an event: Open Calendar, touch , enter your event information including title, location, and start and end times. Go to More > Remind to add a reminder for your event, then touch Search events: On the Calendar page, touch and enter the event keywords, such as title or location.
  • Page 68: View Global Holidays

    Calendar Share an event: Touch an event on the calendar or under Schedule, then touch and follow the onscreen prompts to share the event using any of the multiple methods. View Global Holidays Travelling overseas for work or holiday? Download your destination country's holiday information ahead of time to better plan your work and schedule.
  • Page 69: Clock

    Clock Use the Clock With many powerful features and lots of information, the humble Clock has a lot to offer. The Clock can be used as an alarm, a world clock, stopwatch, or a timer. View the time all over the world: Go to Clock, touch on the World clock tab and enter the name of a city or select a city from the list of cities.
  • Page 70 Clock If the time in your current region is the same as that of your home city, the lock screen will only display one time.
  • Page 71: Notepad

    Notepad Manage Your Notes to Keep Your Records in Order Want to share important notes or add something to favourites? Manage your notes to keep your records in order. Share a note: Want to send your meeting notes to your colleague? On the list page of Notepad, open the note you want to share, then touch to select a sharing method and follow the onscreen prompts.
  • Page 72: Device Connection

    You can also connect your Phone to Bluetooth wearables to record and manage fitness data. Connecting Bluetooth devices to your phone does not increase power consumption significantly. Bluetooth protocols used by Huawei devices and their functions: HFP, HSP Make calls...
  • Page 73 Device Connection Operate Bluetooth keyboards and mouses Tethering Connect to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices Enable or disable Bluetooth: From the home screen, swipe down from the status bar, open the shortcuts panel, and then touch to enable or disable Bluetooth. Touch and hold to open the Bluetooth settings screen.
  • Page 74: Multi-Screen Display

    Device Connection Export contacts: Touch Share contacts, select the contacts that you want to share, touch and select Bluetooth. Follow the onscreen instructions to establish a Bluetooth connection with the other device. Those contacts selected will be exported from your Phone to the other device automatically.
  • Page 75: Transfer Files Using Huawei Share

    > Disconnect. Transfer Files Using Huawei Share You can use Huawei Share to quickly transfer photos, videos and other files between Huawei devices. Huawei Share uses Bluetooth to detect nearby Huawei devices and Wi-Fi to quickly transfer files without using mobile data.
  • Page 76 Device Connection Huawei Share Use Huawei Share to send files: Select the file you want to share and touch Share. Select the receiving device from the list of nearby devices to send the file. Use Huawei Share to receive files: Swipe down from the status bar, open the shortcuts panel, and then touch to enable Huawei Share.
  • Page 77: Security And Privacy

    Security and Privacy Fingerprint Fingerprint Recognition: Enjoy Faster Navigation and Enhanced Security Fingerprint recognition not only allows you to unlock your Phone faster, it also provides added security to your personal information. Your fingerprint can be used to: Unlock your screen with a single touch: Want to avoid the hassle of using PIN codes and patterns to unlock your screen? Use your fingerprint to quickly and securely unlock your screen with a single touch.
  • Page 78 Security and Privacy Fingerprint unlocking is only available when your Phone's unlock method is set to Pattern, PIN, or Password. You will be required to unlock your Phone using the lock screen password after the device is restarted or if your fingerprint is not recognized. Before enrolling a fingerprint, make sure your finger is clean and dry.
  • Page 79: Location Information Protection

    Features may vary depending on your carrier. Huawei only uses location data to provide you with necessary functions and services, not for the purpose of identifying and collecting your private information. Set indoor positioning assistance: Open Settings, go to Security &...
  • Page 80: Use App Lock To Lock Important Apps

    Worried that your photos, bank account information, or other private data might get leaked if your phone is lost or stolen? Huawei phones now feature security chips in addition to the combined protection provided by the trusted root key and lock screen password. Whether your data is stored in a microSD card or internal storage, it will receive the highest level of protection.
  • Page 81 Security and Privacy Protect Your Privacy with microSD Card Encryption Worried that others might see your photos and other personal data if you lend them your microSD card? You can encrypt the files stored in your microSD card so that other people who use the card cannot access your personal data.
  • Page 82: Backup And Restoration

    Follow the onscreen instructions to set a backup password and security question. You can view your backup files from the Huawei\Backup folder in Files > Local > SD Card. Back Up Your Data to Internal Storage You can back up your Phone's data to internal storage to prevent data loss.
  • Page 83: Back Up Your Data To A Usb Storage Device

    Import data to your Phone: Connect your Phone to your computer using a USB data cable. Open the Huawei app and go to the data recovery page to copy data from your computer to your Phone. If the backup data is password protected, enter the password when prompted.
  • Page 84: Wi-Fi And Network

    Wi-Fi and Network Wi-Fi Wi-Fi+: Your Smart Connectivity Assistant Wi-Fi+ intelligently connects to Wi-Fi networks to save mobile data consumption. When your device detects a known or free Wi-Fi network, it will automatically turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the network. Your device will also automatically select the optimal network in the area for the best Internet connection.
  • Page 85 Transfer Data Using Wi-Fi Direct Wi-Fi Direct allows you to rapidly transfer data between Huawei devices. Wi-Fi Direct is faster than Bluetooth and does not require devices to be paired. It is better suited to transferring large files over...
  • Page 86: Connecting To The Internet

    Wi-Fi and Network Send files with Wi-Fi Direct: Open Files, touch and hold a file you want to send, and go to More > Share > Wi-Fi Direct. When another device is detected, touch its name to establish the connection and begin file transfer. Receive files with Wi-Fi direct: Enable Wi-Fi.
  • Page 87: Share Your Mobile Network With Other Devices

    Wi-Fi and Network Touch and hold to open the Wi-Fi settings screen. Switch on Wi-Fi. Your device will list all available Wi-Fi networks at your location. Select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to. If you select an encrypted network, you will also need to enter the Wi-Fi password.
  • Page 88 Wi-Fi and Network network name, encryption type, and password for the Wi-Fi hotspot, then touch Save and enable the hotspot to use it. Worried other devices will have unlimited access to your hotspot data? On the Settings screen, touch Data limit to set the data limit for a single session. When the data sharing limit is reached, your device will automatically disable hotspot sharing.
  • Page 89: Apps And Notifications

    Apps and Notifications App Twin: Log in to Two Social Media Accounts at Once Have you ever wished you could log in to two WeChat and Facebook accounts on your Phone without the hassle of constantly switching between them? App twin lets you log in to two WeChat and Facebook accounts at the same time, allowing you to keep your work and private life separate.
  • Page 90: Sound And Display

    Sound and Display Configure Do Not Disturb Mode Do not disturb mode blocks calls from strangers and only notifies you when you receive calls and messages from chosen contacts. Open Settings and go to Sound > Do not disturb. Toggle on the Enable now switch, then touch Do not disturb mode and select one of the following options: Allow calls and messages from important contacts: Select Allow only priority interruptions, and then touch Define priority interruptions to configure which contacts can call or message...
  • Page 91: Enable Eye Comfort Mode To Prevent Eye Strain

    Sound and Display Enable keypad and notification tones: Open Settings and go to Sound > More sound settings to enable or disable keypad and notification tones. Set your Phone to Silent mode: From the Sound screen, enable Silent mode. After you enable Silent mode, enable Vibrate in silent mode.
  • Page 92: Change The Display Settings

    Sound and Display Change the Display Settings Change the font size and adjust the screen brightness to suit your needs. Open Settings and touch Display. From here you can: Change the image and text size: Touch View mode and select a display mode to suit your needs.
  • Page 93 Sound and Display Adjust the colour temperature: Touch Color mode. Select a preset option (Default, Warm, or Cold). Alternatively, touch or drag the slider to manually adjust the colour temperature. The colour temperature cannot be changed when Eye comfort is enabled. Automatically adjust the screen resolution: Touch Screen resolution and enable Smart resolution.
  • Page 94: Storage

    Storage Storage Cleaner Clean Up Memory for Faster Performance Does your Phone slow down over time? Do you want to clean up your system storage but are unsure which files to delete? Memory cleanup helps you quickly clear your cache, large and residual files, and unused app files to speed up system performance and keep your Phone in top shape.
  • Page 95 Storage...
  • Page 96: Smart Assistance

    Smart Assistance Navigation Bar and Navigation Dock Navigation Dock: Control Your Phone at a Touch Every time you want to close an app or return to the home screen, you must use the navigation bar at the bottom of your Phone. Now, you can also use Navigation dock to perform the same functions, making your Phone even more user-friendly.
  • Page 97: System

    System Language and Input Method Change the Input Method You can change the input method on your Phoneas desired. Open Settings. Go to System > Language & input > Default keyboard > Configure input methods and enable the desired input method. Return to Language & input, touch Default keyboard, select the input method.
  • Page 98 System Select an item: Touch an item with one finger to select it (it will not open). Your device will read out the content of the selected item. Open an item: Double-touch any part of the screen using one finger to confirm your selection from the previous step.
  • Page 99: General Settings

    System General Settings Change Your System Language Want to change your Phone's system language? This can be done with ease. Open Settings, go to System > Language & input > Language and select your system language. If you cannot find your language from the language list, touch Add language to add your language.
  • Page 100 System Print Documents and Photos from Your Phone Connect your Phone to a printer over Wi-Fi to print out documents and photos with ease. Mopria allows you to print directly from your Phone to a Mopria-certified printer. The printer connects to your Phone over Wi-Fi. If your printer is not Mopria-certified, contact the printer manufacturer to obtain a plug-in for your model.
  • Page 101 System Open Settings. Go to Device connection > Printing > default print service and check that default print service is enabled. Select a printer from the search results, or touch More > Add printer and follow the onscreen instructions to manually add a printer. You can now print directly from your Phone: Print an image: Go to Gallery.
  • Page 102 System Use Account Management to Manage and Update Your Accounts Want to sync multiple email accounts, app notifications and records from multiple Phones and computers? You can use your Phone to manage and update in real time multiple email and app accounts on a variety of other devices including Phones, computers, and others.
  • Page 103: System Update

    For best results, update your system using the online update feature, or take your phone to your nearest Huawei service centre. Always back up your data before updating your phone to avoid potential data loss.
  • Page 104 Your phone can properly power on only after the identity authentication passes. Please visit for recently updated hotline and email address in your country or region. Model : LLD-L31...

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