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Toshiba TCB-EXS21TLE Instruction Manual

Schedule timer
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Conserver ce mode d'emploi
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Φυλάξτε τις οδηγίες αυτές
Guarde estas instrucciones
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Schedule Timer
Timer programmatore
Χρονοδιακ πτης προγραμματισμού
Temporizador de programas
Pub. OI-85464189916000
Pour le mode Programmateur hebdomadaire uniquement (SDI/DI)
Apenas para o modo de programação semanal do temporizador (SDI/DI)
For Weekly Timer Mode Only (SDI/DI)
Nur für den Zeitgeberwochenmodus (SDI/DI)
Soltanto per il modo timer settimanale (SDI/DI)
Μ νο για λειτουργία εβδομαδιαίου χρονοδιακ πτη (SDI/DI)
Solo para el modo de temporizador semanal (SDI/DI)
Enkel voor de wekelijkse tijdklokmodus (SDI/DI)
Made in Japan


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  • Page 1 Φυλάξτε τις οδηγίες αυτές Μ νο για λειτουργία εβδομαδιαίου χρονοδιακ πτη (SDI/DI) Guarde estas instrucciones Solo para el modo de temporizador semanal (SDI/DI) Bewaar deze gebruiksaanwijzing! Enkel voor de wekelijkse tijdklokmodus (SDI/DI) TCB-EXS21TLE Schedule Timer • INSTRUCTION MANUAL Temporisateur • MODE D’EMPLOI Zeitplangeber •...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    If you have problems or questions concerning your Air Conditioner, you will need the following information. Model and serial numbers are on the nameplate on the bottom of the cabinet. TCB-EXS21TLE Model No. Serial No. ____________________ Date of purchase ________________________________________________ Dealer’s address ________________________________________________...
  • Page 3: Installation Location 3 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 Installation Location • We recommend that this schedule timer be installed properly by qualified installation technicians in accordance with the Installation Instructions provided with the schedule timer. • Do not install this schedule timer where there are fumes or flammable gases, or in an extremely humid space such as a greenhouse.
  • Page 4: Names And Functions Of Parts 4 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 Names and Functions of Parts Operating Buttons A: PROGRAM button E: HOLIDAY button B: PROG. COPY buttons F: CANCEL button C: CLEAR button G: TIMER OFF button D: Setting buttons A: PROGRAM button Use to start setting programs and to enter program settings. B: PROG.
  • Page 5: Display 5 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 Display A: Today’s day of the week Indicates today’s day of the week. B: Program schedule Appears under days that are scheduled for program operation. indication ( C: Holiday schedule indication Appears around scheduled holidays. (Refer to page 15) D: ERROR indication Displayed when a mistake is made during timer setting.
  • Page 6: Setting The Present Time 6 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 Setting the Present Time Set the present time. (Example: When the present time is 12:45) STEP 1 Hold down the SET button and press the HH button to set the hour. • The hour increases one hour at a time with each single press of the HH button while the SET button is held down.
  • Page 7: Setting Today's Day Of The Week 7 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 Setting Today’s Day of the Week Set today’s day of the week. (Example: When today is Wednesday) STEP 1 Hold down the SET button and press the DAY button to set today’s day of the week. •...
  • Page 8: Setting Up Programmed Operations 8 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 Setting Up Programmed Operations Correctly set the present time and today’s day of the week. Example settings Unless both are correctly set, the programs will not run as expected. • Up to 3 programmed operations can be set per day for day of the week. •...
  • Page 9 9 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 STEP 3 Set the ON time and OFF time, and press the SET button. • Set the trigger time with the HH and MM buttons, and press the SET button. • When the SET button is pressed, the ON time changes from blinking to lighting and, at the same time, the OFF time starts blinking.
  • Page 10: Setting Errors 10 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 Setting Errors If “ERROR” is displayed (the indication blinks) while the programmed operation is set up, correct the set time using the following steps. If Program Times Are the Same STEP 1 Every time the SET button is pressed, ON time and OFF time of the error program switch alternately. Select the program to be corrected.
  • Page 11 11 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 Example Time Settings That Do Not Cause Errors The time settings below generate no error. 1) When OFF time of the preceding cycle equals ON time of the following cycle Example: 0:00 23:59 2) The operating time zone of the latter cycle is earlier than OFF time of the former cycle Example: 0:00 23:59...
  • Page 12: How To Check Program Times 12 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 How to Check Program Times You can check the programmed times fo day of the week. STEP 1 Press the DAY button. • When the DAY button is pressed the first time, tomorrow’s day of the week starts blinking and the program settings for tomorrow are displayed.
  • Page 13: How To Copy Program Times 13 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 How to Copy Program Times You can copy the already set program of one day into another day (Day Program Copying). Example of Day Program Copying (Copying Monday’s program into Tuesday) How to Copy Day Programs STEP 1 Press the PROG.
  • Page 14 14 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 STEP 4 Press the SET button to copy. • Press the SET button and the program schedule marker ( ) will be displayed. STEP 5 Select other copy destination days if desired. • You can copy the selected source day program into other days by repeatedly pressing the DAY button to select a day of the week followed by the SET button to set it.
  • Page 15: How To Set Holidays In A Scheduled Week Of Operation 15 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 How to Set Holidays in a Scheduled Week of Operation Operations programmed for a specific day during the week can be temporarily disabled by setting that day as a holiday. • When the set holiday passes, the holiday setting is canceled and operation is resumed as programmed the following week.
  • Page 16: How To Disable The Timer Operation 16 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 How to Disable the Timer Operation To halt programmed operation for one week or more, you can disable all timer programs. • Once the timer has been disabled, programmed operations are not run until the below procedure is performed. Hold down the TIMER OFF button for more than To turn the timer back ON, hold down the TIMER 2 seconds...
  • Page 17: How To Clear Programs 17 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 How to Clear Programs Press the PROGRAM button. • When the PROGRAM button is pressed, the present day of the week starts blinking and the present time indication changes to a blinking “PG-1”. NOTE • Holding down the CANCEL button for more than 2 seconds returns the program to the point prior to pressing the PROGRAM button.
  • Page 18: Important Information To Remember 18 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 Important Information to Remember 1. Power Outages If the battery incorporated in the schedule timer ran out and the power of the air conditioner was lost and then the power has been restored, the following display appears with the colon “:” of the present time blinking. Pressing the PROGRAM button restores the normal display screen.
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting 19 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分 Troubleshooting Before requesting servicing, check the following. Trouble Cause/Remedy Air conditioners do not operate as scheduled when The timer has been disabled. (Refer to page 16) the set time comes. A holiday has been scheduled. (Refer to page 15) The present time indication is a blinking “...
  • Page 20 147 ページ 2007年8月21日 火曜日 午後3時20分...

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